The 7 Best Smart Locks of 2022

Get rid of your house keys once and for all

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The best smart locks (like the best home security systems) mean both peace of mind and convenience. Forget fumbling around in your pocket with a giant ring of keys, dropping your gym bag or groceries while you find the right one, and the hassle of getting spares made for family and friends (or the pet sitter). Smart locks let you unlock your door with the tap of a finger, or by a quick word to your smartphone, and let you give remote access to anyone you'd like while simultaneously keeping your house far safer than any traditional lock.

Because they're a relatively new technology, however, filtering out the right smart lock for your needs can be complicated. Some support fingerprint scanning, others digital assistant support, but few of them comprehensively include every single function. But fear not, we've extensively researched tons of the top models from all the major smart lock brands to isolate the very best, regardless of what your needs are.

Best Overall: Lockly Smart Lock PIN Genie (PGD 728)

Lockly Smart Lock PIN Genie


What We Like
  • Peep-proof PIN pad

  • iOS and Android app support

  • Siren alarm

What We Don't Like
  • Requires four AA batteries

If you are upgrading to a smart lock to improve your home security, the PIN Genie Smart Lock will be right up your alley. This keyless smart lock provides home access using an invisible PIN that the company advertises as “the world’s first peep-proof PIN Genie PIN Pad.” The patented PIN pad randomly reshuffles the numbers on the pad so that it is impossible for others to figure out your PIN even if they watch you enter multiple times. Lock and unlock your door via the touchscreen (and PIN code) or via a free iOS or Android app for your smartphone or mobile device using wireless Bluetooth access. The PIN pad stores up to eight codes at a time, more than enough for most families. It even comes with a loud siren alarm to warn you about incorrect attempts and scare off would-be thieves. This smart lock is powered by four AA batteries and includes a low-battery warning signal, so you don’t have to worry about getting locked out when the battery dies.

Best Budget: Yale Push Button Electronic Deadbolt with ZigBee

Yale Push Button Electronic Deadbolt with ZigBee

Buy Dig

What We Like
  • Budget-friendly

  • Push-button keypad

  • Integrates with security systems

What We Don't Like
  • Some issues with remote functions

The Yale Push Button Electronic Deadbolt with ZigBee is budget-friendly smart lock option that still provides plenty of extra features. It features a backlit push-button keypad, so you can unlock and lock your home and create unique pins for family and friends as you need them. However, this lock also features ZigBee technology that allows it to integrate smoothly with many compatible home automation and alarm systems, including Amazon Alexa. This also gives you remote unlocking access and allows you to track access history and receive useful notifications. Customize your notifications to make sure the system lets you know about low battery alerts and interference alarms for tampering or wrong code attempts.

Best for Amazon Alexa Users: SCHLAGE Z-Wave Camelot Deadbolt

Camelot Matte Black Connect Smart Door Lock with Alarm

Home Depot

What We Like
  • Sleek and well designed

  • Great touch screen

  • Includes lock cylinder

What We Don't Like
  • Only stores 30 codes

Free up that front pocket – you won’t need keys anymore with this sleek smart lock by Schlage. This device includes a keypad and lock cylinder on the exterior and a thumb turn on the interior to completely replace your existing lock. Store up to thirty personalized user codes at a time – ideal for families, roommates or rental properties. A fingerprint-resistant modern touchscreen means that the numbers you input won’t be detectable even after lots of use. Schlage’s Z-Wave Technology gives you advanced remote management capabilities and compatibility with home monitoring systems – you even have the option to sync it with Amazon Alexa for voice control or use it with your smartphone to allow you to lock or unlock your door remotely.

Most Versatile: Yale Assure Lock Push Button Keypad with Z-Wave

Yale Assure Lock Push Button Keypad with Z-Wave


What We Like
  • Z-wave technology

  • Integrates with several automation and security systems

  • Great remote functions/notifications

What We Don't Like
  • Slightly complicated installation

Revel in the freedom of leaving the house without being weighed down by your keys with this smart lock system by Yale Assure. All you need is the backlit push-button keypad and your unique pin code to get back in. Create new unique pin codes for friends, family members or neighbors, and remove codes whenever you want. With Z-wave technology, this tamper-resistant Yale Assure lock works with more than 50 home automation or security systems, including Samsung’s SmartThings, Honeywell and Wink. Lock, unlock, view the current status and access history, and receive notifications no matter where you are. The quiet motorized deadbolt is another plus, too.

