The 10 Best Samsung Galaxy Watch Faces of 2020

Get a design you love and the info you want on your wrist

One of the best things about smartwatches is that you don't have to settle on one watch face. Even better, they allow you to check the weather, monitor your heart rate, and more just by glancing at your wrist. Below is a list of the best watch faces for Samsung Galaxy watches in 2020.

These watch faces are available for all Samsung Galaxy smartwatches. Some are also available for Apple Watches and Wear OS devices.

Where to Get Samsung Watch Faces

You can download watch faces directly from the Galaxy Wearable app, which you need to set up your Samsung Galaxy watch. Watch faces are also available through the Galaxy Store mobile app for iOS and Android. There are a few other apps, like Facer and Watch Maker, that allow you to download additional clock faces for your Samsung device.

Samsung watches use a Linux-based operating system called Tizen. Any Tizen-compatible watch face is compatible with Galaxy smartwatches.

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Best Weather Watch Face: GS Weather 4

The GS Weather 4 watch face on a Samsung Galaxy watch

There are tons of weather-based watch faces, but few go into as much detail as GS Weather 4. In addition to the time, temperature, and day of week, it displays the humidity, wind speed, moon phase, and sunset time to help you plan your day. You can tell GS Weather 4 was made for the physically active because it also tracks your steps, heart rate, and GPS coordinates.

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Best Map Watch Face: Map by PChan

Map by PChan watch face for Samsung Galaxy watches

Watch Maker 

The aptly named Map watch face acts as a virtual compass to help keep you on track. There's no way to get directions, so it's no replacement for Google Maps, but it does provide an easy way to quickly orient yourself without having to pull out your phone every few minutes. It even displays both your watch battery and phone battery life on the same screen.

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Best City Skylines: SamWatch Scenery

SamWatch Scenery France watch face on a Samsung Galaxy watches

The SamWatch Scenery series features silhouettes of famous skylines from around the globe. For example, the France 2019 watch face includes iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. You can change the background color by double-tapping the screen, and you can switch between 12-hour and 24-hour mode by adjusting your watch's settings.

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Best Virtual Pet Watch Face: Your Beast Friend

Your Beast Friend watch face on a Samsung Galaxy watch


Virtual pet games were all the rage in the 90s, and they're making a comeback thanks to smartwatches. The goal of Your Beast Friend is pretty simple: Animated bugs crawl across the screen, and you must tap them to feed your little creature. Just like your old Tamagotchi, your beast will grow and evolve as you take proper care of it. Fortunately, it won't starve if you forget feeding time.

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Best Language Watch Face: Oui Oui!

Oui Oui! watch face on a Samsung Galaxy watches


Parlez vous en Francais? The quickest way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in it, which is exactly what the Oui Oui! watch face was designed for. Oui Oui! teaches you a new French word every time you check your watch, and it even includes helpful English pronunciations. While not as comprehensive as a full language learning app, it beats writing your own flash cards.

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Best Historical Watch Faces: ACD History Vikings

ACD Viking History watch face on a Samsung Galaxy watch

The ACD History series allows you to wear your love of history on your sleeve. For example, the Viking watch face features an ax for the hour hand, a sword for the minute hand, and a shield inscribed with runic symbols as the background. There's also a digital clock, and your device's battery life is indicated by notches on the shield. Other cool historical themes include knights and pirates.

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Best MCU Watch Face: Marvel Avengers Model 2

Marvel Avengers Model 2 watch face for Samsung Galaxy watches

Watch Maker

For every Marvel superhero movie, there are dozens of different watch faces. This Avengers's face came out at the same time as Endgame. There are two versions: an analog model and a digital model; however, the analog design also has a digital clock, making it the superior option. The virtual rust and scratches add a sense of realism that too many smartwatch faces lack.

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Best Star Wars Watch Face: Death Star

Death Star watch face on a Samsung Galaxy watch


There's no shortage of Star Wars watch faces, but this Death Star design stands out for its elegance. At first glance, it looks like a real analog clock with lightsabers for the minute, hour, and second hands. While it lacks many of the features found on other faces, its simplicity makes it even more unique.

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Best Fitness Watch Face: ACD Fitness Time

ACD Fitness Time watch face on a Samsung Galaxy watch

Fitness watch faces are extremely popular, and ACD Fitness Time might be the best of the bunch. It not only tracks your steps, but also your total distance walked in both miles and kilometers as well as your running speed, water intake, caffeine intake, and more to help you meet your goals. There are also convenient shortcuts to commonly used apps. It's even multilingual.

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Best Watch Face for Gamers: Classic Zelda Master Sword

Classic Zelda Master Sword on a Samsung Galaxy Watch


Modeled after Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past, the Classic Master Sword watch face is a perfect fit for fans of retro video games. The watch battery is represented by the red hearts, just like Link's health meter in the game. As a bonus, there's a weather indicator to help you decide if it's safe to go adventuring outside.