The 9 Best PlayStation 4 Exclusives of 2019

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The Rundown

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Best Overall: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

A masterpiece that holds numerous awards and one of the highest scores among video games, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is an experience you’re only going to get on the PlayStation 4. The action-adventure-style gameplay will make players feel like Indiana Jones and is fleshed out with a gripping emotional narrative, stunning lifelike graphics, as well as an enticing musical score.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is currently the best-selling PS4 game on the console. The final Uncharted game in the series wraps up with a retired treasure hunter reuniting with his older brother and partner in the search for Captain Henry Avery’s long lost treasure. The game’s physics system stands out as one of the best for the PS4, with players being able to jump, sprint, climb, swim, scale narrow ledges, swing from ropes, use acrobatics and use their stealth in order to find the prized treasure.

Best Remake: Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus for the PlayStation 4 is an experience unlike any other exclusive on the list. The remake of the classic PlayStation 2 game is built from the ground up for the PS4 and comes with updated beautiful graphics that give the original game the vision it was meant to have.

Shadow of the Colossus has players play as “The Wanderer," a young man on a quest who wishes to resurrect a girl and is driven by a disembodied voice who tells him to destroy 16 giant Colossi. Colossi are the only enemy in the game, and players find them — armed only with a sword and bow and arrows — by traversing on their horse in a giant beautiful uninhabited land full of plains, ruins and seas. Watching the Colossi roam is majestic, but fighting them becomes an epic struggle that's accompanied by a thrilling orchestra soundtrack. The intensity builds as you climb these creatures like a skyscraper, latching on to their legs (even though they try to shake you off) and frantically locate their weak spots. This game is sure to test your patience, skill and wits.

Best for Fighting: Street Fighter V: Arcade

Packed with all your favorite moves like the Hadouken, tiger uppercut and yoga flame, Street Fighter V: Arcade is without a doubt the best fighting game that's exclusively found on the PlayStation 4. Street Fighter V: Arcade is an updated version of Street Fighter V and includes various improvements on graphics, game modes and DLC with up to 28 playable characters.

Street Fighter V: Arcade is a classic 2.5D fighting game where players duke it out in a variety of different stages around the world using a variety of attacks and special moves in order to knock out their opponents. The game utilizes features introduced in previous Street Fighter games like the EX gauge, which allows for buildups of attacks that can be powered up for special moves and combos. The newly added “V-Gauge” feature changes the dynamic of attacks by making them unique to each character. Street Fighter V: Arcade offers a variety of new modes such as an Arcade Mode that resembles the arcade modes of each major game in the franchise by mimicking the characters presented in the series they first appeared in along with a possibility of 200 endings upon completion.

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Best Horror: Until Dawn

Until Dawn is like starring in your own horror movie where you make the decisions that could mean the difference between life or death. The PlayStation 4 exclusive is an interactive survival horror story with cinematic cutscenes, superb voice acting, lifelike characters and gameplay that’ll get you scared stiff.

If you remember those choose-your-own-adventure-style playbooks, then you’ll be familiar with how Until Dawn works. Setting out on a winter vacation getaway, the player is in charge of nine different characters who have their own personalities and social dynamics that’ll make you second question whether or not you really want to save them. It's up to you to make the impossible choices to cut your path to survival (or not) as you branch out different storylines and scenarios that change the outcome and experience of the game and its ending.

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Best RPG: Persona 5

Persona 5 is the highest-rated, exclusive role-playing game out on the console to date, bringing gamers a stylized JRPG unlike any other. It may be an acquired taste due to players gaining familiarity with its gameplay mechanics, but Persona 5 will grow on you the longer you stay with it, and possibly convert you to the vast world of role-playing games on the PS4.

The zany, cool and intricately designed Persona 5 is a bit of a sensory overload; the 100 hours of gameplay has you in the role of a quiet high school boy who works a part-time job and must balance his normal life with his peers in the real world alongside entering a reflective shadow world (a dimension where characters wear masks as their personalities and remove them to unleash their persona — manifestations of their inner psyche). Persona 5 uses a turn-based RPG battle system where plays can sneak up and ambush enemies with various attacks, upgrade their knowledge, guts and proficiency levels, and collect different personas that ultimately reflect on who they are as a person.

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Best Action-Adventure: Horizon Zero Dawn

With some of the best graphics on the PS4, Horizon Zero Dawn is an action role-playing video game where a post-apocalyptic tropical world has been overrun by animal-like machines of steel. The game’s lush, open world features a huge map composed of forests, jungles and snow mountain areas, and has players in the role of a huntress archer named Aloy who’s curiosity runs as wild as the inhabitants of her land.

Horizon Zero Dawn will first wow you with its visual presentation of a huge world filled with interesting and unusual characters, with lifelike appearances and unbelievable voice acting. Players will explore the concrete jungles of a beautiful land where they’ll learn to evade, hide and track in order to kill the menacing robot beasts using traps, arrows, explosives, spears and other weapons and then collect materials from their bodies to forge items with.

Best Crime: Yakuza 6: The Song of Life

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life provides a kind of a cinematic experience that's similar to watching an intense Japanese crime movie that you’re a part of. This exclusive PS4 action-adventure video game is set in an open world environment and is ideal for any gamer who likes to watch thrilling stories unfold.

Sega put a lot of work into Yakuza 6 — it’s the type of realistic game that provides a world modeled after real locations in Japan (think Kamurocho and Hiroshima) and focuses on presenting stunning visuals with lifelike animations. The game’s innovative experience isn’t just brawling street thugs but will also have you singing karaoke to impress people, mingling with hostesses in bars, throwing darts and even doing squats in the gym to build up your strength. The game’s comedic, interesting characters and the quirky story will lure you in and features real-life actors such as Beat Takeshi (famous for his crime movies), giving players a unique and innovative game with a movie-like experience unlike any other.

Best for Kids: Ratchet & Clank

Ratchet & Clank is a fun and cartoony-style PS4 exclusive that feels and looks similar to a lively Pixar movie. The three-dimensional, platform-shooter video game puts players in space as a cat-like alien with a trusty sidekick robot, and they're on a mission to take down a vile doctor and his robot army.

Light-hearted with a cute story and full of charm, Ratchet & Clank is a whimsical style video game that’s easy and fun to play for kids who like sci-fi space adventures. Players navigate through diverse environments on different planets, defeating enemies with an array of different gadgets and weapons, solving puzzles and traversing through multiple obstacles. Players will get to use a jetpack, swim and glide while upgrading weapons and gadgets by collecting bolts that act as in-game currency. The game includes racing and aerial combat-style missions, too, which helps switch up its normal gameplay.

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Best 2018 Release: God of War

The next big item on Sony’s exclusive lineup, God of War for the PS4 is similar in presentation to a Hollywood triple-A movie and shows off the best of the console’s capabilities. The third-person, over-the-shoulder, action-adventure game sets you on a journey of epic proportions.

God of War pits players as Kratos, son of Zeus, as he sets forth and survives with his son Arteus in a savage land run by Norse gods and inhabited by a population of ferocious monsters and warriors. With a trusty battle ax, players will go up against huge enemies (namely trolls) and fight them alongside an accompanying soundtrack and cinematic cutscenes. Players will level up through the game, gaining experience points and upgrading their armor, weapon and abilities, as well as craft items as they traverse through gorgeous and detailed settings, solve puzzles and uncover a story where they must train their boy to become a warrior who leads by example.