The 7 Best Stylish Headphones to Buy in 2018

Make a fashion statement with these awesome stylish headphones

The headphones market can be a bit daunting at first blush. There are so many products at so many different price points. What is one to make of all the options? If you’re the type of person who values design and style over everything else, you may still feel at a loss to sort through all the options available to you. Headphone makers release new products on a seemingly constant basis, and each new version appears more impressive than the last. To help you out, we’ve sorted through some of the best style-minded ones on the market.

A perennial favorite of Instagram models and chic college students, Beats are the staple stylish headphones. The Solo3 is the popular brand’s newest installment, optimized in both looks and functionality to pair with the iPhone 7.

Gone are the loud colors and bold Beats logo of the Beats Solo2 era. The new design is more elegant and understated, borrowing the gold, rose, and silver of iPhone fame. These metallic hues contrast nicely with white ear and band cushions, and are complemented by small reflective accents. This is a more mature and sophisticated look than the monochromatic approach of Beats’ past. Glossy black and white are also available.

The other major upgrade is in wireless connectivity. Apple axed the headphone jack, so wireless connectivity is essential for headphones in 2017, and the Solo3 have the best Bluetooth experience of any headphones on the market. They sync seamlessly with anything in the Apple ecosystem, take calls, and can operate up to 30ft away from the paired device. And the battery lasts an amazing 40 hours, much better than anything else on the market.

As always is the case with Beats, you are paying a premium for the name. So while other headphones with similar sound quality are cheaper, none can match the upgraded design and wireless functionality.

Finding budget headphones that don’t look or sound horrendous can be a challenge. It’s true you that usually have to pay a fortune for top-tier looks and sound quality, but it’s also true that you can pay a lot less for above-average quality that will keep most people happy.

The Mpow Bluetooth Headphones are budget headphones that look and feel great. It has a classic-looking mix of red and black to give it a little flair and it’s designed to be comfortable, too, with memory-protein ear cushions and a padded headband. These headphones also feature both a wired and wireless mode, which means you never have to stop using them—even if the battery dies. That said, the 420mAh battery is quite good, with up to 13 hours of music/podcast playback and up to 15 hours of phone talk time. Speaking of phone calls, the device also has a built-in microphone, but keep in mind that the mic only works in wireless mode.

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The third installment of Bluedio’s Turbine series packs an incredible amount of high-end features into a low-cost pair of on-ear wireless headphones. First, the headphones are durable and strong, thanks to the alloy frame. The ear cushions are padded with soft memory foam that feels luxurious on the ears.

The sound quality also punches above its price range, thanks to 57mm drivers and titanizing diaphragms that deliver powerful bass that is sure to please hip-hop heads and EDM enthusiasts. They dynamic bass does not compromise mids and highs, and the whole sound experience comes together in 3D that mimics a soundstage.

The design is fashion-conscious, with bold monochromatic models in glossy red, black and white. The distinctive turbine coil is framed by a slim connector to the slim headband.

These design-forward headphones sport distinctive angular over-ear pads that are made with premium soft leather and brushed aluminum metal accents. Your ear is completely encompassed with the high-quality leather that does not constrict or constrain, allowing you to wear the headphones in comfort for hours.

Ghostek offers three stylish color options: black, gold and rose gold. All are two-tone, with the brushed aluminum accents and stitching complementing the band and cushion color. They are wireless and have Bluetooth connectivity and automatically pair to your devices. The set also comes with a microphone for phone calls and delivers rich sound for an extraordinary listening experience. 

When it comes to earbud headphones, many models simply look alike with barely any color or distinguishing features. The Zipbuds Slide Sport Earbuds, however, stand out with good sound and they come in sea green, neon yellow, orange and purple, so you won’t have to worry about boring white or black buds cramping your style.

The Zipbuds Slide Sport Earbuds offer “performance enhancing sound” with powerful bass and dynamic clarity. On top of great sound, they are designed for hard workouts and everyday usage. The Slide Sport Earbuds have military grade durability, sweat resistance, tangle-free tech, as well as secure-fitting earbud tips that stay in place during running. There’s also a noise-filtering microphone if you feel the need to take a phone call while exercising.

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These on-ear wireless headphones from industry-leader Plantronics offer an array of innovative features in an understated and fashionable frame. You can choose between white or black, though both options have rich brown memory-foam ear cushions and headband. The headband auto-adjusts to fit your head and is feather-light for all-day listening comfort.

The ear cushions also contain smart sensor technology that automatically pauses or plays music when you take your headphones off to help conserve battery power. As a result, the headphones deliver up to 18 hours of continuous wireless play, and they can stream and receive calls from a device up to 330 feet away.

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Stylish headphones are not just the realm of rock stars and fashionistas. Sometimes gamers want to look cool, too. For them, the Audio Technica ATH-ADG1X offers the best mix of audio performance and style you can get — although they're a little on the expensive side. Audio-Technica is a respected name in sound, having been around for more than 50 years, so quality is pretty much guaranteed. The ATH-ADG1X features top-notch 53 mm drivers designed to deliver sound clarity and accuracy in a comfortable package. The lightweight aluminum casing and open-air form factor promises durability and reliability. There’s also a detachable USB DAC with built-in headphone amplifier, a 3.5 mm connector and an adjustable condenser mic for communication.

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