The 8 Best PSP Games for Kids in 2019

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The handheld PlayStation Portable (PSP) may seem like a mature Game Boy, but the little mobile system is also for kids too. A number of diverse E-rated (that’s E for everyone) titles made their way to the PSP and they’re just as fun and exciting as the more mature games on the system.

Looking for the same excitement as a Mario game? Then Little Big Planet and Pac-Man World 3 for the PSP are the perfect alternatives — platforming adventures that don’t skip out on the same fun you’d find on Nintendo. Kids who want a little more excitement will love Burnout Legends or Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars where they’ll race in fast cars and pull off cool tricks. Even more strategic games like Final Fantasy will feel more grown-up with an emphasis on tactics and reading. Read on to find the best PSP kids' games to buy today.

Our Top Picks

Best Puzzle: LocoRoco 2

With a pastel presentation, LocoRoco 2 looks like a coloring book come to life with a mixture of addicting tilt and roll gameplay. The best kids puzzle game for the PSP has a simplistic yet jolly art design and gentle gameplay with cute characters that provide a lot of fun.

In LocoRoco 2, players tilt the environment by pressing the PSP’s shoulder buttons in order to navigate a giant jelly-like blob (called the LocoRoco) in each level while avoiding hazards and enemies and finally reaching an end goal. The LocoRoco can get help from unique characters along the way, swing from vines, squeeze through cracks, and can grow huge by eating a ton of different fruits. The 25 level game includes a catchy soundtrack and six mini-games like timing musical notes and a side-scrolling airplane shooter.

Best Side-Scroller: Little Big Planet

Little Big Planet for the PSP is easy to love and will enchant kids with its arts-and-crafts-style popup book levels filled with endless creativity. The best side-scrolling game is one part platformer, another part puzzle, with 23 main levels and 14 mini-levels.

In Little Big Planet, players navigate through giant levels filled with deadly contraptions, complex mazes and passages that can be accessed by operating switches, rotating platforms and grabbing and swinging from lanterns or other hanging objects. The objective is to reach the other side of the stage, but players will collect stickers, costumes, materials and objects to customize their character and make levels with. Little Big Planet will have you hopping over big frogs, dodging lasers, using rocket-powered jetpacks and jumping through imaginative worlds where the possibilities are endless.

Best RPG: Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy for the PSP is an updated version of the 1987 classic that gives kids the taste of the quintessential role-playing game that started it all. Kids will get to control four young travelers that they get to name and assign a class to them (i.e. warrior, thief, red mage or fighter).

Taking place in the fantasy medieval land of Cornelia, players are first tasked to save a princess for a King and then they set on a quest to save the world from four elemental manifestations of evil called the Four Fiends. The overhead-style game offers the basics of traditional RPG elements, including random monster encounters, strategic decision making and acquiring items and experience points to equip and level up each character. Final Fantasy for the PSP is a perfect introduction for curious kids who want a building block challenge mixed with strategic gameplay.

Best Racing: Burnout Legends

Burnout Legends for the PSP is proof that racing games don’t have to be boring, but instead, provide an exciting experience that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. You don’t just race in Burnout Legends, but you’re rewarded for dodging traffic, performing evasive maneuvers and crashing your opponents.

With stunning graphics for the PSP, Burnout Legends is a fast-paced exhilarating thrill ride that rewards points for players bashing into other drivers while a takedown camera shows, in slow motion, their crash in action. The game includes a series of nine different modes, including a World Tour that’s divided into car types, a simple Race mode, Time Attack and even a Road Rage mode where players aim to take down as many racers as possible. Burnout Legends includes 95 different cars to unlock, including compact, muscle, coupe, sport, as well as special and heavyweight classes that vary up the gameplay and style.

Best Retro Game: Namco Museum Battle Collection

With 17 different classic games in their original form and four rearrangement games, Namco Museum Battle Collection gives kids a glimpse of video game history with a set of unforgettable arcade classics. For kids who are interested in retro gaming, this PSP title provides the perfect blend of old-school arcade hits with modernized versions along with extra bonus features.

Namco Museum Battle Collection includes original arcade video game titles such as Pac-Man, Rally-X, Galaga, Dig Dug, Xevious, Mappy, The Tower of Druaga, Grobda and many more. The games within a game come with four modernized arrangements, as well as updated 3D graphics and gameplay with remakes of Pac-Man, Dig Dug, Galaga and New Rally-X, including new levels, enemies and other features that make each of them feel like a whole new game. There’s even a wireless multiplayer feature over Wi-Fi that allows kids and parents to duke it out on their PSPs to see who the real video game master is.

Best Platformer: Pac-Man World 3

Pac-Man World 3 brings an exciting 3D platforming experience for kids on the PSP. Players get to control their favorite yellow fellow Pac-Man as they navigate through huge environments and stop an evil genius from destroying the real world and spirit world.

Pac-Man World 3 is a third-person perspective platform game with an emphasis on action and combat. The game’s versatile gameplay experience has players bounce, roll, jump, climb, swing, punch and gobble up enemies, as well as store and use power-ups such as slowing down the game’s time and even controlling ghosts. Pac-Man World 3 will keep kids busy with about seven hours of total gameplay in arcade-style fantasy levels with exciting opportunities for exploration and treasure hunting.

Best Challenge: Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars

The wild and wacky Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars has kids play as a fast-paced, over-the-top taxi driver hell-bent on making their fare. The score attack racing game for PSP challenges players to see how quickly they can pick up and drop off passengers (all while being rewarded for stunts) at various destinations before time runs out.

Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars may seem quick, but the game provides 32 mini-games and modes that keep players honing in on their skills with gameplay variety. The game comes with both a wireless and turn-based multiplayer feature where players can go head-to-head and see who can compete for the highest fare. Aside from its in-game music, players are able to transfer their favorite songs to their PSP system and create their own customized, in-game soundtrack.

Best Pinball: Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection

Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection brings together 10 different impressive recreations of real-life pinball machines all in the palm of your hands without spending countless quarters.

Unique to how real-world arcades worked, Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection starts players off with 20 credits where they can play any of the locked pinball machines and then earn more credits to unlock them for free-play by completing tasks on each machine. Players use the PSP’s shoulder buttons to control each pinball machine’s flippers, playing from a series of actual pinball machines such as Taxi (1988), where players pick up interesting passengers, as well as Dracula, FunHouse (1990) an amusement park themed game with a talking doll head that can eat the pinball. By far, this is the most authentic pinball experience you’ll find on the PSP system.