How to Find the Best PS4 Camera Placement

Get the right angle for the games you play

What to Know

  • The PS4 camera should be about six to twelve inches above the player's head while playing PSVR games.  
  • Sit at least four feet from the camera, or six feet away if you need to stand and use the motion controllers.
  • To test your PS4 camera angles, go to Settings > Devices > PlayStation Camera > Adjust PlayStation Camera.

This article explains the best placement for a PS4 camera if you want to get the most out of PlayStation VR.

How to Find the Best PS4 Camera Placement

The two obvious places you'd think to put the PS4 camera are either above or below your TV screen. But the Playstation VR doesn't require a television. The screen is inside the headset, and the controls are based on the camera's line of sight to the PSVR headset and the dual-shock or motion controllers in our hands.  

The only part the TV plays in the process is that we've probably set up our gaming spot based on its location. But PSVR games are different from normal ones. While some are great to play while sitting on a couch, others may require you to stand and move. So more important than the placement of the television is the area in which you're going to stand and play games.

And this doesn't need to be right in front of the TV.

For most of us, the camera will probably end up above or below the TV because we've designed our play area to accommodate it. But if you don't have enough space right in front of the big screen, you can have the PS4 camera mounted on a different wall or even to an adjustable pole like a microphone stand. The important part is to have the proper playing space in front of the camera.

Why PS4 VR Camera Placement Matters

Where you put the PS4 camera is a vital part of the process when it comes to having an optimal virtual reality experience. The placement of the PSVR headset on your head will determine the clarity of the visuals, but the location of the PlayStation camera will determine how well the system will track you. If you're experiencing problems playing PSVR games, especially issues with poor tracking, you may want to change where you've placed the PS4 camera.

How Much Space Do You Need for Proper PS4 Camera Placement and PSVR?

Sony's official recommended play space is 10 feet long by six feet wide. This area includes about two feet of dead space between the camera and the start of the playable area. But don't worry, this is a conservative recommendation. In reality, you can play with less room, although you will still want to be at least four feet from the camera for games that allow you to sit and play and ideally six feet away if you need to stand and use the motion controllers.

You should also be aware of any light sources within or behind the play area. The PSVR system works by the camera picking up the light from the PSVR headset, dual-shock controller and motion controllers. Bright lights within or behind the play area can cause tracking problems, so be aware of any lamps or even LED clocks that the camera might pick up. Even sunlight streaming in through a window can potentially cause an issue.

How High off the Ground Does the PlayStation 4 Camera Need to Be?

The ideal height is about six to twelve inches above the player's head. Of course, the problem with this recommendation is that different players will be at different heights, especially if both adults and kids will be playing VR games. The height will also change based on whether you're standing or sitting.  

Unless you want to invest in a microphone stand or speaker pole and adjust the height based on the player and playing style, you should pick a height based on the people most often using the system. For most of us, a height of four to six feet will be fine. Slightly above the head may be ideal, but so long as the camera is getting a clear view of the playing area, it should have no problem tracking the controllers.

How to Test Your PS4 Camera Angles

After you have everything set up the way you want it, you should test the placement. This process will let you see what the camera sees and may help you spot obstructions or potential issues with lighting.

  1. Go to the PlayStation's Home Screen.

  2. Choose the Settings option in the top-level menu. This is the button that looks like a suitcase.

    Settings on a PlayStation 4
  3. Select Devices.

    Devices in PlayStation 4 settings
  4. Choose PlayStation Camera.

    PlayStation Camera settings on a PS4
  5. Select Adjust PlayStation Camera.

    Adjust PlayStation Camera option in PS4 settings
  6. You'll see the perspective of the PlayStation Camera with a box on the screen. To adjust the camera, move so that your head is inside the box, and then press X on your controller.

  7. Repeat this process two more times for different areas of the screen. If the camera doesn't register you, adjust the lighting in the room.

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