The 8 Best Razer Keyboards of 2020

Level up your gaming keyboard by switching to Razer

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The Rundown

Best Overall: Razer Huntsman Elite



Razer’s fastest keyboard, the Huntsman Elite, has one feature not seen on any other Razer keyboard: opto-mechanical "Purple" switches. Reserved for the Huntsman line, these switches have super light actuation, allowing you to move faster around the keys.

Critically, the Huntsman Elite doesn’t lose Razer’s premium clicky feel in the process. Opto-mechanical switches last longer than regular mechanical switches, too. All Razer keyboards come with impressive durability guarantees, but the Huntsman Elite tops the list with a 100 million click promise. Built for speed and comfort, the Huntsman Elite comes with a magnetic ergonomic wrist rest made out of plush leatherette. You can take full control of your system, thanks to dedicated media controls including a tactile dial and playback buttons.

Like most Razer keyboards, the Huntsman Elite has Chroma backlighting that boasts a 16.8 million color range. Designed for enthusiasts, the Huntsman Elite supports Razer’s Hypershift to let you quickly switch between hotkey setups. 

Unrivaled speed and supreme comfort make the Huntsman Elite the best Razer keyboard available today, not to mention one of the best gaming keyboards overall.

Runner-Up, Best Overall: Razer BlackWidow Elite

BlackWidow is the most well-known Razer keyboard lineup, and the BlackWidow Elite is the very best in its class. It shares some similarities to the Huntsman Elite, including the nifty media dial and the magnetic leatherette wrist rest to up the comfort — though the wrist rest is positioned at a slightly different angle and doesn’t have as much space. It has all of the popular Razer bells and whistles, including Chroma RGB lighting and programmable macros.

The main difference between the BlackWidow Elite and Huntsman Elite is the mechanical switches. While it lacks the Opto-Mechanical switches, you can choose between Razer’s three popular switch types: Green, Orange, and Yellow. Green switches are the most popular, with their tactile and clicky profile. Orange switches retain the tactile feel but are much quieter, while Yellow switches have a linear, silent design that emphasizes speed.

You can’t go wrong when buying a Razer keyboard. However, you should pay attention to the switches when shopping for the BlackWidow Elite. There’s a huge difference in feel and sound between the three options. It's a matter of personal preference, but Green switches are the most "mechanical" sounding of the bunch, if that’s what you’re aiming for.

Best for Xbox: Razer Turret

Keyboards specifically designed for the Xbox One are rare. So rare in fact that there’s only one: the Razer Turret. This mouse and keyboard combo comes with a retractable mouse pad and a sturdy design that’s meant to work well whether you’re gaming on the couch or at your desk.

A dedicated Xbox key lets you easily pull up and navigate the Xbox One dashboard. The mechanical switches have a satisfying click, while contoured wrist rest promotes comfort during long gaming sessions. The fully wireless design helps reduce clutter around the consoles and PC. Though this list is centered around keyboards, you also get an excellent Razer gaming mouse that pairs perfectly with the Turret.

Customizable dynamic lighting provided by Razer’s Chroma RGB technology adds a stylish flourish to this superb keyboard/mouse combo. We wouldn’t recommend the Turret over other Razer keyboards unless you’re buying it primarily for Xbox One. It’s a great gaming keyboard for PC as well, but it’s not the best value for veteran mouse and keyboard warriors.

Best Value: Razer Huntsman

If you don’t want to splurge for the Razer Huntsman Elite, the standard Huntsman provides the same excellent opto-mechanical switches with a few concessions. The Huntsman doesn’t come with a wrist rest nor does it have the sweet media dial and playback buttons.

But you’re getting the best key switches Razer manufactures, fitted into the sturdy aluminum design of the sleek Huntsman. Like the Huntsman Elite, the switches are designed to withstand 100 million clicks. Chroma RGB lighting and programmable macros are naturally supported as well.

