The 7 Best Standing Desks of 2020

Improve your health and posture with these great standing desks

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Studies show that sitting all day can leave your back, bottom, and shoulders sore, so investing in a standing desk can be a healthier option in the long run. And most standing desks offering both sitting and standing capabilities, so you can adjust your position throughout the day to help your muscles feel better, burn calories and improve productivity and focus. Below is a list of our favorite standing desks, so whether you’re interested in a full desk, a desk converter or even something that will keep you moving the entire day, we've got you covered.

Best Overall: ApexDesk Vortex Series 60-Inch

ApexDesk Vortex Series 60-Inch

 Courtesy of Amazon

Widely praised for its space, lift capacity and overall durability, the 60- x 30-inch ApexDesk Vortex Series standing desk has lift capacity of 225 pounds, as well as an adjustable speed from desk-to-stand (and back again) of 1.3 inches per second. The scratch-resistant, high-pressure laminate is resistant to surface scratches and basic wear-and-tear and it easily fits a laptop, monitor and mouse with room to spare.

The six-button memory controller and four pre-set heights can help adjust the desk’s height range anywhere from 28.5 inches to 46.5 inches. ApexDesk highlights that the desk shouldn’t be adjusted more than once every two minutes with an 18-minute cool down before a second adjustment. To protect against any damage from unusual activity, the motor goes into active shutdown. The desk comes with all the necessary parts for building and is available in four different top colors.

Best Budget: Readydesk 2

Designed for individuals ranging in height from 5’0” to 6’3”, the Readydesk 2 standing desk is a graduate of Kickstarter’s crowdsourced community. Its simplistic appearance is designed to add to an existing sitting-height desk and offer the flexibility of standing without the price of a whole new desk. Weighing only 14.9 pounds, the Readydesk 2 supports up to 75 pounds of computer equipment on its 31-inch wide and 24-inch deep desktop that can support up to dual 24-inch monitors. Manufactured out of “responsibly-forested birch” wood, setup is complete within minutes without any tools required (just move it where you want it and begin working). User reviews praise its sturdiness and adjustability, including the four pre-cut slots for holding cables in permanent place. The dual-adjustable shelves allow for a range of experimentation to find the best comfort level.

Best for Small Spaces: ErgoTron WorkFit-TL

Offering a compact design, ErgoTron’s WorkFit-TL sit-stand desktop workstation makes switching from either position quick and easy. The 15 inches of vertical adjustment pair with a space-saving design that doesn’t require a desktop being pulled back from a wall to make space. Shipping fully assembled, setup is a snap with no special tools or installation requirements. Just pull it out of the box and get to work. The WorkFit-TL adds support for a workstation that’s anywhere from 10 to 40 pounds on the 35-inch wide, 25-inch deep design. The separate keyboard tray measures 25 inches wide and nine inches deep, so there's plenty of room for both a keyboard and mouse. With separately purchased options out there such as height-adjustable monitor kits or “tall user kit” for even greater height, the ErgoTron truly is the best compact standing desk (and its five-year guaranteed warranty only bolsters its reputation).  

Best for Adjustability: FlexiSpot

An Amazon No. 1 best seller, the FlexiSpot adjustable standing desk features a gas-spring system that quickly allows the workstation to move from sitting or standing with a light squeeze. Whether you’re sitting or standing, the 35-inch wide and 31.5-inch deep work surface offers more than enough space for a laptop, dual monitors or a laptop/desktop combination. The 35-inch wide and 12.2-inch deep keyboard tray offers equally good space for keyboards of all sizes with room to spare for a mouse for either left or right-handed users.

The 35 pounds of support provide 12-height levels, so the user can discover the positioning that’s best for their posture. Furthermore, FlexiSpot prides itself on long-lasting products and with a fatigue test of more than 6,000-height adjustments, buyers will rest comfortably knowing that the FlexiSpot is a long-haul option that’s an Amazon favorite.

Best Splurge: ApexDesk Elite Series 71-Inch

If space is your biggest request, the ApexDesk Elite Series 71-inch electrically adjustable sit-stand desk is just what you need. Tops are available in six colors and the heavy-duty, 90-pound, steel-constructed frame is pre-paired with the selected color tabletop for the best overall aesthetics. Once delivered, setup is a snap with a screw-less design and should only take around 30-minutes from start to finish. Once put together, you’ll discover a lift capacity of up to 225 pounds of hardware, software and as many office materials as you can imagine on the 71-inch wide and 33-inch deep desktop.

Adjusting from sit-to-stand allows for a minimum and maximum height of 29 inches and 48 inches, respectively, which works for just about any height individual. The motor allows for one transition every two minutes, but recommends no more than one adjustment every 18 minutes to prevent motor burnout. The Elite series has no crossbars underneath the table, so there's the option of having an exercise bike/treadmill desk setup in the future.

Best Cardboard: Ergodriven

As basic as a standing desk can come, this cardboard-based design by Ergodriven is more than meets the eye. Don’t be alarmed at the thought of cardboard, this custom-color finished corrugated cardboard has an easy setup process that’s done within minutes of arrival. Available in three different sizes best determined by your height, the Spark by Ergodriven desk is the best way to introduce yourself to the standing desk phenomenon. The two-level design is designed to work well with either laptop or desktops (up to 100 pounds) and you can count on it not being wobbly while you're using it. The separate surfaces allow a screen and keyboard to be on separate levels, which eases the pain on your back, shoulders, wrists and neck. One added benefit is being able to choose if you want to extend a mousing surface off to the left or right, so you'll have a more ergonomic resting position for your hands.

Best Treadmill: LifeSpan TR1200-DT7

There’s no question a treadmill desk won’t be for everyone, but for home or office workers that want to maximize productivity and exercise, it’s a unique solution. The niche product has long been praised for cutting calories and stress levels while offering the same benefits as standing desks (think reduced back pain, etc.). The included console provides basic exercise information, including distance traveled, calories burned, walking time and step count and syncs to your smartphone for tracking progress.

The near-quiet 2.25-horsepower motor offers six impact-absorbing compression shocks minimizing the noise level on your work neighbors. The treadmill's desktop workspace measures 38 x 29 inches and the belt has speeds ranging between .4 to 4 miles per hour (there's a 350-pound weight limit).

What to Look for in a Standing Desk

Size - Survey your workspace to see how much space you have. Are you in a cramped area, or do you have a roomy corner office? For small spaces, you’ll want a compact standing desk; there are options as small as 31 inches wide and 24 inches deep. If your work requires a larger desk, look for one about 60 inches long by 30 inches deep.

Design - Some standing desks feature laptop trays, and others have just one flat surface. Adjustable designs let you raise or lower the height of your desk with just the click of a button. Some even have memory presets.

Price - Depending on material and design, standing desks can cost you more than your laptop. There are plenty of cheaper options out there, but when you slash the price, you’ll likely end up trading features like automatic adjusting for static setup. Material quality varies, too, but don’t knock a cardboard desk until you’ve tried it.