Best for Businesses: ZKTeco Fingerprint Biometric Bluetooth Smart Door Lock

ZKTeco Fingerprint Biometric Bluetooth Smart Door Lock


What We Like
  • Five entry methods

  • Stores up to 100 fingerprints

  • Comes with five ID cards

What We Don't Like
  • Difficult install

Take a step into the future with this sophisticated smart lock that features five different entry methods, including an ultra-modern fingerprint recognition system. Up to 100 fingerprints can be recognized by the system and it takes only half a second to complete the identification process, making keyless entry easy and quick. You can also use this lock to enter using a key code, a key or an ID card. The system comes up with five ID cards with more available for purchase. With unique keys for each user and a 24/7 activity log, you’ll be able to track who is entering your home and when – ideal if you rent rooms or have a vacation property.

Best for Airbnb Hosts: Qrio Smart Lock

Qrio Smart Lock


What We Like
  • Easy remote unlock

  • Automatic locking options

  • Activity log

What We Don't Like
  • Quite small

Unlock your door with just your smartphone, no matter where you are. Imagine the conveniences – allow a neighbor into your home to feed your pet while you are away; let in a roommate or significant other without needing to transfer a physical key; give access to a housekeeper or repairman even if you’re at work, then lock the doors securely behind them when they’re done with their work. The Qrio Smart Lock helps you do all of these things and more. You have the option to set automatic locking options or share your electronic key with family and friends. The Qrio Smart Lock works with most types of doors and keeps a constantly updated record of the door lock’s openings and closings, allowing you to keep an eye on your home even when you’re not physically there.

Best for Apple Users: Kwikset Premis Touchscreen Smart Lock

Kwikset Premis Touchscreen Smart Lock


What We Like
  • Great iOS features

  • Three locks in one

  • Excellent, intuitive app

What We Don't Like
  • Fair amount of maintenance

If you are an iPhone fan, the Kwikset Premis might be the smart lock for you. The Kwikset Premis is like three locks in one. Enter a code to unlock your door, use your iPhone app to unlock the door remotely or ask Siri to open the door using voice commands. Use the Premis app to check the status of your lock and receive notifications whenever the door is unlocked. The app can even tell you which of the up to thirty personalized user codes was used to unlock the door and at what time it was opened. Imagine the convenience of checking to make sure your door is unlocked from your own bed using your phone or letting in a friend to check on your place while you’re out of town. With the Kwikset Premis, it’s as easy as using your phone.

Final Verdict

For the best overall smart lock, with a great range of excellent features at a reasonable price, grab the Samsung Smart Door Lock. If you want to save even more, though, and don't mind trimming a couple of features, the PIN Genie from Lockly is a fantastic choice.

How We Tested

Besides testing the durability of each lock to ensure that it can withstand any potential intrusions, they'll also be examining each model for how easy it is to install and integrate with an existing smart home setup. Needless to say that all of our top picks provide sufficient security, but our experts have outlined their favorites to help you find the best model for your situation.

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What to Look for in a Smart Lock

Smart home compatibility - Most smart locks are designed to integrate into smart home systems, but compatibility is a mixed bag. If you already have a smart home hub, make sure to look for a smart lock that’s designed to integrate with that specific type of hub.

Keypads - Some smart locks come with alternate unlocking methods, like traditional keys and keypads. If you don’t want to carry around a physical key, but also don’t want to get locked out when your phone battery dies, then look for a smart lock with a built-in keypad.

ANSI/BHMA lock grades - Like all door locks, smart locks are graded on how secure they are. If you want the most secure smart lock possible, look for one that has an ANSI/BHMI lock grade of 1. Grade 2 locks also offer decent protection, while grade 3 smart locks are the least secure.

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