The 9 Best PS4 Pro Games to Buy in 2018

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So you bought the 4K Ultra HD television and now you want to get your hands on the PS4 Pro that’ll get your games to come to life? But which games do you play first? Not all PS4 games are made for 4K UHD resolution, but the PS4 Pro’s hardware will make sure that any compatible game will display the highest resolution, quickest loading speeds and fastest frame rate it’s capable of. Below you’ll find the best PS4 Pro games to buy right now. Some of the top titles include The Last Guardian or Horizon Zero Dawn, which will open you up to a humongous and highly-detailed world brimming with life, while Madden NFL 18 will make you believe you’re watching an actual football game on Sunday, with lifelike graphics, sounds and animations. If you still want to learn a little more about these games before making a decision, keep reading to see our guide on the best PS4 Pro titles to pick up today.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Horizon Zero Dawn

If you had to show off one game to illustrate the power of the PS4 Pro, then Horizon Zero Dawn would be the first choice. This game is all about detail: You'll see individual blades of grass swaying in the breeze as hazy sunlight breaks the clouds and mechanical animals roam the green fields.

Horizon Zero Dawn, an exclusive you can only find on the PS4, is an action, role-playing video game set in a third-person perspective where players explore a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by robot creatures known simply as “machines." The open world environment allows players to explore using parkour and zip-lines as a huntress, trapping the machines, blowing them up, heaving spears at them, then collecting their components to craft into loot. Horizon Zero Dawn features a plot set in the 31st century where humanity regressed into primal tribes and its up to you to unravel the mystery of the technological predecessors that made reality what it is.

Best Fantasy: The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian is like the classic story of a boy and his dog, only this time, the dog is a giant half-bird, half-cat like creature. The third-person, action-adventure game has players solve puzzles and explore areas in beautiful and enchanting detailed areas, including thrones and misty temples. It's the best fantasy experience on the PS4 Pro.

In The Last Guardian, players play as a boy who forms a deep bond with a giant creature called Trico, who helps in solving puzzles, fighting off guards and reaching areas that the boy cannot reach alone. The boy works with Trico, too, overcoming smaller obstacles that frighten the animal, finding food and calming its nerves after a battle — it’s very emotional. The Last Guardian has a complementing orchestra soundtrack and an impressive visual presentation with simplistic gameplay that’s never short on excitement, feeling and adventure.

Best for Sports: Madden NFL 18

It’s football season 365 days a year with Madden NFL 18, the best looking sports game on the PS4 Pro that’ll get you believing you’re seeing the real thing. With 4K Ultra HD clarity paired with ultra-realistic character models, stadiums and sports commentary, you're so sure to be impressed.

Madden NFL 18 features all 32 of your favorite National Football League teams from The Patriots to The Browns, including former players like Steve Young. The game features a story mode that requires your decision making in order to build out a tale of a forgotten in-game player prospect, as well as a live mode that lets you play real-world NFL matches. You’ll be able to compete with other players online and build your own team using the Madden Ultimate Team mode where you can select your favorite players or create your own down to the finest details.

Best for Zombie Killing: Killing Floor 2

Sure, there’s not much of a story to Killing Floor 2, but you won’t care in this ultra-fun, zombie killing game where you’ll take out ongoing swarms of various undead ghouls and mutations. The PS4 Pro enhances the game with detailed texturing to characters and environments, using better shadowing and a faster frame rate at 60FPS with smoother anti-aliasing for added realism.

Killing Floor 2 is a first-person shooter that can be played alone or with five other players online, all of whom, choose from 10 different classes, including a Berserker, Field Medic, Demolitionist or Sharp Shooter that has unique weapons and perks that level up with experience. Gameplay consists of players fighting through waves of various zombies that get increasingly more difficult, eventually leading to a big boss battle. Sometimes when you blow off a zombie’s head in Killing Floor 2, the game will jump into slow motion for a few seconds, giving it a kind of cinematic effect so you can react fast, shoot faster and watch the gore fly.

