The 5 Best Roku TVs of 2021

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The Rundown
"This model uses QLED technology popularized by Samsung as well as an all-new processing engine to produce stunning 4K resolution."
"The Roku platform has preloaded apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video."
Best Budget:
TCL 40S325 at Amazon
"The Full HD resolution display still provides a crisp and enjoyable watching experience."
"With Dolby Vision HDR support and a THX-certified game mode movies and video games will look and sound their absolute best."
Best Small Screen:
TCL 32S327 at Amazon
"There is also a built-in digital TV tuner to receive over-air signals for more media options."

A Roku-enabled television allows you to access all of your favorite streaming apps like Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney+ without the need for any extra equipment. If you're familiar with the Roku streaming stick or box devices, you'll have no problem adjusting to having the platform built into your new TV. The simplified hub menu puts your apps, DVD players, game consoles, and even cable and satellite inputs in one place for easy access without having to memorize input locations or navigate confusing menus. You can also choose between 1080p and 4K resolution for your new Roku TV. If you plan on cutting the cord with your cable or satellite provider, you may want to spring for a 4K television since many streaming services now offer shows and movies in ultra-high definition. If you only occasionally stream movies, a 1080p full HD television will suit you just fine. For customers who have started to set up smart home networks or use virtual assistants, many Roku-based televisions work with a companion mobile app to turn your smartphone or tablet into a voice-enabled remote. They also are compatible with Amazon Echo and Google Home smart speakers so you can use Alexa or Google Assistant to control your new TV and its connected devices. 

While some brands like TCL don't include Bluetooth connectivity in their Roku TVs, they do have HDMI ARC connections which allow you to set up sound bars and home audio systems for an enhanced listening experience when streaming music or a more immersive cinematic experience while watching the latest films or classic TV shows. Roku TVs are also a great, budget-friendly option when shopping for a new smart TV. Brands like TCL and Hisense work to keep their prices down in order to make 4K resolution and streaming capabilities more affordable for everyone. With a variety of screen sizes from as small as 32 inches to 75-inch screens, a Roku TV will be at home in almost any room from college dorms to rec rooms and home theaters. Check out our top picks to see which Roku TV is right for you.

Best Overall: TCL 50S535 50-INCH 4K QLED Roku TV

What We Like
  • Auto game mode

  • Integrated cable management

  • Excellent picture quality

What We Don't Like
  • Need smart speaker or app to have voice controls

  • No Bluetooth

TCL has established itself as one of the top manufacturers of Roku-capable televisions, and the 50-inch 5-Series continues that legacy. This model uses QLED technology popularized by Samsung as well as an all-new processing engine to produce stunning 4K UHD resolution with Dolby Vision HDR support as well as over 1 billion colors for more true-to-life images. The screen has around 80 contrast control zones to create deep, inky blacks and bright, clean whites for enhanced contrast and detailing, and the ultra-narrow bezel gives you an edge-to-edge picture for a more immersive experience. Console gamers will love the automatic game mode, which detects when your console is connected and turned on, adjusting picture settings and refresh rates to reduce input lag as well as screen tearing. 

If you use a virtual assistant, you can connect an external smart speaker like the Amazon Echo or Google home for hands-free voice controls; you can also download the Roku app to your mobile device to use voice commands for browsing content. With the Roku platform, all of your input connections and apps are together in a single, simplified hub menu, eliminating the need to memorize inputs and navigate confusing lists to find a movie or show to watch. The back of the TV has integrated cable management channels to help keep your cords and cable organized as well as 4 HDMI inputs so you can connect all of your favorite game consoles and playback devices at once.

Best Value: Hisense 65R8F 4K ULED Roku TV

What We Like
  • Google Assistant built-in

  • Parental Controls

  • Dolby Atmos Audio

What We Don't Like
  • No Bluetooth

For customers looking to get the maximum amount of features in a new smart TV without breaking the bank, the Hisense 65-inch R8 series is the best choice. This model uses Hisense's proprietary ULED technology to produce 4K resolution and over 1 billion colors, and the ultra-narrow bezel creates an edge-to-edge picture that looks great in any setting. The dual speakers work with Dolby Atmos technology to produce virtual surround sound audio without the need to set up extra speakers or subwoofers; perfect for homes, dorms, and apartments that are short on space. 

