The 4 Best Razer Mice of 2020

The best Razer mice for the most serious players

Best Overall: DeathAdder Elite

It’s a classic, and it continues to be the top-rated gaming mouse on the planet, so it’s probably no surprise that Razer’s Deathadder Elite remains our top pick. First released in 2006, the DeathAdder Elite is an extremely versatile mouse with a simple yet ergonomic design. Razer, feeling that it shouldn’t tinker with success, seems to be finding it hard to improve on perfection.

While there are certainly better gaming mice out there for specific genres, the DeathAdder Elite is well-suited for a wide variety of games, checking all the right boxes in a whole lot of different categories and making it especially hard to go wrong if you have more eclectic gaming tastes. It’s also extremely comfortable under your hand, so it’s just as well-suited to long workdays spent in Microsoft Excel as it is too long nights playing Call of Duty. 

It has seven programmable buttons, which should be enough for all but the most hardcore MMO gamers. The Elite also boasts a custom-designed PixArt PMW 3389 sensor tweaked by Razer itself for an uncompromising level of precision with absolutely no lag or jitter. Plus, its 16,000 DPI sensor should be enough to track across even massive 4K displays.

Best for esports: Razer Viper

At 69 grams, the Razer Viper is an almost impossibly lightweight gaming mouse, and yet something that Razer has been able to pull off without cutting many corners. The Viper is an ambidextrous mouse that still sports six buttons — two on the top and two on each side — along with Chroma lighting under the logo and Razer’s competitive 16,000 DPI sensor on the bottom.

This is also Razer’s first mouse to use optical switches under the two main buttons, which are more reliable and responsive than traditional mechanical switches, and also mean that the Viper is rated for 70 million clicks — 20 million more than Razer’s other mice. A new style of braided “Speedflex” cable maintains the focus on smooth gliding, adding little extra weight and preventing snags and friction.

Of course, lightweight mice aren’t for all gaming genres, and when you consider how many gaming mice let you add weight to make them even heftier, we can see how some gamers will scoff at a featherweight like the Viper, but we think there’s a place for a mouse that you can use to make broad, sweeping gestures at lower DPI settings, and Razer obviously agrees.

Best for MMOs/MOBAs: Razer Naga Trinity

Serious MMO and RTS gamers are a more sophisticated breed, demanding that their mouse meet the criteria of often complex gaming titles. The Razer Naga line has always been designed specifically for this genre, but the Naga Trinity takes this commitment to another level entirely, embracing a variety of RTS, MMO, and even MOBA gaming needs and gracing your desk with three different mice for the price of one.

Like most MMO gaming mice, the Naga Trinity has a lot of buttons, but the real magic lies in its three unconnected side plates, which you can use to quickly adjust the button configuration for your preferred gaming style. A standard 12-button array is designed for traditional MMOs, a MOBA array lays out seven buttons in a circular pattern around your thumb, and a traditional two-button panel is in place so the Naga can shed its kitschy aesthetics in favor of something a little more pared down.

Otherwise, the Naga Trinity is still, evidently, a member of the Naga family. Its bulky chassis, which is wider and touts a higher profile than most competing gaming mice, marks its return to form. But its primo features — RGB lighting, a DPI ceiling of 16,000, and fast and precise tracking, to name a few — are in line with those of Razer's other, similarly priced gaming mice.