The 5 Best Screenshot Apps for Windows in 2023

Capture what's on your computer screen

There are a number of reasons you might want to preserve a visual image of what's on your computer screen. Screenshot apps make it easy. If you're a Windows user, you're sure to find one on this list that will fit your needs.

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Best Overall Screenshot App: Snipping Tool

A screenshot of the Snipping Tool app that shows off the app's snipping Mode menu and its four different screenshot modes.
What We Like
  • The simple design makes this tool easy and straightforward to use.

What We Don't Like
  • It may lack features some users are looking for.

Snipping Tool is easy to access and to use. Choose between several modes (Free-form, Rectangular, Window, and Screen), so you can capture exactly the elements on your screen that you want. Once you have your screenshot, use the Pen and Highlighter to call attention to certain areas. Then save the image, copy and paste it into another application, or send it directly to recipients via email. You can also use the Edit with Paint 3D button to open the file in Paint 3D and perform additional fine-tuning.

Snipping Tool is a free app that comes standard with most Windows computers running Windows Vista and later. To access it, type Snipping Tool into the Windows search bar.

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Easiest to Use: Screenshot

A screenshot of the Screenshot app as it captures a screenshot of the Lifewire website.
What We Like
  • Beautiful, intuitive interface. 

What We Don't Like
  • Ads are distracting and can show up in screenshots. 

If you need to quickly capture a screenshot of a web page, the Screenshot app is a good option. You can easily snap a shot by copying and pasting the URL of the target web page. But that's where the functionality of this app ends. It doesn't include editing options, so you'll need to export it to another app to make adjustments.

Screenshot is free to download and use on systems running Windows 8.1 or higher.

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Best for Multitasking: ShareX

A screenshot of ShareX's main screen which includes a pretty extensive sidebar menu on the left side of the app and list of hotkeys you can use with ShareX listed in the middle of the app's workspace.
What We Like
  • No ads.

What We Don't Like
  • It's a professional-grade app, so some of the terminology may be confusing to newbies.

ShareX isn't just a simple screenshot app. It can capture screen images using a variety of methods, including full-screen, active window, active monitor, region, web page, text, and more. After the capture, ShareX can help you perform a number of tasks, including adding image effects or watermarks, annotation, copying, printing, saving a thumbnail, and uploading. It also allows you to upload images and perform additional tasks. ShareX can also record your screen and help you create GIFs.

ShareX is free to download and use and requires Windows 10 version 17763.0 or higher.

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Best App for Capturing Entire Web Pages: QuickCapture

A screenshot of the QuickCapture screenshot app as it loads a webpage that will be captured for a screenshot.
What We Like
  • It's fast and highly responsive. 

What We Don't Like
  • In the free version, ads at the bottom of the screen may block the view of the image you're trying to capture. 

Similar to Screenshot, QuickCapture allows you to enter a website URL to capture an image of a web page. However, this app takes the process a step further by capturing the entire length of the web page, rather than just the portion that appears on your screen. After you've captured the shot, you can easily share it.

QuickCapture is free to download and use on Xbox or version 18362.0 or higher of Windows 10. The Pro version costs $1.99 and removes ads. 

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Best for Microsoft Edge Users:

A screenshot of the Marker browser extension in use as it is being used to capture Lifewire's main web page.
What We Like
  • Nice tutorial walks you through using the extension. 

What We Don't Like
  • Steep price. is a unique entry on this list because it's not actually an app but a browser extension for Microsoft Edge. However, you can still get it from the Microsoft Store. 

This extension was designed for businesses to easily document and illustrate in situations that require bug reports or feedback, but you don't have to be a business to use the simple screenshot feature, save your screenshots, or use the image editor. works on Windows 10 or higher. Subscriptions start at $39.00 per month.

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