The Huntsman is available in three colors: Black, Mercury White, and Quartz Pink. The latter two designs, in particular, give the Huntsman a ton of personality. The Mercury White model has white keys and a gray body, while the Quartz Pink doubles up on pink. 

Admittedly, the absence of a wrist rest is a major downside with the standard Huntsman. But you could always rectify this omission by picking up a cheap gel wrist rest to place in front of the Huntsman.

Best Looks: Razer BlackWidow X Chroma

Plenty of keyboards look cool. Very few could be described as beautiful. The BlackWidow X Chroma is both the former and the latter. With a gray aluminum body and the Mercury White keys, the Razer BlackWidow X Chroma stands out in a world filled with solid black keyboards.

There’s something about Chroma RGB lighting that really pops when illuminating around the white keys. Tinkering with the 16.8 million colors to find just the right color mix could distract you from playing your games, but hey, it’s nice to admire such a well-made keyboard from time to time.

The pretty design holds up, too. Constructed with military-grade metal, the BlackWidow X Chroma is a sturdy, long-lasting keyboard. Razer’s Green switches have a tactile feel. In other words, they feel great to press and produce a loud clicking noise. They are rated to last an impressive 80 million clicks.

With Razer Synapse software, you can sync your BlackWidow X Chroma with other peripherals for harmonic lighting effects. 

Best Membrane: Razer Cynosa Chroma

If you want a Razer keyboard but aren’t a fan of mechanical keyboards, the Cynosa Chroma is one of the best all-around membrane keyboards available today. Membrane keys are the most popular around. They have the same feel and light sound as the keyboard your grandmother uses to message you on Facebook. 

The Cynosa Chroma is a top-tier membrane keyboard, though. The anti-ghosting design is capable of executing ten commands at a time, making it an ideal choice for gaming. Designed with the same style of frame as the BlackWidow lineup, the Cynosa Chroma still looks like a premium gaming keyboard for a budget price. It has a spill-resistant design, so minor splashes of liquid won’t suddenly ruin your space bar.

Mechanical keyboards tend to last longer, but the Cynosa Chroma is rated to match most of Razer’s mechanical options at 80 million clicks. And you still get the two most important Razer features with the Cynosa Chroma: Chroma RGB lighting and completely programmable macros with HyperShift support.

Best Mecha-Membrane: Razer Ornata

When two keyboard worlds collide, you get the Razer Ornata. A hybrid "Mecha-Membrane" design, the Razer Ornata merges membrane and mechanical switch design into one awesome experience.

The low profile keys have soft membrane covers, while each keystroke produces a tactile click similar to what you’d find in the BlackWidow lineup. The result is a speedy keyboard that happily falls somewhere in the middle of the Cynosa and Razer’s more popular mechanical keyboards.

A magnetic ergonomic wrist rest ups the comfort factor thanks to its leatherette design and just the right amount of padding. As always, the Ornata is built to withstand rigorous use with its military-grade metal top plate and keys rated for 80 million clicks.

The Ornata is a great option for those who prefer the feel of a membrane keyboard and the sound of a mechanical keyboard.

Best Portability: Razer BlackWidow TE Chroma

With a compact design and detachable cord, the Razer BlackWidow TE is the right choice if you travel with your keyboard. The tenkeyless design significantly reduces the size of the BlackWidow Tournament Edition. The small size isn’t for everyone, but how often do you really use your number pad? If you can’t think of the last time you used it or are used to computing on a laptop anyway, the BlackWidow TE will make you feel right at home.

Outside of the compact design, the BlackWidow TE mirrors the other BlackWidow keyboards. It has an ergonomic wrist rest that attaches and detaches via magnet. Made with soft leatherette, you can still type and game with comfort despite the compact design. Chroma RGB lighting and programmable macro support give the BlackWidow TE the signature Razer look and customizability. You can choose between Razer’s Green, Orange, and Yellow switches to find your preferred feel and sound.

Whether you have a cramped setup or regularly bring your keyboard away from your desk, the BlackWidow TE is a solid option.