The Best Recipe and Meal Planning Apps for Android

Make your home-cooked meals more interesting

We all know it's better to prepare your meals at home. You save money, and it's easier to eat healthy at home, and you typically eat less than you would at a restaurant. But, most people get tired of the same old recipes or are simply too tired to whip up a meal after a long day at work. So how can you get inspired? That's where apps come in. You can search thousands of recipes and access tools that you can use to create meals with your favorite ingredients and shop for groceries efficiently. Here's a small selection of Android apps that can help you out in the kitchen.

  1. Pepper Plate offers a full range of tools for your culinary needs, from saving recipes to creating a menu to planning meals. You can also create shopping lists based on what you're planning to cook and even organize it based on how you shop in the store. In addition to Android smartphones and tablets, it's also available for Amazon and Nook devices.
  2. Yummly Recipes & Shopping List is for discovering and saving new recipes based on what you like to eat and whether you have dietary restrictions. The app has recipes from several third-party sources including Serious Eats. You can save shopping lists, which are automatically organized by store aisle and by the recipe.
  3. Paprika recipe manager enables you to save recipes from anywhere on the web and sync across your tablet, smartphone, and desktop. You can interact with recipes, checking off steps you've completed and highlight next steps. Conveniently, you can also scale recipes based on the number of servings you want to make. You can also use in-app timers so you're not juggling multiple apps in the kitchen. In addition to Android devices, Paprika has apps for the Kindle Fire and Nook Color.
  4. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner turns meal planning into a game. When you're using it on your phone, you can use the "spinner" to randomly find a recipe. You can also save your favorite recipes and search based on your needs; you can even rule out ingredients you don't like, which is helpful. It also includes cooking instruction videos.
  5. BigOven offers similar features to the others in this list, including meal planning, grocery lists, and recipe storage. It also offers a cool extra: you can type in up to three ingredients you have in your fridge or pantry, and get recipe ideas so you can use them up. I could definitely use that!
  6. EatingWell Healthy in a Hurry is a curated selection of the publication's top recipes, which are health-focused and available offline. You can sort recipes by ingredient or total time; the app even promises no recipe will take more than 45 minutes. The app also includes nutritional information for all recipes. 
  7. ChefTap Recipe Organizer not only lets you save recipes from around the web, but you can also edit your favorites with ingredient swaps and other tweaks. After all, a recipe is never final, right? I know that I love to play around with old and new recipes when I'm feeling creative. Recipes you've saved can be accessed offline and can be synced to multiple devices.