The 10 Best Speed Reading Apps of 2022

Get through those books and articles in record time

Speed reading apps are excellent tools for learning how to read at lightning speed while absorbing and understanding the material. We looked at the best speed reading apps and picked our 10 favorites based on interface, ease of use, and effectiveness.

This article includes speed reading apps for iOS and Android, as well as browser-based speed reading tools.

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Best for Rapid Improvement: Spreeder

Spreeder speed reading app's library feature
What We Like
  • Add your own reading material.

  • It's an effective methodology.

  • The clean user interface.

  • Set reading speed goals.

What We Don't Like
  • The limited search feature for books.

  • Need a paid upgrade to use the guided training courses.

Spreeder offers state-of-the-art speed-reading software along with a wealth of expert training resources. The app helps you learn how to read three or more times faster than your normal reading rate. Customize your reading speed as you go, gradually ramping it up as you get faster.

For reading material, use public domain texts built into the Spreeder cloud library, or upload your files or web links.

Spreeder is free to download and use. You'll need a paid upgrade, ranging from $4.99 to $19.99, to access guided courses and advanced training.

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Best for Easing Eyestrain: ReadMe! (Spritz and BeeLine)

Read Me! Speed reading app with explanation of how the tool eases eyestrain
What We Like
  • It's easy to customize.

  • Incorporates the latest speed reading technologies.

  • Offline is available with a premium plan.

  • Special tools to help people with dyslexia.

What We Don't Like
  • Not as intuitive as other options.

  • Need a paid subscription to unlock some features.

ReadMe! is an e-reader app that allows you to store and sync your favorite e-books across your iOS and Android devices. It's integrated with two unique speed reading tools called BeeLine Reader and Spritz.

BeeLine Reader takes a color-coded approach to speed reading by adding a color gradient to each line of text. The color gradient guides your eyes from the end of one line of text to the beginning of the next line, essentially helping you read faster while easing eyestrain.

Spritz lets you read one word at a time at a specific WPM rate (similar to the Spreeder tool). Designed to minimize eye movement, Spritz developers say the tool can improve your reading speed to 1,000 words per minute.

Download and use ReadMe! for free. You'll need to upgrade to a monthly ($2.99), yearly ($29.99), or lifetime ($99.99) premium subscription to unlock all its features.

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Best for News Junkies: Outread

Outread speed reading app website
What We Like
  • It's easy to customize.

  • The highlighter allows for guided reading.

  • Increases reading comprehension.

  • Use it offline.

  • Syncs with popular newsreader apps.

What We Don't Like
  • It only supports English.

  • Supports a limited number of file formats.

  • No Android version.

  • The best features require a paid upgrade.

If you're a fan of newsreader apps like Instapaper, Pocket, or Pinboard, check out Outread. It's an iOS-only speed reading app that syncs with these services to help you get through your news fix quickly and efficiently.

With Outread, read a book or document one word at a time, or highlight each word as it moves along a line of text. The app's clean, simple interface has a daytime and a nighttime theme to match reading conditions to your environment. Add your own e-books (DRM-free EPUB), upload Microsoft Word documents, paste URLs to web pages, or enjoy a classic novel from the app's built-in library.

Outread is free to download and use. You'll need to upgrade to Outread Plus ($19.99) to access the app's most useful features.

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Best Use of iOS Integration: Accelerator

Accelerator speed reading app for iOS
What We Like
  • Adjust your text speed.

  • Supports multiple themes.

  • Low price and no in-app purchases.

  • Has a typeface designed for dyslexic readers.

What We Don't Like
  • No Android version.

  • There's a slight learning curve.

  • Importing from the web can be slow.

Similar to Outread, Accelerator is an iOS-only speed reading app with a clean interface. It has newsreader integration with popular apps such as Instapaper and Pocket. It comes with three themes to match your reading environment. It makes it easy to save articles you find on the web to speed read later.

Accelerator doesn't allow you to upload your own e-books or documents. Still, you can use it to read text, rich text, and Word documents from your email app. Browse the web and save articles to the app, save web pages from Safari, use AirDrop to send and receive articles, and share your speed reading success on social media.

Accelerator has a flat download cost of $2.99, with no upgrading or in-app purchases.

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Best Browser-Based Speed Reading Tool: Readsy

Readsy browser-based speed reading tool
What We Like
  • It's free to use.

  • Paste any URL to get started.

  • Supports text or PDFs.

  • It's incredibly easy to work with.

What We Don't Like
  • Not as many features as some of the other tools here.

