The Best Printer Apps For Android

What you need to know to print from your phone or tablet

To print documents and pictures from your Android smartphone or tablet on the go, use a printer app. You can then print a copy of a presentation before going into a meeting or print a boarding pass or event ticket when you're away from your laptop. Choose one of these best apps when you want to print from your Android phone or connect your Android tablet to a printer.

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Print From Chrome

Print fron Chrome on Android

Google Cloud Print will be discontinued on January 1, 2021. Google recommends using Chrome to print beyond that date.

What We Like
  • Chrome may be installed on the device.

  • A fairly universal solution.

  • An intuitive approach.

What We Don't Like
  • Limited to printing from the browser.

  • You may prefer another browser.

This one might not seem like a great option. However, considering the items Chrome can open and access, it makes sense why Google uses Chrome as the primary printing solution for Android.

You don't need to do anything special to print from Chrome. It works similarly to how it does on a desktop. Find a page you want to print, tap the Options icon, choose Share, then select Print. Chrome can print to a file, or you can connect a printer and print like on the desktop.

Overall, this one's a fairly universal solution that prints anything you open in a web browser.

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PrintHand Mobile Print

PrintHand for Android
What We Like
  • Simple to set up and connect.

  • Print from a variety of sources.

  • An intuitive interface.

What We Don't Like
  • A somewhat plain design.

  • It might feel like too many options.

As universal printing solutions come, PrintHand is among the best. The app is fairly plain looking. Still, it includes any printing feature you could hope for, and it's simple to get up and running.

PrintHand allows you to connect to a printer in various ways. The simplest is its automatic Wi-Fi printer detection. PrintHand finds networked printers and printers shared by Windows PCs.

Unlike other printer apps, PrintHand offers built-in shortcuts to print from a variety of sources, including cloud storage, which can be incredibly convenient.

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PrinterShare Mobile Print

PrinterShare for Android
What We Like
  • Super simple setup.

  • Clean interface.

  • Print from Gmail and Google Drive.

What We Don't Like
  • Somewhat restricted.

  • Doesn't support other popular services.

PrinterShare is another universal printing option. It's simple and streamlined. However, it's the limited free version of a paid app and may be too restrictive for some users.

PrinterShare gets you up and running quickly with an intuitive printer setup. You choose how you want to connect, and it lists the available printers. Connecting over Wi-Fi is about as simple as possible.

With PrinterShare, you get a straightforward interface that presents several common print options, including Gmail and Google Drive that make accessing online documents a breeze.

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Mopria Print Service

Mopria for Android
What We Like
  • Nearly universal.

  • Excellent standardized quality.

  • Simple setup.

What We Don't Like
  • Doesn't work with every printer.

  • Tends to neglect older printers.

Mopria Print Service is a universal printing app developed by the Mopria Alliance. This independent third party develops industry printing standards for printer manufacturers and operating systems, including Windows 10 and Android.

The Mopria app detects and connects to any printer certified by the Mopria Alliance and prints to it over Wi-Fi or another supported connection method, like Bluetooth.

This app is somewhat no-frills. Still, it does get the job done. It's designed to give your phone printing functionality to any supported printer, and it does just that.

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NokoPrint for Android
What We Like
  • Super simple to use and set up.

  • Clean interface.

  • Easy to print common documents and uses.

What We Don't Like
  • Possibly too simple.

  • No cloud printing.

NokoPrint is another universal printing option, and of the entries on this list, it may be the simplest. With NokoPrint, you launch the app, connect a printer, and print a page in seconds. It doesn't complicate things with unnecessary options or configurations.

There is a downside to this approach, depending on what you want from a printing app. NokoPrint is short on options. For example, it doesn't include built-in capabilities for popular file locations and uses, like SMS printing or printing from the cloud. However, if you only print documents and photos from your phone, along with the occasional web page, this app is a great no-nonsense choice.

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Your Printer Manufacturer's App

Brother iPrint&Scan for Android
What We Like
  • Specific to your printer.

  • Best driver support.

  • Usually loaded with in-depth and useful features.

What We Don't Like
  • Specific to a single type of printer.

  • It may not include older models.

If you only print from one device, whether at home or work, turn to the printer manufacturer's app. It might not be as flexible as a universal printing app, but it will work well with your printer because it was made for it.

Apps are a feature of any new printer, and printer manufacturers make sure that apps are seamless with their printers. They also offer many of the printing options and features you want and expect.

The printer manufacturer's app was tested with and tailored for your printer, especially if it was made within the last few years.

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