The 7 Best Smart Smoke Detectors to Buy in 2018

They're the surefire way to stay safe in your home

Nest Protect
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Smoke detectors are some of the most important devices to have in the home in order to keep your family safe and secure. However, who hasn’t been woken from a sound sleep by an annoying beeping alarm low on batteries, or frantically tried to clear smoke from the kitchen after burning some toast to silence the infernal blaring of a detector who thinks your house is burning down? Isn’t it time to try something a little…smarter? Fortunately, there are a lot of great “smart” smoke detectors on the market now that connect to Wi-Fi interact with apps, and allow you to keep an eye on your home even when you aren’t there. Check out our list of the best smart smoke detectors available below.

There’s no question about it – if you want a smart smoke detector, Nest is at the top of the game. The Nest Protect has an industrial-grade photoelectric smoke sensor that can distinguish between different types of fires and works with other smart devices in your home such as thermostats or light bulbs according to your preferences. The Nest Protect can be hushed from your phone – no more annoying false alarms! – and alerts your phone to tell you what it thinks is wrong, so you can keep an eye on your home even when you’re far away.

Some of its other features include an occupancy sensor, ambient light sensor and even a humidity sensor to build a complete picture of what is going on in your home. It comes in a wired or battery version and connects to Wi-Fi after a simple set-up process. As a bonus, you can choose from multiple different metallic finishes to complement your home’s décor.

Best Budget: Kidde RF-SM-DC Wireless Interconnect Battery-Operated Smoke Alarm

The Kidde RF-SM-DC may not have all the extra features that some of the other alarms on our list do, but for the budget-friendly price, this device will still give you wire-free interconnectivity quickly and easily. It uses radio frequency to send and receive messages between your smart home system and/or the other alarms in your home. This allows you to update your system in minutes ​so that when one alarm goes off, all the alarms go off. Experts agree that an interconnected alarm system is a superior choice to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Thanks to this Kidde alarm, you can create this interconnected smoke alarm system without spending a ton of money and time to rewire your home. Plus, if you have a smart home hub already like Wink or SmartThings, you can connect your Kidde alarm to it and control it through your hub. A smart touch button quickly hushes the system to silence nuisance alarms.​​​​

Best for Alexa Users: First Alert Onelink Safe & Sound

Have you become best friends with Amazon’s Alexa? If so, this special version of the First Alert Onelink called the Safe & Sound with Amazon Alexa may be the best choice for you. This smart alarm detects fire and carbon monoxide threats in your home, tells you the type and location of the threat and even sends alerts to your phone. However, with its built-in Alexa services, it can also play music, news, or audiobooks through its included high-end speakers. If you have other smart devices in your home, use hands-free voice commands to control lights, locks, thermostats or any other smart devices you may have. The companion app allows you to easily test or silence your alarm, control entertainment devices or adjust the included nightlight using your smartphone or tablet. 

Best Budget: First Alert 2-in-1 Z Wave Smoke Detector

The First Alert 2-in-1 Z Wave Smoke Detector is an affordable option if you need multiple alarms throughout your home. This budget-friendly smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector features both electrochemical and photoelectric smoke sensors in order to minimize the risk of false alarms from things such as shower steam. This device can wirelessly link to a z-wave hub such as the Nexia Home Intelligence Hub that helps you control the smart devices in your home and sends alerts to your device if you are away from home. If you do get a false alarm, you can silence the alarm with a touch of a single button.

Best for Weather Alerts: Halo+ Smart Smoke & Carbon Monoxide CO Alarm

The Halo + Smart Smoke & Carbon Monoxide alarm uses six different sensors to quickly detect different types of fires, as well as carbon monoxide while reducing false alarms. In addition to these alerts the Halo + Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarm adds another layer of protection to your home by also delivering weather and disaster alerts directly to you or your device using a customizable NOAA weather radio. Quickly find out about tornadoes, flooding, hurricanes, earthquakes and more with the Halo. You can connect it to any number of third-party smart hubs such as Lowe’s Iris, Samsung’s SmartThings or even Amazon Alexa. It can also be set up to communicate to your mobile device, so you can get alerts even if you are on vacation. The Halo+ even has an app- or voice-controlled accent light to help you set the mood in a room or use as a convenient night light.

Best for ADT Security Users: Samsung SmartThings ADT Smoke Alarm

If you use the ADT Security Hub, the Samsung SmartThings ADT Smoke Alarm can connect directly to it. Add other SmartThings devices, including lights, cameras, doorbells, door locks, thermostats and sensors to transform your home into a smart home. This smoke alarm will let you know whenever extreme temperatures or smoke is detected in your home. It can even send you reminders about setting lights, door locks or other connected devices to help ensure your home’s safety. ADT Security monitoring is optional, but not required, for this product, but do note that it doesn’t work with the SmartThings hub.

Best for Long-Lasting Battery: First Alert Onelink

The First Alert Onelink is a combination smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarm with a hardwired design that allows you to replace most conventional 120-volt AC hardwired alarms with no rewiring necessary. It works with Amazon Alexa or Apple HomeKit to provide simple voice integration with your alarm, so you can give commands and receive information audibly and easily. If you have more than one in your home, the alarms can communicate in order to audibly announce where the threat is and what the nature of the threat is, so you can react accordingly. You can set up your Onelink Smoke + Carbon Monoxide alarm from the free Onelink Home App or directly from the Apple Home App on your iPhone or iPad in a few easy steps. Voice with Location tech announces which alarm is going off and tells you what the problem is, saving valuable time in an emergency. Forget having to replace batteries every year, too – the included sealed battery is guaranteed to last for at least 10 years. 


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