The 8 Best Projector Mounts of 2022

We've got the best ones for all types of projectors

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The best projector mounts can enhance your home theater experience dramatically, letting you position your project precisely where you want it, out of the way and unobtrusive so you can get lost in your favorite movies. Top models allow you to pivot and adjust the angle of projector for perfect image quality and minute adjustments, and support multiple use cases, whether you have arching cathedral ceilings or a tiny den.

For a great projector to attach to one of these mounts, our roundup of the best projectors is a great resource; otherwise, read on for our picks for the best projector mounts money can buy.

Best Overall

VIVO VP01W Universal Projection Mount

VIVO Universal Projection Mount

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This universal projector mount wins our pick for best overall. Made from solid steel, this sturdy mount holds projectors up to 30 pounds in weight and fits most projectors on the market, so you don’t have to stress about compatibility. The low-profile mounting system keeps your projector a mere six inches from the ceiling surface and it comes in white or black, so it works in any home theater or office setting. With 15-degree tilt, 15-degree swivel and 360-degree rotation, this mount maximizes your projection angle options at a very reasonable cost. Assembly is quick and mounting hardware is included with purchase. 

"The mount comes in two pieces, but assembly is very easy. To assemble the unit, you merely have to loosen two adjustment bolts on one piece, slide them into the hinge on the other piece, and then screw in two additional bolts." — Jeremy Laukkonen, Product Tester

Great for Heavy Projectors

Peerless-AV PRG-UNV Mount

Peerless-AV PRG-UNV Mount


The Peerless Precision Gear Universal Projection Mount is your best bet for extra-large or heavy projectors. The heavy-duty universal spider adapter is able to hold projectors up to a whopping 50 pounds in weight. Customers like the pre-assembled design and horizontal wrench access slots that make flush mounting quick and easy.

Even better, the patent-pending design features two adjustment knobs to help you get the perfect projector image alignment by simply turning the knobs. An integrated cable management system helps wrangle projector cords, and the mount comes with all the hardware you need for installation.

"The actual range of movement isn’t that much of an improvement over less expensive models, but the method used to perform adjustments is massively superior to a lot of mounts that we’ve seen." — Jeremy Laukkonen, Product Tester

Best Extendable Mount

VIVO VP02W Projector Mount

VIVO Universal Extending Ceiling Projector Mount

If you need an extendable projector mount for your home or office, check out the VIVO Universal Extendable Projection Mount. The adjustable arms fit most projectors on the market, and thanks to the sturdy steel materials, the mount can hold up to 30 pounds in weight.

The easy-to-assemble mount is fully adjustable with a 15-degree tilt, 15-degree swivel and 360-degree rotation, but the real selling point for this mount is the telescoping height adjustment system that extends your projector from 15 inches to 23 inches from a flat ceiling surface. This mount comes in white or black, so you can choose the one that works best with your space’s aesthetic, and mounting hardware is included with purchase.

"This mount provides a wide range of motion thanks to the telescoping arm and multiple pivot and swivel points." — Jeremy Laukkonen, Product Tester

Easiest to Install

Amer Universal Projection Mount

Amer Universal Projection Mount


If you need a super simple installation option for your projector mount, the Amer Universal Projection Mount is the one for you. It boasts a patented design that features a reinforced steel plate and white cast aluminum mounting head that actually replaces a standard two-foot square ceiling tile. This sturdy projector mount can support projectors up to 30 pounds, and the mounting head has a unique design meant to dissipate heat for longer projector lamp life. The steel plate features helpful cutouts and covers for two standard outlets—very handy if you need to mount additional equipment or accessories.

Best for Small Spaces

Epson Universal Projection Mount Kit

Epson Universal Projection Mount Kit


With dimensions of 4.41 x 4.41 x 4.02 inches, this Epson Universal Projection Mount is small but sturdy. Its low-profile design and small size make it a great choice for smaller rooms and the universal interface fits most projectors on the market. Choose from multiple installation options, including flush mount to the ceiling, to best meet the needs of your space. Customers say it is easy to install, gives a clear, crisp picture and provides convenient lamp and filter access for most projectors. The mount allows you to control the roll, pitch and yaw of the mount independently for maximum projector adjustment options.

Best for Tall Ceilings

Monoprice Projector Ceiling Mount

Monoprice Projector Ceiling Mount


If you need to mount your projector in a room with tall ceilings, the Monoprice Projector Ceiling Mount might be the best pick for you. The adjustable pole on this mount can be extended to 36 inches, and can pan and tilt 30 degrees each way and swivels 360 degrees, so you can get a great picture angle even if you have ceilings higher than 12 feet. This heavy-duty mount supports projectors weighing up to 50 pounds and comes with completely labeled mounting hardware for easy installation. The projector bracket is easy to detach from the adjustable pole if you need to use it in other locations too.

Best Wall Mount

Elitech Projector Wall Mount

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Perhaps you have a vaulted or decorative ceiling, or maybe you have a big ceiling fan that gets in the way. Whatever the reason, if you would rather mount your projector from a wall instead of a ceiling, the Elitech Projector Wall Mount is a great choice. The solid steel mount holds projectors weighing up to 25 pounds and is compatible with most projectors on the market. The wall mount provides a lot of versatility in positioning; the mount’s telescoping arm can be extended from the wall from 40.8 inches up to 56.5 inches, and the projector can be tilted up or down 30 degrees or swiveled 360 degrees.

Best for Small Projectors

Mount-It! Projector Ceiling Mount

Mount-It! Projector Ceiling Mount


The budget-friendly projector ceiling mount from Mount-It! is our top choice for small projectors. This mount has a universal design that comes with four fully adjustable arms, which are removable if you have a projector that requires less than four mounting points. Even though this mount is on the smaller side, it is made from heavy-gauge cold-rolled steel and can hold up to 44 pounds. It is somewhat less maneuverable than others on this list, but it still has a 15-degree tilt function and allows for 8 degrees of roll adjustment as well. With the mount itself measuring only 4.5 inches in height, it barely takes up any space.

Final Verdict

The VIVO VP01W is the best fit for the vast majority of projectors and use cases (and very affordable to boot), but if you're looking to mount a big boy projector up to fifty pounds, check out the aptly named Peerless Precision Gear Universal Projection Mount.

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What to Look for in a Projector Mount

Weight Capacity

You’ll want to consider the size and heft of your projector before you select your mount. Not every mount is compatible with every projector, so make sure you select one that can hold your specific model.


Consider where you'll be mounting your projector. Are you going to mount it at an odd angle to the screen? Is your mounting surface not quite level? If so, being able to dial in how your projector sits will be important—and not all mounts allow for minor tilt and swivel adjustments.


In addition to minor tilt adjustments, some projectors have the ability to extend in height. Having an extending mount is a great way to work around your vaulted or decorative ceiling.

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