The Roku platform has preloaded apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video so you can watch your favorite shows and movies right out of the box, and with built-in Wi-Fi, you can download thousands of other apps to stream everything from classical music to the hottest summer blockbuster films. The TV comes packaged with a voice-enabled remote that has Google Assistant built in and works with Alexa for hands-free controls over your TV as well as for browsing media. If you're worried about kids watching anything they shouldn't, the integrated V-Chip allows you to set up parental controls, blocking inappropriate shows and movies from being accessed when you aren't looking.

Best Budget: TCL 40S325 40-inch 1080p Smart TV

What We Like
  • Full 1080p HD

  • Great price point

  • Built-in WiFi

What We Don't Like
  • Reports of DOA units

  • Short lifespan

If you're shopping on a budget, don't worry; TCL's 40S325 features a 40-inch FullHD 1080p display with a backlit LED panel. The picture itself may not blow higher-priced models out of the water, but the Full HD resolution display still provides a crisp and enjoyable watching experience. For connecting to any of Roku's online experiences, the TV also features built-in Wi-Fi.

If you need to plug in any of your favorite peripherals, the television features three HDMI ports, one composite A/V input, a digital optical audio output, a 3.5mm audio out jack, and RF input. A more humble offering than the other options on this list, we recommend the 40S325 if you need an upgrade, and need one now. Otherwise, we do suggest looking at some of our 4K recommendations for a TV that offers a bit more longevity.

Best Splurge: TCL 75R635 6-Series 75-Inch 4K QLED Roku Smart TV

If you are working with a larger budget when shopping for a new Roku TV, the TCL 75R635 is a great option. This TV has a 75-inch screen built with QLED technology to give you color volume, detailing, and 4K resolution that rivals that found in high-end OLED models. With Dolby Vision HDR support and a THX-certified dedicated game mode everything from the latest shows and movies to triple-A video games will look and sound their absolute best. The television has multiple local dimming zones designed to produce deep, inky blacks to make details and colors come to life. 

As with all other Roku-enabled televisions, you can turn your iOS or Android mobile device into a voice-enabled remote with the Roku app; you can also connect a smart speaker like the Amazon Echo or Google Home for expanded voice controls. The TV has four HDMI inputs, including one that serves as an HDMI ARC port which allows you to connect a soundbar or speaker to your TV for enhanced audio capabilities.

Best Small Screen: TCL 32S327 32-inch 1080p Smart TV

What We Like
  • Native 1080p

  • Amazon Alexa/Google Assistant compatible

  • Built-in digital TV tuner

What We Don't Like
  • Reports of WiFi connectivity issues

  • Reports of failing screens

  • Some apps are very slow to load

The TCL 32S327 32-inch unit is a great choice for college students looking for a dorm room TV or anyone with a smaller living room. This model features native 1080p resolution to make your favorite movies and shows look more true-to-life. The LED screen is direct-lit for enhanced picture quality in brighter environments. It also has a 120Hz refresh rate for smooth media playback while streaming, watching a DVD, or playing games. 

With the built-in WiFi receiver, you can connect this TV to your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant unit for voice controls when browsing menus. There is also a built-in digital TV tuner to receive over-air signals for more media options. The back of the TV has HDMI, USB, and analog video ports so you can connect everything from a Blu-ray player to your favorite game console.

Final Verdict

You'll be hard pressed to find a better Roku-based TV than the TCL 50S535. This TV features an automatic game mode, integrated cable management channels, and HDR support for the best picture possible with an LED screen. If you're looking to buy a smaller TV for your living room or dorm, the TCL 32S327 is an excellent choice. The 32-inch screen is perfect for placing on top of a dresser or on a shelf to conserve precious floor space, and the Roku platform still gives you access to all your favorite streaming apps at the push of a button.

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The Ultimate Roku TV Buying Guide

TCL is the most popular brand of Roku-enabled television, although other companies like Sharp and Hisense also have models that use the streaming platform. Roku acts much like AppleTV, FireTV, or other smart television operating systems; it allows you to download streaming apps directly to the TV without the need for external equipment. The Roku operating system uses a universal hub menu to put all of your devices, inputs, and apps in one place for quick and easy access, eliminating the need to memorize input locations and navigate complicated submenus. Many Roku-enabled televisions have hands-free voice controls either through smart speakers like the Amazon Echo or Google Home or the Roku mobile app. 

