The 8 Best Skullcandy Headphones of 2020

Best Overall: Skullcandy Hesh 2 Over-Ear Headphones

Skullcandy’s Hesh 2 over-ear headphones are ideal for everyday use whether you’re commuting, working, studying, or just hanging at home. The sleek, simple design comes with a detachable cable, so your headphones are easy to pack and carry with you wherever you go. Memory foam ear pillows and a flexible headband keep you comfortable while you enjoy your favorite songs and Skullcandy’s “Supreme Sound” provides punchy bass, warm, realistic vocals and soaring high tones. The handy in-line microphone and controls allow you to take and make calls if you’re listening on your smartphone, plus you can play, pause and skip tracks, too. They're available in 29 cool colors or patterns, so you can show off your own style. 

Best Budget: Skullcandy Lowrider Headphones

Skullcandy Lowrider headphones are a great affordable choice for on-ear headphones you can count on. These headphones block out ambient noise and provide great audio quality at a budget-friendly price. The comfortable headphones are fully adjustable and also include a built-in remote and microphone to allow you to take calls, skip songs or adjust volume quickly and easily. Short on space? Rotating earcups allow your Skullcandy Lowrider headphones to rest comfortably on the ears, so you can easily tuck them away in a drawer or cabinet. Choose from five fun colors to help express your personality, too.

Best Wireless: Skullcandy Uproar

The Skullcandy Uproar Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Headphones are a deal almost too good to be true. Pillow-soft ear cushions, lightweight design and long-lasting battery life combine with wireless functionality enabled by easy-to-use Bluetooth technology for one amazing set of headphones ─ and all at a budget-friendly price that even students can afford. Listen for up to ten hours without worrying about recharging. Plus, the onboard microphone and remote make it easy to take calls or switch songs with buttons right on the earcup. Quickly and easily adjust volume or change the track, or hit the circle button to answer and end calls and to play and pause your music. 

Most Stylish: Skullcandy Grind with TAPTech Headphones

Skullcandy’s Grind Headphones are a budget-friendly option that still delivers great acoustics. The low-profile, lightweight design and plush on-ear cushions keep you comfortable, but the powerful bass and precise playback are what really keep you listening for hours. The compact, durable metal headband is decorated in modern shades of cream, black and gold to satisfy even the most style-conscious listeners. Plus, the included one-button TapTech™ functionality means you barely have to lift a finger to reach your controls, take calls or change tracks. 

Best Battery Life: Skullcandy Crusher Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

With the Skullcandy Crusher Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear headphones, nothing is holding you back from your favorite songs. Up to 40 hours of rechargeable battery life means you are free to take these headphones wherever you go. If your battery does start to get low, ten minutes of charge time is all it takes to boost you back to three hours of listening time. Do you crave powerful bass? These headphones are loaded with two full-range 40mm audio drivers, plus two additional subwoofer drivers, so you can blast your bass. Adjustable bass levels give you fine-tuning control, so you can get it just right. 

Coolest Collaboration: Skullcandy S5GRT-J596 Robinson Cano Headphones

Channeling the color palette and design aesthetic of the Pacific Northwest, Skullcandy’s collaboration with World-Series-winning second baseman and Seattle Mariner Robinson Cano evokes the beauty of the region with oceanic blues and greens and a design that nods to the style of northwest coast Native American artwork.

These lightweight headphones are designed for comfort and boast the brand’s high-end engineering to accommodate all musical highs and lows and deliver an immersive audio experience. Like other wired Grind models, the foam ear pads will block out a decent amount of ambient noise while doing justice to your song choice, whether it features a pounding bass or warm vocals — the sound quality would suggest you’re using headphones that are more expensive than this model’s mid-tier pricing. With the Taptech feature and the built-in microphone, a button on the side of the ear cups lets you control everything from playing, pausing, and switching your songs to taking phone calls. 

Best Earbuds: Skullcandy S2IKDY-105 Ink'd 2 Headphones

Skullcandy’s Ink’d 2 Headphones are a best-seller for a reason. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t need an extra set of earbuds in their life? At this price, there’s no reason not to check them out. With a customizable fit and 11mm speaker drivers, you’ll want to pack an extra set of these earbuds in your purse, backpack or car, so you’ll always have access to your favorite music even if you’re on the go. Each set of earbuds comes with three separate sizes of silicone eartips (small, medium, and large) and includes an in-line microphone, so you take and make calls, adjust your audio settings, skip tracks or play and pause your music without missing a beat.  

Best for Women: Skullcandy S5AVGM-396 Knockout Women's On-Ear Headphones

Skullcandy has a new line of headphones specifically designed with women in mind – the Knockout Women’s On-Ear Headphones. The lightweight fitted headband keeps you comfortable, and the gorgeous color selections make these headphones look like jewelry for your ears. For those that like to keep things clean, the Pureclean coated cushions help ensure that your headphones stay clean no matter where you use them. The three-button in-line microphone and remote mean that you’ll never miss important calls, texts or e-mails whether you’re working late, relaxing at home or at a café. Plus, these headphones come with a cute multi-purposed zippered wristlet, so you can take them with you wherever you go.