Readsy takes a streamlined, web-based approach to speed reading. Navigate to the Readsy website with a desktop or mobile web browser and use it instantly. There's no signup or download required.

Like ReadMe!, Readsy uses Spritz integration to power its speed reading tool. Upload PDFs and text files, enter a URL, or paste text into the text field. Customize the WPM rate using the drop-down menu below the Spritz reader. Use the menu at the top to access the Editor tool to see the full text of what you're reading.

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Best Wrist-Based Speed Reading Tool: Wear Reader

Wear Reader speed reading tool for smart watches
What We Like
  • Easily adjust the WPM speed.

  • Traditional or Spritz (one word) modes.

  • Supports multiple file formats.

  • Import books from Dropbox or iCloud.

What We Don't Like
  • Can't import from iBooks.

  • The interface takes some adjustment to use.

  • The automatic screen shut off can be annoying.

If you own an Apple Watch or a Wear (formerly Android Wear) smartwatch, Wear Reader is a handy tool that lets you speed read from your wrist while on the go. Upload your favorite books, PDF files, text files, or Word documents to your iOS or Android device, attach your smartwatch, and start reading. Or import books from Dropbox or iCloud.

In speed reading mode, each word flashes on the screen one by one at a customizable WPM rate, with convenient fast-forward and rewind functions. With its traditional reading mode, read text as you would on any device. Wear users can switch to night mode to make nighttime speed reading easier on the eyes.

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Best Android-Only Speed Reading App: Reedy

Reedy Android speed reading app
What We Like
  • Toggle between speed reading, regular reading, and text-to-speech.

  • Navigate easily through an e-book.

  • Supports a variety of formats.

What We Don't Like
  • There isn't an iOS version.

  • Need to make in-app purchases to unlock features.

Reedy is a speed reading app for Android that focuses on the RSVP (Rapid Serial Visual Presentation) method. RSVP minimizes eye movement by presenting words one after another in the same place on the screen. Reedy says its method can foster speed reading of up to 3,000 words per minute.

Reedy supports EPUB, text files, HTML, as well as web links and text imported from other apps. Read in regular mode, speed reading mode, or use its text-to-speech function.

The app is free to download. You'll need to make in-app purchases to unlock features.

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Best for a Vast Amount of Content: QuickReader

QuickReader iOS speed reading app
What We Like
  • Control how fast you go with a tap.

  • Auto Pilot mode means no swiping to turn pages.

  • Customize everything, from margins to fonts.

  • More than 2 million books are freely accessible.

What We Don't Like
  • There isn't an Android version.

The iOS-only QuickReader app is highly rated for its ability to train users' eyes to read at a profoundly accelerated rate. The app is extremely customizable, allowing you to set your read speed and challenge yourself to faster speeds.

QuickReader has training games, an immense library of freely downloadable books, and customizations for every aspect of what you're reading. Its $4.99 price tag is reasonable, and you don't have to deal with in-app purchases.

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Best for Building General Reading Skills: Reading Trainer

Reading Trainer speed reading app for iOS and Android
What We Like
  • Trains you to read all types of texts faster.

  • The focus is on reading comprehension.

  • Exercises improve vision span.

  • See and track your progress.

  • Multi-language support.

What We Don't Like
  • The interface isn't as inviting as some of the apps on this list.

Reading Trainer is more like a speed reading course than a helpful tool. Its exercises are designed to rapidly boost your reading speed rate and give you effective reading skills that boost retention and memory. Reading Trainer's goal is to make all types of text, both digital and physical, easier to read and comprehend.

The 12 exercises are well designed. The gaming feel and mental-training focus make the app highly motivating and almost addictive. At $2.99 with no additional in-app purchases, Reading Trainer is a deal.

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Best for Serious Would-Be Speed Readers: 7 Speed Reading

7 Speed Reading speed reading software download
What We Like
  • A 12-month money-back guarantee.

  • Supports up to five users.

  • Improves memory and comprehension.

  • Automatically tracks your progress.

What We Don't Like
  • The program is pricy and not for speed reading dabblers.

  • No mobile apps.

The highly regarded 7 Speed Reading program isn't an app. Instead, download and install it to your Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chrome OS devices. The 7 Speed Reading methodology centers on several learning techniques, including video tutorials, training activities, monitoring and assessment, multiple user support, a Wiki-Connect feature, and comprehension focus.

All this functionality doesn't come cheap. At $79.95, this program is for serious learners. Still, the investment is worth it if becoming a superhuman reader is your goal. As a bonus, if the program doesn't meet your expectations, there's a 12-month money-back guarantee.

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