Best for Fighting: Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ looks exactly like the show Dragon Ball Z. So if you’re a fan of Dragon Ball Z or fighting games, you’ll definitely want to check this one out.

With 24 different characters, including Vegeta, Goku and Piccolo, Dragon Ball FighterZ has players choose three of their favorite characters to form a team, controlling them one at a time and switching between them during fights. The game’s crisp, vibrant colors stand out on the PS4 Pro with 60FPS at 4K HD as players jump into a flurry of combo attacks while flying in the air or being on the ground, teleporting or even performing signature energy attacks from the show. Players can play at home against their friends or fight other gamers around the world online and compete in a competitive ranking system.

Best First-Person Shooter: Call of Duty WW2

Call of Duty WW2 brings to life an amazing dramatic showcasing on the PS4 Pro, with one of the most visually impressive games on the system. The Call of Duty series revisits the World War 2 era through a cutting-edge reiteration full of realistic audio, professional voice acting and intense first-person shooter gameplay.

You’re in a landing craft with your infantry regiment, ready to storm the beaches of Normandy while your commanding officer gives a pep talk, aircraft fly above, and mortar shells boom on the sides of the beach, splashing water in your face. Call of Duty WW2 isn’t just an intense first-person shooter​ but builds gameplay around an atmosphere of urgency with no second spared for a moment of boredom. If you want a rush with varied, objective-based gameplay like providing cover fire by sniping Nazis and driving a tank, you’ll love Call of Duty WW2.

Best Epic Adventure: God of War

It’s a harsh, cold world in God of War, but thankfully it's fun and full of epic adventures with the bearded father Kratos and his son Arteus. The over-the-shoulder, action-adventure game brings the excitement to you up-close-and-personal in beautiful scenery full of menacing trolls, ogres and Norse gods.

God of War’s gameplay is a mixture of exploration and a lot of hack-and-slash action where you’ll dodge against attacks and battle ferocious warriors and monsters using a magical ax and shield. The game includes RPG elements where players collect in-game currency, allowing them to upgrade weapons and armor to improve strength, defense, luck and more in order to prepare for bigger worse bosses. With 25 to 30 hours of gameplay, players will roam nine different realms of Norse mythology and fight alongside their bow-and-arrow-equipped son in highly detailed environments, fluid animations and lifelike characters.

Best Stealth: Hitman

In Hitman, you can walk into a mansion party with over 100 individual people, sneak into the kitchen, knockout a chef, take his outfit and then walk back into the party like nothing happened. The third-person assassin game has been slightly altered on the PS4 Pro with faster load times and cleaner frame rates.

The environments in Hitman are huge; overwhelming open-ended maps set all over the world (think Italy and Thailand) with beautiful subtle environments that allow you to take different approaches in how you infiltrate locations and kill your targets. The game’s contract mode will allow you to pick up both publisher- and player-made missions, as well as making “create your own kill” contracts to challenge other players. Hitman rewards pragmatic players who think ahead and blend in as they sit on a bench and gaze behind newspapers while scoping out their targets. If you fail and cause a scene, you can always retry with a different plan, just don’t go in guns blazing.

Best Upcoming Release: Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human
Courtesy of Gamestop

Detroit: Become Human puts the PS4 Pro to the test by offering almost photo-realistic graphics and environments for a completely immersive story experience. The exciting, third-person, movie-like adventure game puts players in a world where humankind lives with androids and experiences the social implications involved.

With a 2,000-page script, Detroit: Become Human has players assume the role of multiple androids, including a caretaker who struggles to find her place in the world, an advanced police android set on hunting down criminal androids, as well as a liberator set on freeing the bondage of society’s chains involving android rights by unleashing a revolution. Gameplay has players choose between timed multiple choices that result in different scenes and endings playing out while investigating and learning more about their scenarios in order to make the right judgment calls. This is the game that will put you on the spot. For example, you will have to deal with a hostage negotiation and pick out the best dialogue choices based on your own interpretation of the crime scene you investigated only seconds before.