The Best Smartwatches With Round Displays

Enjoy the perks of wearable tech with the style of a classic timepiece

Samsung wearable smart watch

Not too long ago, it seemed like every smartwatch for sale had a rectangular screen. And while there's nothing wrong with this shape in and of itself, many consumers craved a more conventional design that didn't scream "tech geek."

Well, the good news is that manufacturers from Pebble to Samsung have heard this and responded with new, circular-screen smartwatches that might even be mistaken for a regular wristwatch. Look out, Moto 360 — you're no longer the reigning champion of round-screen wearables!

Motorola Moto 360

Motorola updated its well-received smartwatch, and the latest device retains the round display and Wear OS (formerly Android Wear) software and adds a variety of size options. The newer Moto 360 also boasts better battery life, but these improvements come at a bit of a higher cost.

Just note that there's still a small black section at the bottom of the display that prevents the screen from being fully circular, in a technical sense at least. Plenty of people have complained about this aspect of the Moto 360's design, but Motorola has said it was a necessary trade-off in manufacturing this wearable.

Screen Size: 1.37 or 1.56 inches

Pebble Time Round

Finally, Pebble has a smartwatch that ditches the more casual rectangular screen shape. The Pebble Time Round sports a circular color display that, like other Pebble smartwatches, is always on. This means you don't have to tap the screen to view notifications; just glance at your wrist and you'll see them. 

The Pebble Time Round might not satisfy the needs of all users, both because its display is low-power, without touch controls, and because the smartwatch doesn't run more advanced software like Wear OS, which features a Google Now app that displays relevant information from your various apps. With its timeline interface, the Pebble Time Round can still accomplish these things, but you'll need to press a button to navigate around. 

Screen Size: 1.52 inches (38.5mm)

Samsung Gear S2

Another recent addition to the round smartwatch family, the Samsung Gear S2 is a polished-looking piece of hardware. It sports a touchscreen and includes NFC for making contactless payments. There are several models, which are differentiated both design (the Gear S2 Classic is the most sophisticated-looking) and by Bluetooth or 3G connectivity.

Screen Size: 1.2 inches

Huawei Watch

With a wide variety of prices (based on the different styles available), the Huawei Watch is the most expensive watch on this list, but it's arguably the classiest-looking as well. This wearable is one of the first Wear OS watches to offer iPhone support out of the box, and it includes a built-in heart-rate monitor to track your workouts.

As far as design and hardware goes, you have several options. The least expensive models are the stainless steel watch with a black leather strap or a stainless steel version with a stainless steel mesh band. For those who crave an ultra-luxe watch at a lower price point than the Apple Watch Edition, there's a rose gold plated stainless steel model that is beautiful.

Screen Size: 1.65 inches (42mm)

TicWatch Pro LTE

Aiming to rewrite the way we integrate with our technology, the TicWatch Pro LTE is an AI-enabled smartwatch that transitions seamlessly from the office to the gym. With a stylish round face and a design geared toward durability, the TicWatch Pro LTE lets you keep track of both your life and your health, thanks to its newly debuted cellular connectivity through Verizon. 

Take advantage of the wrist-side convenience to make calls, pay for purchases, check the weather, download new apps from Google Play, and summon Google Assistant to answer your questions or help manage your busy day. While you check things off your to-do list, TicPulse continuously monitors your heart rate and provides daily heart rate charts as well as weekly heart rate histories so you can work to optimize your activity levels and meet your fitness goals. With up to 30 hours of battery life and 1GB of memory, the watch is bolstered by military-grade durability, ideal for use in the pool, on long hikes, and weathering the workweek.

Screen Size: 1.39 inches (35mm)