The 7 Best PS4 Golf Games of 2019

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Best Overall: The Golf Club 2

The Golf Club 2

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The Golf Club 2 is by far the best golfing experience you’ll find on the PS4. The game offers a large dynamic single-player career mode with endless hours of gameplay against online opponents, course creation and so much more.

The realism in Golf Club 2 is represented by both its physics system and the stunning visual graphics of lush courses. The simulated golf game uses your controller’s joysticks to aim and swing a club, with a precision that can be perfected in its thorough training mode. Aside from being able to play other players’ customized courses, you can make your own and put every customized detail into its landscape and atmosphere. 

Best for Realism: Rory McIlroy: PGA Tour

Rory McIlroy: PGA Tour

Courtesy of Gamestop

From its presentation and controls to its licensed courses and golfers, Rory McIlroy: PGA Tour adds a sense of realism to the golf genre on PS4 that you won't find anywhere else. Players will get to play on real-life courses like Bay Hill and Royal Troon while playing as real golfers like Rory McIlroy and Jonas Blixt.

Rory McIlroy: PGA Tour works hard to immerse gamers in its realism with in-game commentary, crowd cheers and ambient sound effects to make it an otherwise believable golfing simulation. The gameplay settings let players fine-tune swing mechanics, swing difficulty, wind gusts and other factors to tailor both a customized challenge and difficulty to one’s liking. The controls offer three options like a classic three-click swing timer and two thumbstick focused modes (meant to replicate real-life swings) with a shot assist for more casual players.

Best for Beginners: Everybody’s Golf

As its name suggests, Everybody’s Golf is for everybody — a PS4 golf game that focuses less on realism but more on fun and accessible gameplay. Its engaging for players of all skill sets and uses simple control mechanics to assure anyone can play with additional shot types that add different modes of strategy.

You’ll first start off by making your own custom character, detailing everything from their facial features, hairstyles and more, with items and accessories that become unlocked and purchased after you complete tournaments. The basics are easy to pick up, and the comfortable control scheme uses a three-click system that initiates the shot, power and accuracy of your swing. The jolly feel and atmosphere for Everybody’s Golf make it a calming and approachable golf game that can even be played with three other friends in offline local multiplayer.

Best Mini Golf: Infinite Minigolf

Infinite Minigolf

Courtesy of Sony

Infinite Minigolf is true to its name: As long as the game’s players keep making courses, you’ll be playing an endless amount of minigolf levels until your PS4 dies out. The game is continually being updated with more free DLC course themes with numerous amounts of creativity in both form and function.

Infinite Minigolf has a wide variety of challenges that vary up the gameplay like collecting gems, hitting long putts and making multiple holes in one which gets you coins that unlock new items for your own customized character. The courses take place in imaginative settings (think a giant kid’s room, a scary Halloween level and a North Pole setting with Santa and his reindeer). Course construction is easy and accessible for players, and best of all, regardless of what platform (PC, Xbox One) it’s played on, you’ll have access to all of its user-generated content.

Most Fun: Dangerous Golf

Dangerous Golf

Courtesy of Sony

If you’re tired of the calmness of golf, you’ll love Dangerous Golf, a PS4 game that has you swinging indoors and causing as much damage as possible. Despite the hilarious slow-mo destruction, you’ll still be aiming for a hole in one.

Dangerous Golf has you tee off through a variety of indoor courses around the world, from backroom kitchens with destructible hamburgers to art museums where you’ll smash masterpieces. The gameplay combines both elements of the Burnout (made by the same developer) car racing series and Angry Birds, where your goal is to ultimately destroy as many objects as possible and then sink your ball in the course hole using trick shots. You can play offline with up to seven other players in a pass-and-play mode or go online against other golfers. 

Best with Robots: 100ft Robot Golf

100ft Robot Golf

Courtesy of Sony

There is no other game like 100ft Robot Golf — players control giant robot mechs and take swings at golf balls the size of people. The fun and wacky golf game for the PS4 takes place in the future where the biggest entertainment is the Robot Golf Tour Circuit.

With a 90s anime cartoon backdrop, 100ft Robot Golf lets players pilot 11 different types of giant robots (each with their own unique swing meter and special abilities) who play homage to robots like Voltron and Evangelion Unit-01. Courses include the moon and cities in Hawaii, where you’ll stomp around and take swings while smashing through buildings. The intensity heats up during the game’s speed rounds; players compete against one another to see who can get their ball in the hole first, all while causing physical interference between shots.

Best for Parties: Party Golf

Party Golf

Courtesy of Sony 

Party Golf is an indie, 2D-style PS4 golf game and it's great for parties. The game’s simple physics and huge variety make for an addictive game with four-player local multiplayer and eight-player matches where you share one controller.

The goal is simple: you and your friends (or AI opponents) try to get your ball in the hole first before a countdown timer hits zero. The first player to 500 points wins. That’s just the start, Party Golf includes over 100 game modes where you’ll do everything from using powers, traveling in the dark or seeing who can bounce the highest, and you’ll never play the same hole twice. The intuitive controls take a little time to learn, but once you start, you and your friends will find it hard to put down.