Most also have support for HDR technology, including Dolby Vision, to produce stunning details, color ranges, and contrast for incredibly lifelike images. Some even use QLED technology in their display panels for enhanced color volume and brightness, putting Roku TVs in the same tier as higher-end competitors like LG or Sony. If you're a console gamer, many Roku TVs have dedicated game modes which reduce input lag and adjust refresh rates for smooth on-screen action. There are many other factors to consider when shopping for a Roku-enabled television, such as screen size, price, and input connections. We'll break down some of the more important ones to help you decide which is right for you.

TCL S405 Series 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart TV Example
TCL S405 Series 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart TV Example. Image provided by Amazon

Screen Size

Contrary to what some TV manufacturers would have you believe, there is such a thing as a TV that is too big for your space. The best way to find the perfect size television for your space is to pick a spot to either wall mount your TV or place it on a dedicated stand and measure the distance to your seating. Dividing that measurement in half gives you the ideal TV size for your space. For example, if you sit 10 feet (120 inches) from your TV, the best size would be a 60-inch television. Having a TV that is too large for a space runs the risk of letting you see individual pixels or picture noise, resulting in a muddy, less detailed picture. 

Motion blur can also be a problem if you buy a TV that's too big; having a constantly fuzzy picture can ruin any movie night or binge watch party. It may also cause motion sickness if you sit too close to a large television. The downside to a TV that is entirely too small for a space is that everyone will have to crowd around the screen to watch movies and shows, giving you the experience of an overcrowded movie theater in your own home. Screens that are too small also make it difficult to see details or subtitles unless you sit very close. Dorms, apartments, kitchens, and children's playrooms benefit from smaller screens while living rooms, outdoor spaces, and dedicated home theaters are best suited to larger screens.

TCL P607 Series 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart TV
TCL P607 Series 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart TV. Image courtesy of Amazon


So you've measured your space to see how big your TV should be, the next most important factor is price. Are you working with a limited budget, or are you able to spend a little extra to get the features you want? Roku-enabled televisions are available at a variety of price points ranging from less than $200 to several thousand dollars. Lower-priced models will often have fewer smart features, foregoing built-in voice controls or 4K resolution in favor of affordability. Mid-range TVs give you more to work with like preloaded apps, HDR support and 4K resolution, or app-enabled voice controls; they may also not give you features like Bluetooth connectivity for wireless audio equipment setup or screen mirroring, preventing you from sharing your smartphone or tablet screen to the TV. The highest priced Roku TVs seem to give you everything you could ever want in a smart TV: QLED panels, 4K resolution with Dolby Vision support, virtual surround sound, dedicated game modes, ambient light and noise sensors, preloaded apps, and voice controls. 

When deciding on a budget for your new TV, it's best to consider what kind of use it will get. Are you looking for a secondary TV for your bedroom or kitchen? Is it going in your kids' playroom? Or are you looking to upgrade your main TV in the living room or home theater? A TV that isn't going to see much use, like a bedroom or kitchen TV, may not need all the bells and whistles, whereas one that will be your main source of family entertainment should provide more ways to share videos, photos, and music with everyone.

TCL Q82X LED/LCD TV with Quantum Dots and Mini LEDs

Screen Resolution

The screen resolution that is right for your home theater solely depends on what kind of content you regularly watch. Televisions with native 4K resolution have become more and more popular as ultra high-definition content has become available for streaming and broadcast. These models also feature processors that can upscale non-4K content for consistent picture quality; meaning your old DVDs or over-air shows will look just as great as Blu-Rays or UHD streamed movies. TVs that produce 4K resolution have four times the pixels of their 1080p HD predecessors, meaning that more detail can be packed on the screen. However, just because they're becoming more and more popular doesn't mean that 4K is the right choice for everyone. 

There are still Roku-enabled TVs as well as other smart TVs that use full 1080p HD. They give you all the smart features you come to expect like streaming video and music and voice controls, but they are made for those who prefer cable, satellite, or over-air broadcast to streaming. You still get a great picture with 1080p HD, including wide color ranges and good contrast, but the detailing isn't anywhere near as great as 4K. But unless you have a Blu-Ray player or exclusively stream UHD movies and shows, you won't notice. The best choice for those who still use cable, satellite, or over-air broadcast channels is 1080p full HD, while those who have cut the cord and exclusively stream their entertainment should opt for 4K.

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