The 5 Best Smart Fridges of 2021

Keep your food and drinks cold the intelligent way

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The Rundown
"A built-in Keurig K-Cup with instant hot water makes this fridge one of the coolest on our list."
Best for Alexa Lovers:
Kenmore Smart 75043 at Amazon
"Use voice commands to activate the ice maker or air filter or to adjust and monitor your fridge’s temperature."
Best for Busy Families:
Samsung RF28JBEDBSG at Amazon
"Provides easy access to on-the-go items that can be organized by food type or by a family member."
"With the downloadable app, smart functions can be utilized to control different settings."
"Precise temperature controls combine with innovative filtration tech to expand the life of your food."

In the market for a new fridge? If it’s been a while since you shopped for home appliances, you’re in for a treat— nowhere has smart home technology taken off more than with the fridge.

No longer just a humble icebox to keep your food cold and make ice, the next generation smart fridge can also act as a virtual assistant, control your smart home hub, and even brew your morning cuppa. Although these technical marvels are often at a higher price-point than traditional fridges, they are worth it for the convenience they can bring. If you’re in the market for a smart fridge, here are some of the best.

Best Overall: GE Profile PFE28PBLTS

Huge capacity, black stainless steel and a built-in Keurig K-Cup with instant hot water makes this fridge one of the coolest on our list. It comes with two evaporators to create separate, optimized climates in the fresh food compartment and in the freezer to ensure ideal humidity, making your food taste better and last longer. This Energy Star-qualified fridge allows you to schedule hot water for your use at any time of day using the GE Kitchen app, so your refreshing cup of hot chocolate or tea is only seconds away.

Showcase LED lighting makes it easy to see everything in the fridge so you can work efficiently in the kitchen and waste less food, too. Choose from four stylish color and finish options for a look that brings out the best in your kitchen. You can even use Amazon’s Alexa to control your fridge simply using your voice. Just ask Alexa to heat up water for your favorite hot beverage or turn on GE’s TurboCool function to restore the ideal temperature after putting away groceries or when a door was accidentally left open.

Best for Alexa Lovers: Kenmore Smart 75043

Stainless steel, French doors, extra-large capacity and the Kenmore Smart app – what’s not to love about the Kenmore Smart 75043? With this Energy Star-qualified appliance, you can always make sure your food stays at the correct and safe temperature thanks to the convenience of the Kenmore Smart app and GeniusCool™ technology that creates the ideal temperature and humidity levels for your cuisine. Control your fridge remotely with Alexa or use voice commands to activate the ice maker or air filter or to adjust and monitor your fridge’s temperature. Recessed LED interior lighting brightly illuminates your fridge’s contents, helping to ensure nothing goes to waste in a forgotten corner. As a bonus, the extra-large dispenser area on the front of the fridge is big enough to accommodate not just glasses but coffee pots, water bottles and even large pitchers, too, making it convenient to access fresh, clean water anytime.

Best for Busy Families: Samsung RF28JBEDBSG


If you have multiple kids and a hectic schedule, the Samsung RF29JBEDBSG may be the right choice for you. This Samsung FoodShowcase refrigerator provides easy access to on-the-go items that can be organized by food type or by a family member. With FoodShowcase, the exterior showcase gives you instant access to drinks and condiments, while the InnerCase lets you store large, fresh food items. Great for kids who can grab their own lunches or for homes where there are food allergies, this fridge gives you instant access to frequently used items, while keeping the large inner case at just the right temperature for larger fresh items. The FlexZone™ Drawer uses metal cooling technology to cool food faster and is an ideal place for milk, butter, snacks or other drinks. Plus, you can stay organized with the adjustable smart dividers. Space-saving, energy-efficient LED lighting illuminates every corner of your refrigerator, making it easy to get all your ingredients ready for meal prep.

Most Versatile: LG InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator

If you’re a tech-savvy individual with an appreciation for smart appliances, the LG InstaView refrigerator is going to thrill. Adopting the SmartThinQ technology that works in the company’s televisions, this fridge is plenty smart. With the downloadable app, smart functions can be utilized to control different settings. Leave the door open accidentally? The app will notify you. Want to monitor the contents of your fridge? You can do that too. There’s also voice support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant so you can order new food from Peapod or add to a shopping list you've already got going.

Tech-savvy touches aren’t the only highlight of this refrigerator. It’s beautiful stainless steel design fits in well with any stylish kitchen. Once it’s in place, drawer dividers make it easy to organize contents. Inside you'll find four SpillProtector tempered glass shelves, three fixed shelves, and four split shelves.

The real highlight of this fridge isn’t its smarts or its storage, though. Without a doubt, it's the LG's the InstaView feature. The door-in-door panel provides quick access to contents without letting cold air out. Just knock twice and store your favorite items in this space for quick access. 

Most User-Friendly: Kenmore Smart 75043 Refrigerator

Whirlpool - 32 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator - Stainless steel

Not every refrigerator needs a fancy touchscreen to be considered smart, and the Kenmore Smart 75043 proves just that. First and foremost, the mission of a fridge is to keep ingredients and food fresh. The Kenmore does this in spades. The focus on precise temperature controls combines with innovative filtration tech to expand the life of your food.

On the exterior of the refrigerator, an unusually large ice dispenser fits tall pitchers. Inside the fridge, there is plenty of storage. A variety of compartments will help store food of all shapes and sizes. Superb airflow ensures that food will stay fresh longer. The high-tech filtration system keeps air moving which in turn helps extend the life of fruits and vegetables.

When it comes to smart tech, the Kenmore focuses on the essentials, like monitoring fridge functions. Downloading the Kenmore app means you can receive push notifications if a door is left open. Similarly, support for Amazon Alexa means you can check the fridge's door status, activate the ice maker, or adjust the temperature. 

Final Verdict

For unparalleled amenities and connectivity, the GE Cafe Smart French Door Refrigerator is our top pick for anyone looking to add a little intelligence to their kitchen.

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What to Look for in a Smart Fridge

Storage - How much food you routinely keep on hand will dictate how big of a fridge you need. After all, overfilling a refrigerator can restrict airflow and limit cooling efficiency, resulting in improper storage of foods and ultimately more waste. If, for example, you have a large family and you cook a lot, you can find a smart fridge with up to 30 cubic feet of storage.

Connectivity - A smart fridge, by definition, comes equipped with Wi-Fi, but some fridges are smarter than others. Check the connectivity options for your specific fridge, as some support Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. The ecosystem you’re tied into will narrow down your choices.

Design - How many times have you forgotten about the leftovers in the fridge simply because they were tucked out of sight behind the milk cartons? The design and layout of a fridge are crucial for efficiency and usability, so consider features like inner door space, designated produce drawers, and tiered freezer drawers.

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