The 9 Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases of 2019

Save your phone from shattering with these sturdy and stylish picks

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The Rundown

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: OtterBox Commuter Series

OtterBox Commuter Series

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OtterBox has built a strong reputation for their tough, durable cases, and the Commuter Series for the Samsung Galaxy S8 lives up to the standard. Its two-part construction—a soft rubber inner layer and a hard polycarbonate outer shell—work together to protect against drops and impact. The hard, smooth backing could get a bit slippery to hold, but the rubber portions on the sides provide improved grip, certainly better than the naturally slippery Galaxy S8. Covers on the ports also help keep out dust and lint.

At the same time, the Commuter Series keeps a slim, light design that works well with the S8’s aesthetic. It sacrifices the more heavy-duty protection offered by OtterBox’s Defender Series in favor of a balance between durability and size, along with a reasonable price tag that makes it a smart all-purpose choice.

The Commuter Series comes in color schemes of black, aqua, blue, and purple. There’s no screen protector included, but you can find one separately for full coverage along with your case.

Runner-Up, Best Overall: Spigen Tough Armor

Spigen's selection is vast, but the Tough Armor case for the Galaxy S8 is a versatile, reliable, and affordable option that will serve its owners well for a variety of purposes. It has passed military-grade drop testing, getting good shock and impact resistance from Air Cushion Technology in the corners and its dual-layer shell. The inside layer is made of tough but flexible thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material, and a rigid polycarbonate case snaps over it. There are raised lips at the top and bottom of the screen (not covering the infinity edges at the sides) as well as around the camera lens in the back to keep them away from hard surfaces.

All this protection adds very little bulk to your phone, keeping it easily held and pocketed. The buttons are responsive and easy to press, though some users have difficulty finding them by feel. There’s also a small kickstand that flips out in the back so you can prop up your phone. It’s on the flimsy side, but still, a convenient feature to include. The outer shells are available in six metallic color options, from gunmetal to blue coral to rose gold.

Best Budget: Tech21 Evo Check Case

It’s not too hard to find attractive and effective Galaxy S8 cases at affordable prices, especially if your needs only call for something basic. Tech21’s Evo line includes a number of low-priced options, particularly the Check case, named after the checked pattern across the back. It provides surprising protection for the price, tested to handle drops from up to 12 feet. The case is made from a lightweight FlexShock material designed to absorb impact and dissipate the force rather than let it go through your phone.

Some downsides to the budget-level hardware are that the buttons can be slightly stiff and difficult to push through the case at first, and the clear/white color option may see some discoloration after a while. But if getting good protection at a low cost is your priority, the Evo Check case can last you through a lot of bumps and bruises. 

Best Features: Zizo Bolt Series

Besides its slick lightning-bolt design and 10 bold color combinations sure to appeal to many, the Zizo Bolt case for the Galaxy S8 is built with a lot of everyday functionality alongside top-level protection. An included holster clip with 360 degrees of swivel lets you snap the case quickly and securely to your belt. A sturdy rear kickstand lets you prop your phone up in either vertical or horizontal orientation. There’s also a tiny loop in a corner of the case if you want to attach it to a lanyard.

Maybe the most important feature of the Zizo Bolt case is its toughness. Military-grade certified to survive 12-foot drops, it secures your phone in a shock-absorbing TPU inner layer and a hard polycarbonate outer layer with good grip all around. It even comes with a scratch-resistant tempered-glass screen protector for the all-important front side of your phone. This may affect the screen’s touch responsiveness at times, but in exchange you get an extra layer of defense and peace of mind for your S8’s display.

Best Wallet Case: Snakehive Leather Wallet

Wallet cases provide extra practicality for your Galaxy S8, and leather ones can add a touch of class, too. Snakehive’s genuine leather wallet case—available in 10 sophisticated colorings—is hand-stitched in the UK, made from a velvety nubuck leather that’s a tougher form of suede. The soft, stylish exterior doesn’t sacrifice protection, either: a durable TPU inner holder helps your phone absorb impacts and withstand drops. This all adds up to premium quality you can feel in your hand and reassurance that you’re treating your beloved device right.

The functional wallet aspects of the case can be found inside the front cover, with three slots for cards and a larger pocket for bills. When you close the front flap, a magnetic clasp holds it all together, with the S8’s camera and ports all still accessible. The case also functions as a landscape-oriented stand that can be set at a variety of angles.

Best Battery Case: Elebase Galaxy S8 Battery Case

A battery case can take on the double duty of keeping your phone protected and charged at the same time, and this Elebase case excels at both jobs. The rechargeable battery’s 5,000 milliamp-hour (mAh) capacity is enough to fully charge the Galaxy S8’s battery once, possibly twice. Its 5V/1.8A charging speed will fill it up pretty fast, too, letting you still use your phone while it charges.

For the amount of power it carries around, the Elebase battery case doesn’t make your device too much bulkier. The plastic shell is also decently sturdy and raised bezels at the top and bottom help avoid unnecessary contact for your screen. A bonus design feature unique to the product is an LED light on the power button that changes color to tell you at a quick glance how much power is left in the battery.

Best High-Capacity Battery Case: ZeroLemon Ultra Power Battery Case

While most battery cases available for the Galaxy S8 have capacities ranging around 2,000 and 5,000 mAh, the ZeroLemon Ultra Power case packs a hefty 8,500 mAh of charging power. That’s almost twice the capacity of the phone’s internal battery, giving you enough power to last multiple days.

Plugging the case in through its USB-C port will charge your phone first, followed by the case. You’ll have to let it sit a while, though, as the listed charge time for both the phone and the case is 5-6 hours. Four LED lights serve as an indicator of how much power has been charged.

The downside to all this capacity, as you might expect, is a case that adds quite a bit of size and heft to your typically sleek Samsung phone. On the plus side, the case is made from flexible TPU material that offers better drop protection than most other battery cases out there, in addition to having one of the highest capacities around.

Best Waterproof Case: Temdan Galaxy S8 Waterproof Case

If you’re planning to take your phone into the water or other elements, you need a case specifically designed and tested to keep it safe. Temdan’s waterproof case for the Galaxy S8 comes at a lower cost than other waterproof options while still providing excellent underwater protection. Its IP68 protection rating means it’s dust-tight and can be completely immersed in water at a certain depth—in this case, 10 feet for one hour. It’s also been military-grade tested to withstand drops of 6.6 feet, so it’s equipped to hold up against a variety of intense conditions.

Putting on the slim, light case (available in black, pink, and teal) fully seals in your phone, including a built-in screen protector and coverage for all the ports. You can still use accessories included with the case such as the waterproof headphone jack for listening to music underwater. It evens comes with a floating wrist strap, a regular strap, and a removable kickstand for added convenience and versatility. 

Best Clear Case: Spigen Liquid Crystal

If you prefer to let the natural elegance of your Galaxy S8 show through, you’ll want to put it in a clear case, and the Spigen Liquid Crystal case is a great example of one that’s simple in design and low in cost. It’s made of flexible, transparent TPU that wraps right around your phone. Aside from not adding unwanted visual elements, the case adds minimal thickness and weight to your device. It does give a slightly raised lip above and below the screen to help protect the display when laying your phone face-down. The reinforced buttons are easy to press, and it allows for wireless charging. You might almost forget you have a case at all, but you can be assured it’s there providing good coverage and protection from a lot of scratches and drops.

The Liquid Crystal case is also available in matte black if you prefer your phone more covered up, or a glitter version if you’re looking for a little more sparkle in your life.

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