The 7 Best PS4 Survival Games of 2020

To beat these titles, you must stay alive

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Do you enjoy games where you're thrown out into the wild and forced to survive as you face off against anything and everything? Survival video games are making quite a splash and PS4 offers some of the best experiences where you’ll always walk the fine line between life and death. We put together our favorite picks of PS4 survival games that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. In some of the games, you’ll be gathering materials to build a shelter against dinosaurs, nature and humans, but others will have you facing off against other players, usually in groups, and relying on communication in order to survive. Nonetheless, all of our recommendations on this list are sure to provide endless amounts of fun, strategic gameplay. Take a look below to see the best PlayStation 4 survival games to buy today.

Our Top Picks

Best Battle Royale: Fortnite


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Fortnite is an action-focused, base-building survival game that provides two modes: Battle Royale, where up to 100 players duke it out alone, in duos or in squads in an attempt to see who will be the last to survive, and Save the World mode, where players cooperate and fend off waves of approaching monsters. The game emphasizes collecting materials in order for players to craft schematics for structures and make a variety of different weapons.

If you’re playing the Save the World mode, you’ll be given the opportunity to recruit and train commandos, ninjas and other heroes to fight off a swarm of different monsters using a ton of weapons such as rocket launchers and rifles. The more competitive Battle Royale requires you to think quick on your feet with an ever-shrinking map as enemy players take their shot at you from distances (you'll be building up a fence at the same time in order to take cover). The game’s huge progression system will give you an edge as you upgrade your abilities and skills (think offense and tech) to prepare for the next big battle.

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Best for Kids: Minecraft


Minecraft is great for all ages and the build-anything-you-want game becomes rather addictive as you hide in fortresses and peek out at invading mobs of spiders, skeletons and green creepers trying to make their way over your creative fire moat.

Minecraft plays on the idea that if you can imagine it, you can build it, and you will as you enter randomly generated 3D sandbox worlds in a first-person perspective and hack away. Though the game has a free-play option, its survival mode is what makes it exciting as players gather natural resources such as wood and stone in order to make certain blocks and tools that they can use to build with and defend themselves against the invading forces of the night. Players will work on a day/night schedule where they’ll craft stone blocks and slabs, swords, ladders, torches and dig out areas to make out the dungeon of their dreams.

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Best Horror: Friday The 13th: The Game

Friday The 13th: The Game is a multiplayer-focused survival horror game that pits seven players as camp counselors against one player who plays as the psychopathic killer, Jason Voorhees. The semi-open world, third-person game takes place in the fictional Camp Crystal Lake from the movie series.

Of course, you’re going to have more fun playing as Jason Voorhees as you teleport around the map and hear people with microphones screaming about your presence as you chop down doors with a machete and hunt everyone down. The camp counselors will have to survive through teamwork via communication, setting out traps for Jason, radioing the police and eventually getting the heck out of there. Though rounds only last around 15 minutes, the game makes for great, tension-based moments like when Jason kills the electrical lights or where you and your teammates panic as everyone struggles to fix a car and start it up while seeing Jason in the distance walking slowly towards everyone.

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Runner-Up, Best Horror: Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

From the series that brought us survival horror, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard relives the gory glory of its golden years by providing a PS4 game full of absolute fear. Using a first-person perspective, the game builds on tension as you explore a derelict plantation mansion owned by an insane family who wants to kill you.

Here's the storyline: Your wife went missing three years ago, but you recently received a disturbing e-mail from her that has led you to an old terrifying house where you believe she's being kept. An assortment of handguns, shotguns, flamethrowers, explosives and chainsaws will be at your disposal as you defend against mold monsters and a mad mutated regenerating family who’ll jump out at you from closed doors. Resident Evil 7 is the type of strange yet exciting game that’ll have you taking frantic knife swings at a zombie hillbilly in the garage as he does donut circles around you, only to run into him again in the bathroom.

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Best Prehistoric: Far Cry: Primal

Far Cry: Primal is a first-person, action-adventure survival game in an open world environment where you play as a caveman hunter in the prehistoric era. You’ll have access to all your favorite weapons such as spears, clubs, bows and axes and even tame animals to become your friends and assist you in combat.

Be careful out there, we’re living in primitive times and natural predators love the sweet taste of Neanderthal meat — and that’s you! Far Cry: Primal takes a different approach with a traditional first-person shooter by setting you in an ancient time where you’ll compete against hostile tribes in your area by seizing them and building your own village with friendly people and abundant resources. Your innate primal instincts will trigger as your tribe rushes towards and chucks spears at a wooly mammoth only to find that a sabertooth tiger has been closing in on you the whole time. Because let's face it: Anything can happen in the wild.

Best for Dinosaur Lovers: ARK: Survival Evolved

In ARK: Survival Evolved you’ll take a nice jog in a lush green jungle and in the distance by the beach you’ll see a beautiful long-necked brontosaurus. Don’t tread carelessly, this ambitious survival game takes time for you to build up your relationship with over 100 of its different dinosaurs as you collect materials to craft weapons, make food, build shelter and establish your dominance.

With player versus player (PVP) or players versus everything (PVE) modes, ARK: Survival Evolved will always leave you vulnerable in its ever-challenging environment. Though you can play offline, the game shines online as you can fight against other players and raid their compounds of straw huts and dungeons even when they’re not playing; you can also team up with other players to progress. ARK: Survival Evolved is all about that big payoff of putting time in where delayed gratification means you’ll eventually get to ride a T-Rex while firing a machine gun and bursting out of your castle. Yes, you can really do that.

Most Hellish: Agony

Agony is all about surviving the worst possible outcome of your afterlife as you die and descend rapidly into a giant hole of flames with piles of bodies and demons reaching out and welcoming you to your permanent vacation. The first-person perspective game has a kind of morbid beauty to it, sort of like a Beksiński painting and Dante’s Inferno put together.

So, how do you exactly “survive” in hell? Winston Churchill recommends you just keep going through it, which is what you’ll do in Agony as you navigate the meaty bone and burning halls in search of answers from a being called the “Red Goddess." Full disclosure: It’s a disturbing game for sure. Gameplay in Agony firsts culls you in by experiencing its gruesome sights and sounds (i.e. the constant echoing of tormented souls in a hallway made of teeth with a demon at the end bludgeoning a guy). You’ll then find ways to sneak by demons by holding your breath in the dark, running away from them, and then eventually being able to possess them to do your bidding. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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Our Process

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What to Look for in a PS4 Survival Game

Crafting - The most interesting survival games on PS4 all include some type of crafting system, base building system, and other mechanics that allow you to carve out your own niche rather than simply surviving. Look for a PS4 survival game that has enough intrigue to keep you coming back for more.

Multiplayer - While it’s certainly possible to play games in this genre by yourself, it’s a whole lot more engaging to team up with some buddies or go up against strangers in a gritty fight for survival. If you have a PlayStation Plus subscription, look for survival games that include great multiplayer options.

Extensibility - The best survival games are good right out of the box but include the option to augment your experience with mods. The extensibility of a survival game is key to replayability, since mods can provide brand new experiences even after you think you’ve seen everything.