The 6 Best Tattoo Design Apps of 2021

Plan your design out before you go visit the tattoo studio

Whether you're completely undecided about what you want or you already have most of the design elements in mind, a tattoo design app can help put you on the path toward planning out the design of your tattoo.

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Preview Any Tattoo on Yourself: InkHunter

The InkHunter app for Android


What We Like
  • Freedom to upload your own design or try out designs from the app gallery.

  • The ability to instantly see how a tattoo looks on yourself from all angles.

What We Don't Like
  • Limitations with the tattoo editor.

  • Inconvenient ads to unlock new tattoo designs.

InkHunter really blows all other tattoo design apps out of the water for its ability to allow you to see any tattoo on any part of yourself in real-time via augmented reality. If you're unsure about how a tattoo might look or you're on the fence about placement, this is the app for you.

The app has incredible reviews all around and is even used by some tattoo artists to help give their clients a better idea of what they can expect.

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Find Inspiration for Your Tattoo: Tattoodo

The Tattoodo app for iOS


What We Like
  • Countless categories of tattoo designs and the ability to create your own collections.

  • A helpful location-based feature that lets you find top rated tattoo studios in your area.

What We Don't Like
  • You have to upgrade to a premium subscription for a monthly fee of $5.99 to get more features.

As the world's largest tattoo community, Tattoodo offers you the chance to get seriously inspired by discovering, following and connecting with some of the most talented tattoo artists out there. You can think of it as something very similar to Instagram but made specifically for tattoo enthusiasts.

Like InkHunter, this is another app that has stellar reviews from its users. In terms of tattoo discovery, this is truly one of the best apps out there.

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Find a Tattoo Artist Who's the Best Match for You: Inksquad

The Inksquad app for iOS


What We Like
  • The ability to search for tattoo designs with filters by body part and style.

  • The ability to search for artists with filters by location and style.

What We Don't Like
  • Small community due to being a newer app.

Want to chat with a professional tattoo artist? With Inksquad, you can!

Like Tattoodo, Inksquad is based around creating a community for both artists and tattoo lovers—providing you with a platform to connect directly with a suitable artist who can help you design your tattoo and even book an appointment.

This app was only launched in early 2018 so it's still quite new, meaning that if you love the community aspect more than the design features, you might have better luck with the more established Tattoodo community.

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Browse Thousands of Tattoo Designs in Every Category: Tattoo Designs

The Tattoo Designs app for Android


What We Like
  • Newly added tattoo designs on a regular basis.

  • The ability to see recently added, popular and top designs.

What We Don't Like
  • No search function to look for specific designs.

  • No iOS version available.

Tattoo Designs is a tattoo design app that really stands out for its extensive design library in popular and obscure categories. Each category features thousands of designs that you can favorite, download or share.

If what you're truly looking for is a wide variety of tattoo design ideas to help inspire your own design, you'll love this app. As an added bonus, the app will even help find tattoo studios around you to provide you with their operating hours and contact information.

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Turn Your Favorite Sound Into a Soundwave Tattoo: Skin Motion

The Skin Motion app for Android


What We Like
  • The ability to customize the shape, color and design elements of your soundwave tattoo.

  • Access to a location-based directory of artists who've been trained to produce Skin Motion tattoos.

What We Don't Like
  • An activation fee of $39.99 to get Skin Motion to read your tattoo for the first year, then $9.99 every year after that.

  • It only reads soundwaves created by Skin Motion meaning that without the app, a soundwave tat is basically unreadable. 

Get ready to be introduced to one of the most unique and modern tattoo design trends ever!

Skin Motion is an app that lets you take any sound clip up to 30 seconds long—a favorite song, a loved one's voice, or the sound of your pet—and turn it into a soundwave tattoo that can be listened to when you scan it using the app.

Despite being such a cool idea, it's worth noting that any soundwave tattoo created with the app isn't actual audio data. When read by the app, you're really just directed to a Skin Motion link where the audio clip is stored.

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Find Your Perfect Text Font for Your Tattoo: Tattoo Fonts

The Tattoo Fonts app for Android


What We Like
  • 125 high-quality fonts with customizable sizing.

  • The ability to write your own text directly in the app to see how it looks.

What We Don't Like
  • Limited to fonts only, so you can't add images or other design aspects.

  • Invasive advertisements.

If you're thinking of getting a word or phrase tattooed onto your body, the font you choose will make all the difference in how it looks, The Tattoo Fonts app offers a variety of font styles that are as diverse and artistic as they come, with an intuitive interface that makes instantly previewing fonts both easy and fun.

Fonts are rendered quickly so they're ready to export. This is one app that can save you a lot of time and energy with sourcing the right fonts so you get the perfect style and look.

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