The 4 Best Places of 2021 for Getting Paid Android Apps for Free

You don't always have to pay for everything you want

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You can never have too many sources on the prowl for free Android apps, and we’re fortunate the internet is home to plenty of them. Here's your quick rundown of the best Android app websites to help you get those coveted paid apps for free.

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AppSales: Best Comprehensive Discounted and Free App Tracking Site

App-Sales free apps page

AppSales is an Android-specific discount tracking site that's updated daily with discounted apps, linking directly to their respective download pages on Google Play. Each app’s profile page on AppSales also shows you rough metrics on the popularity of the apps, including the number of downloads and ratings they’ve received, so you don’t have to leave the page for Google Play to get an idea of whether an app is worth your time.

While the website keeps tabs on apps of all discount percentages, AppSales has a dedicated section for apps that are totally free, so you don’t have to wade through the still-paid discounted apps if you don’t want to. Finally, if you’d rather use apps to find freebies, the site has an Android app.

What We Like
  • The site is updated frequently and tracks a huge selection of apps. 

  • There is a dedicated section for apps that have dropped to free.

What We Don't Like
  • The huge selection means you have to sift through a lot of mediocre apps to find discounted ones worth your time. 

  • The website's a bit cluttered in terms of layout and UI.

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Google Play Deals Subreddit: Best Current and Historical Free App Tracking

Google Play Deals subreddit page on Reddit

Hosted on Reddit, the Google Play Deals subreddit is a rolling thread of apps in the Google Play Store that have been discounted. While this may sound similar to a simple app discount website, this page leverages Reddit’s signature upvote/downvote system so the more popular free apps rise to the top, making the job easier for elite bargain hunters.

The handiest feature, though, is the pinned post at the top showing the record lowest price that dozens of popular apps have ever reached. Most don’t drop below these prices, but they'll often drop back down to the listed record discounted price tags on holidays or other promotional occasions.

What We Like
  • The pinned post of app price history is great for deciding whether or not to hold out for an app to go free. 

  • The many eyes of Reddit are much more watchful than just about any other group of bargain hunters. 

What We Don't Like
  • Temporarily free and only partially discounted apps are all dumped into the same thread, so some digging is required. 

  • It's not easily searchable, and deals are pushed down the thread as they get older. 

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Android Police "Deals" Tag: Best Curated App Deal Thread

Android Police "deals" tag feed on Google Chrome browser

The feed of articles on Android Police tagged “deals” primarily feature deals on Android devices, accessories, and other Android hardware, but Android Police publishes a list of the hottest apps on sale every week or so.

The weekly-ish offerings come in the form of an article, with free apps placed at the top and apps of particular interest bolded. App sales usually last a few days, so even if your timing on reading their near-weekly article isn’t exact, you can browse the most recent article and still manage to find some deals.

What We Like
  • As the site is run by dedicated and knowledgeable Android journalists, the app deals articles are highly curated. 

  • Concise pieces with great deals in bold makes this a great choice for those who don't want to sink a lot of time into scouring for deals. 

What We Don't Like
  • With articles only about once every week, you're not going to catch every deal. 

  • You have to scan through the thread to find app-specific deals. 

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App Store Sales: Best Simple Play Store App and Other Media Deal Tracker

Free app page on the App Store Sales site on the Google Chrome browser

Play Store Sales is another standard website publishing a running tally of apps on sale and apps being offered for free.

Beyond that, though, it has a few nice touches websites like App Sales lack. First, the format of the site is a bit easier on the eyes, with bigger app thumbnail icons, a cleaner overall UI, and app icons arranged in a comfortably proportioned grid to keep you from squinting at a cramped vertical list of apps.

Secondly, Play Store Sales is more functional, with a drop-down menu allowing you to sort apps by how recently they went free, or even by how much money you're saving. The website also gives you a heads up on other temporarily free Play Store content, such as books and TV shows.

What We Like
  • This site strikes a nice balance between AppSales' close, constant monitoring of every deal, and Android Police's occasional article. 

  • In addition to a dedicated free app section, Play Store Sales collects links to other free Play Store content like books and movies. 

What We Don't Like
  • It's not as exhaustive as AppSales or the Google Play Deals subreddit.

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