The 6 Best Privacy Screen Protectors for Your Phone in 2022

Protect your screen from prying eyes

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Best for iPhone X/XS: Maxboost Privacy Glass Screen Protector

Maxboost Privacy Glass Screen Protector

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Maxboost is a company known for producing high-quality screen protectors, so it should be no surprise that their privacy variant is our top pick for the iPhone X and XS. This screen protector is tempered glass, ensuring that a broken screen protector doesn't result in shards of glass. It must be viewed head-on or within 90-degrees to remain visible. Any individuals standing off to the side and viewing the phone at more than a 90-degree angle won't be able to view the device's on-screen content.

The Maxboost Privacy Glass Screen Protector for iPhone XS also includes hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings to prevents water and finger oils from damaging the screen — an anti-scratch surface rounds everything out for added protection. We especially love that the Maxboost package comes with three screen protectors so you have a few backups along with a lifetime warranty if the protector begins to peel from your smartphone. Our favorite aspect about this screen protector, however, is that it includes an easy application tool for bubble-free installation.

Best for iPhone XS Max: Uxinuo Privacy Screen Protector

Uxinuo Privacy Screen Protector


Built specifically for the latest iPhone XS Max, this screen protector promises to keep your device's screen scratch- and crack-free, and ensure your personal data is kept private from prying eyes. Built with technology from LG, Uxinuo offers a product that completely blocks out your screen to anyone who may be attempting to grab a look from the sides. Like all great screen protectors, this one is made of glass.

This package includes a single screen protector — we would have liked to see a few in the box, but with Uxinuo's quality, it is hard to complain. The company also claims that their screen protector is compatible with 95% of all smartphone cases. Additionally, the company does include a lifetime warranty with customer service with your purchase.

Best for iPhone XR: pehael Privacy Screen Protector

pehael Privacy Screen Protector


The pehael Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone XR features a super-thin 0.33mm tempered-glass solution that offers a dust-free and fingerprint-free experience. The package includes everything you need to install it and gives you three individual protectors in the package in case you need a backup (or two).

The folks at pehael wanted to make sure your iPhone XR's screen stays well-protected — this glass screen has an advertised hardness level of 9H, which is pretty impressive. If you have an iPhone XR and want to protect your screen from onlookers, the pehael is a great option. The company also includes a lifetime warranty if the screen protector experiences any issues during normal usage.

Best for Samsung Galaxy Note 9: YCFlying Privacy Screen Protector

YCFlying Privacy Screen Protector


Samsung's latest Galaxy lineup of smartphones can provide quite a challenge for screen protector manufacturers with its curved glass front. YCFlying has managed to make a protector that fits the screen quite well. Featuring what the company is calling an 'anti-spy filter,' this protector provides a high level of blackout when the screen is viewed from the side.

Additionally, the screen protector itself is crafted from tempered glass with an advertised hardness of 9H to keep your phone safe in the event of a drop. The package comes with one screen protector and everything you need to install it, including an alcohol wipe, microfiber cloth, and dust removal stickers.

Best for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus: Omnifense Privacy Screen Protector

Omnifense Privacy Screen Protector


If you own a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, you aren't left out of the privacy screen game as Omnifense also makes an excellent option for the Samsung Galaxy S9's bigger sibling. Offering complete protection for the Galaxy S9 Plus' 6.2-inch display, the Omnifense privacy screen protector is an ultra-thin 0.22mm with self-healing properties, so it'll still look good even if it gets a minor scratch or two. Of course, the highlight of a privacy screen protector is how well it manages to keep your on-screen data secure, and the Omnifense delivers with an 'anti-spy' feature that prevents the screen being viewed at excess of 60 degrees. 

In the box, Omnifense includes two soft film screen protectors and every tool you need to install it. Keep your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus safe and secure with Omnifense's privacy screen protector.

Best for LG G7 ThinQ: Gpel Privacy Screen Protector

Gpel Privacy Screen Protector


Gpel has made a privacy screen protector for the LG G7 ThinQ that manages to be thin yet protective at the same time. Made from Japanese Asahi glass with chemical tempering, this screen protector is ready to stand up to everything you can throw at it. An advertised screen hardness level of 9H will protect your screen from shattering or breaking, while the oleophobic coating will prevent fingerprints and drops of water from sticking to or damaging your screen.

Of course, the center of the show for the Gpel Privacy Screen Protector is how well it prevents those around you from seeing what is on your device. Keeping your information very secure, the Gpel ensures your screen darkens when viewed beyond 30 degrees. Only one screen protector is included in the box, but Gpel does offer a lifetime warranty.

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