The 10 Best Racing Games for the PS2

When you're looking for the room-a-zoom-zoom, these racing games will turn you from Grandpa Simpson into Speed Racer. These are the cream of the crop

Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec
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This is not only the best car racing game ever created but one of the best PS2 games ever. This racer is on everyone's top ten list, for all games. The attention to detail in this game is truly mind blowing. From realistic physics to actual engine sounds, this is excellence in execution. It should be noted that fanboys globally are revving their engines for the upcoming Gran Turismo 4. More »

Burnout 3: Takedown is the crown jewel of a proud franchise, and easily, the most original racing game on this list. In this arcade racer, you bump opponents to gain turbo 'boost', scream around tracks at dizzying speeds, and cause or participate in the most spectacular car crashes seen on the small screen. Hollywood take note: this is what a killer car sequence looks and feels like. More »

It has been a good year for racing fans. NASCAR 2005: Chase for the Cup is simply the best of the series, and the best NASCAR game to hit any console. The graphics are stellar, and the mix of racing, management, and configuration make the chase for the cup an enjoyable one indeed. This is how NASCAR should be done, lots of things to tweak for the ​gearheads, but still plenty of console racing fun. More »

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Midnight Club II

Leave it to Rockstar to create a seedy underground car racing world and turn it into a clench-the-couch arcade racing game. Midnight Club II is set in a hyper-stylized auto tuner racing world. You race for glory, as well as survival. Killer music, amazing tuner style, and tight racing make this the 'hip' racer of the bunch.

Grand Prix Challenge was the underdog of Formula 1 racing games. But just as in F1 racing, upsets happen, and sometimes they are huge. Grand Prix Challenge feels like a racing game should. Yes, it has pretty graphics and sublime sounds, but this game is a pleasure to drive. The handling can take some getting used to, but once you do, you are off to the races. More »

It's not all about cars folks. ATV Offroad Fury 2 brings sweet racing goodness to ATV (quads) racing, and it takes it online. Lots of dirt, lots of jumps, and lots of bumps make this a fun break from other racing 'simulations'. It's one thing to beat your PS2, but take ATV Fury online and it's a whole new race. Players are brutal, and you'll enjoy being cut-off as much as bumping them into the scenery. More »

You want a pretty racing game, you've got it. Need for Speed Underground is as sexy as racing games get. Customize your car and take it to the streets. The lighting effects and speed blurring make this game pop right out of the TV. While it has a deep single-player mode, the multiplayer is what keeps this Fast and the Furious style racer from charging up the list. More »

You have not driven a hovercar until you've driven WipEout Fusion. Futuristic racers tend to focus too much on the future, and not enough on the racing. WipEout Fusion has finally broken the trend. Ultrafast racing, slick tracks, and killer combat make this the game cyber-jockeys love to play. The graphics could shine a bit brighter, but WipEout Fusion has 'fun' in spades, which is why it makes the list. More »

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Colin McRae Rally 3

Colin, you should be proud. Your name is on the cover of one of the best rally racing games out there. While rally racing may not be popular stateside, the rest of the world loves to watch small cars tear up dirt roads, nearly taking out spectators. Fortunately, while the sport may not be hot, the game certainly is. The dirty, power sliding, tight cornered racing is a PS2 racer's dream come true. Get dirty, and get squirrely with Colin McRae Rally 3.

Who says racing games have to take place on land? Splashdown: Rides Gone Wild puts racers behind the handlebars of Sea-Doo personal watercraft. Splashdown: Rides Gone Wild is a fun, very sharp looking racer that is part Tony Hawk, part Midnight Racer, part Willy Wonka. The game has a solid racing engine, combined with a deep trick system and takes place on some of the zaniest and creative tracks ever created for any racing game, period. More »