5 Best Puzzle Games for Android Smartphones

Need a quick challenge to jump start your brain? Google Play has an entire category of Puzzle games ready to challenge, entertain and get your brain into a higher gear.

Here are five favorites. Some of these games are free and some are worth the fee they ask for in the market.

All the apps below should be equally available no matter which company makes your Android phone, including Samsung, Google, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.

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Unblock Me FREE

Unblock Me
Kiragames Co., Ltd.

What We Like

  • Addictive puzzles.

  • Jump to more challenging levels.

  • Easy to learn.

What We Don't Like

  • Must watch ads between rounds.

  • Plain user interface.

Unblock Me is one of those games that reminds you that you just not may be as smart as you think. The object is simple; move blocks out of the way of the red block as you move it off the board. Very simple and not much to the game. However, after you get the hang of the game on the easy levels, prepare yourself for a frustrating but rewarding challenge.

Compete against your friends to see who can free the red block in the shortest period of time. But be warned, the puzzles get much more challenging the higher up in Puzzle numbers you go. And when you graduate from beginner to intermediate, the fun really begins!

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What We Like

  • Choose preferred controls.

  • Select favorite game theme.

  • Choose traditional or new game play.

  • Highly addictive.

What We Don't Like

  • Full page ads between rounds.

  • Some games have steep learning curve.

If you've owned smartphones in the past, then Tetris needs no introduction. The Android version brings all the familiar fun and challenge back that you would expect and keeps the playability solid despite being on a touch-screen device.

The Android Tetris controls do take some time getting used to but once you are comfortable, you'll be spinning blocks into place and causing massive eruptions in no time. 

When surfing through Google Play, you'll notice a few Tetris-like games. The official versions are made by Electronic Arts. 

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The Moron Test

What We Like

  • Tests attention to detail.

  • Improves concentration.

  • Fun to play.

What We Don't Like

  • Full screen ads between rounds.

  • Very simple game play.

  • Gets boring to play.

For free, you can determine, once and for all, if you are a Moron. This light-hearted game is great to play with friends. The game is simple to play and offers dozens of questions sure to test your wit and wisdom. In all, the Moron Test app has over 500 steps, seven levels (ranging from Moron to Genius) and is simply a very fun game to play.

Don't take it personally if your score is lower than what you expected. The more you play, the better you get at answering trick questions.

I am not a genius yet, but at least, I am no longer a moron!

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Traffic Jam Free

What We Like

  • High quality game.

  • Addictive to play.

  • Smooth animation.

What We Don't Like

  • Finger controls block view.

  • Can get boring to play.

Along the same lines as Unblock Me, Traffic Jam and Traffic Jam Free offer hours of mind-twisting puzzles. The object is to get your car out from the traffic jam and on its way down the street. Like Unblock me, the puzzles get harder and harder as you move to the higher levels.

And to make things more challenging, Traffic Jam includes a timer so you can compare your time against other easily.

Traffic Jam is actually very fun to play while in a Traffic Jam and is a great game to keep bored kids interested. The ads on the top of the screen are a bit larger than I would like and can get annoying, but the developers need to earn their money somehow. 

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X Construction Lite

What We Like

  • Very addictive to play.

  • Improves knowledge of physics.

  • Fun building game.

What We Don't Like

  • Full page ads between rounds.

  • Very basic premise.

  • Little variety per level.

I like it when app developers offer a free version of their app that plays the same as the full version. With X Construction and X Construction Lite, the only difference between the full version and the Lite is in the number of bridges you can build and your ability to save your games. The full version currently costs $1.35 in Google Play and is worth every penny.

X Construction and X Construction Lite are games in which you are charged with building a bridge strong enough to allow a train to pass over safely. You can stick with the basics and be pretty sure your bridge will hold up or you can get creative with your design. Give it a try and be as creative as you can.

This article contains minor updates by Marziah Karch.