The 8 Best Sony Headphones to Buy in 2018

This classic brand always delivers when it comes to sound

Sony has been pioneering the electronics industry for years, so it makes sense to curate some of their current best, more modern designs like their headphones. The company is a household name and their headphones are no exception. Below are the best Sony headphones to get right now. You’ll find a diverse collection that ranges from outright futuristic to a stabilized set of over-the-ear headphones to even a water-resistant option that lets you can listen to music in the shower. Whatever your preference, you'll likely find something to suit your needs in the list below.

Sony’s MDRZX110 ZX headphones have a lightweight body, clean sound and an attractive price. The 4.23 ounce Sony MDRZX110 ZX cans are built with a 30mm multi-layer film diaphragm and 1.38 neodymium dynamic drivers that give listeners pronounced sound clarity with booming bass and crisp treble. The headphones offer a decent frequency response of 12 to 22,000Hz, 24-ohm impedance and boast an impressive 98-decibel sensitivity. Ear pads are cushioned for comfortability, and their swivel folding design allows them to be a compact travel item. Buyers describe the MDRZX110 ZX as being comparable to Beats and Skullcandy headphones for a fraction of the price. You can even get a microphone version.

Sony’s WH1000XM2 have incredible digital sound isolation, smart listening and carefully engineered acoustics. Sony’s Ambient Sound Mode gives the headphones the ability to channel in external sound through the microphone, so you can hear just voices coming in.

Did we mention they’re wireless with Bluetooth and NFC technology? Wired mode will give you a 40 hour battery life, while wireless gives 30, and you get 70 minutes of playback for every 10 minutes of charging. The 4 to 40,000 Hz frequency response and 1.57-inch dome drivers deliver a sensational audio range.

The controls are exciting, too; you can skip tracks, change volumes, take calls and even use Quick Attention Mode to turn the volume down for a conversation just by touching a headphone. Colors come in gold and black, and a carrying case is included.

If you’re working out, moving around a lot, or want the best mobility for Sony headphones, then opt for the MDRXB50AP. The hybrid silicone earbuds are tangle free and have a Y-type flat cord.

Weighing only 2.4 ounces but packing a punch, the MDRXB50AP deliver 12mm dome type drivers for powerful sound clarity combined with built-in neodymium magnets. The earbuds are designed with tightly sealed acoustics for robust sound clarity, offering a large frequency range of 4 to 24,000Hz, a whopping 106-decibel sensitivity, as well as an impedance of 40 ohms. Listeners who connect the earbuds to their phone can pick up calls and talk into the built-in microphone. Colors come in blue, red, and black. And the package includes extra-small, small, medium and large earbuds, so you won't have a problem finding a size that fits your ear.

The water-resistant, in-ear SONY MDR-XB510AS headphones are lightweight (3.84 ounces) and IPX5/IPX7 certified. They offer a 12mm dynamic driver, 111 decibels of sensitivity, an impedance of 16 ohms and a wide range of frequency from 4 to 24,000Hz. The headphones allow listeners to move freely without the worry of potential tangling due to its Y-type cord design that also includes a microphone for easily taking calls.

The Sony MDR-Z1R WW2 Signature headphones are like the equivalent of the highest end 4K Ultra HD television but for your ears. The high-end Sony headphones are an absolute treat for any audiophile that wants a taste of the future. With massive 70mm HD drivers, full range sound of 120Khz frequencies and hi-res audio, the MDR-Z1R WW2 bring you the best sound capabilities of high-tech headphones available to the market. They have an all metal build with a Fibonacci-patterned grill carefully engineered specifically to complement audio wave patterns. Though they weigh 13.6 ounces, they’re built with a titanium headband and padded with a leather exterior that provides users a comfortable fit and feel when listening to music.

Looking for quality sound on a budget? Check out Sony’s MDR-AS210 headphones. The sporty over-the-ear headphones are lightweight at .4 ounces and even offer splash-proof protection. The MDR-AS210 deliver exceptional sound performance using a .53-inch driver and provide crisp detail with a 104-decibel sensitivity and a frequency range of 17 to 22,000Hz. If you’re the active type, the Sony MDR-AS210 will stay in place because its loop hangers clip securely over your ear; if you’re sweating or it’s raining, the headphones will suffer no harm; if you’re worried about tangle, don’t, the 3.9-foot Y-type cord won’t bundle up as you move about. They come in white, pink and black.

Sony’s MDRXB90BS Wireless Sports In-Ear Headphones are perfect for the active listener: They’re wireless, can handle heavy rain with their IPX5 rating and include an ear hook and cable adjuster so they stay in place.

The Sony MDRXB80BS utilize Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC tech with a built-in LDAC enhanced codec support for wirelessly streaming your music while connecting seamlessly with your iOS and Android devices. The MDRXB80BS can be worn two ways: through an Easy-Fit (in-ear) adjustment or via arc supporters with the Secure Fit loop where the wires go up and over each ear and wrap behind the neck for a more stable fit during rigorous exercises. Playback will last you seven hours from a two-hour full charge time. They come in black, blue and red.

The Sony MDRXB650BT/B will give you a full 30 hours of jamming to music on a single charge and you won’t have any interruption or buzzy connection with its Bluetooth tech.

Connecting via Bluetooth and NFC technology, the MDRXB650BT/B headphones have an impedance of 24 ohms, 95-decibel sensitivity, as well as a 20 to 20,000 Hz frequency. The 6.4-ounce headphones charge in four hours and include a built-in button and microphone on the soft cushioned headband, so you can take hands-free calls from your smartphone without interruption. Colors come in black, blue or red.

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