Free Services That Blend Music and Social Networking

Use these services or apps to turn music social

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The problem with most of the top social networking sites is that they aren't focused on music. This gap can be frustrating to music fans, since being social helps you engage with other music lovers and discover new songs and artists.

Sharing your musical tastes with others is a fun way to discover new music and friends. We've developed a list of music-streaming services and other apps that have some sort of social focus along with the music.

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Shazam is heavily connected. The app identifies songs you don't recognize — and everything Shazam finds is logged for you in your account.

However, while the app's primary purpose is to listen to and identify songs for you, it can also connect to your Facebook to see what your friends are discovering.

Shazam doesn't let you listen to full songs within its own app but does let you listen to your Shazam music in other apps like Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, or Google Play Music.

When you Shazam a song, you automatically "follow" the artist and can get alerts when new information comes available, like when the performer releases a new album.

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SoundCloud is home to music uploaded by new artists and at-home users who want to share their music with the community. You can follow users to get notified when they add new music to SoundCloud.

After you've used SoundCloud a while, it can recommend users that you should follow and stay up-to-date with, based on your listening activity.

SoundCloud also lets you connect with Facebook to see which SoundCloud users your friends are following — this strategy is a great way to discover new music if your friends have similar tastes, and you don't mind Facebook intruding on yet one more area of your life.

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With its ability to import your Facebook profile into Pandora Radio, you can listen to your friend's music and share your discoveries with them, too.

Pandora is an intelligent internet radio service that plays music based on your feedback. After you've entered an artist's name or a song title, Pandora automatically suggests similar tracks which you can agree with or reject; Pandora will remember your answers and fine-tune its subsequent recommendations.

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Make a account and connect it to other places you listen to music, like your device or other music streaming service, and it will build a profile of your musical tastes 

The auto-tracking of your music is called scrobbling and helps create a showcase of the music you love and can suggest new music and events that you might be interested in based on the music you listen to. works with services like Spotify, Deezer, Pandora Radio, and Slacker.