The Best Powered Subwoofers

Add Big Bass To Your Home Theater Listening Experience

The subwoofer has emerged as a critical component of the home theater system. Today's DVDs and Blu-ray Discs contain low frequency information that add more impact to those explosions and other special effects, as well as revealing those lower musical tones.

For the best results, you need a subwoofer that delivers deep and accurate bass response in accordance with your room size, acoustical properties, and, of course, your own personal personal preferences (without angering your neighbors).

If you are considering adding a little punch to your system, consider the following powered subwoofer brands and models that may be just right for you.

The Martin Logan Dynamo 700w is a compact 10-inch subwoofer that not only provides strong power output (300 watts RMS - 600 watts Peak) and great low frequency performance from a small package, but also provides some innovative installation options. With its removable feet, the Dynamo 700w can be re-positioned as either a down-firing or front-firing subwoofer. In addition, this sub features both wired and wireless connectivity options with a home theater receiver or compatible sound bar.

Definitive Technology well known for their loudspeaker line, but they also make great subwoofers well-suited for both music and home theater applications. Check out a great list of choices from their impressive line-up that also includes some very compact models, as well as tower speakers with powered subwoofers built-in.

Velodyne is well-known for their fine line of subwoofers. Check out a selection of great subs for both small and large sized-rooms in both wired and wireless (Wi-Q) versions.

If you are looking for a great subwoofer to round out your home theater system without breaking the bank, check out Klipsch powered subwoofers, including their innovative triangular powered subs that are perfect for corner installation, as well as their digital powered subwoofer line that can be customized for various types of musical or movie response requirements.

Designed to provide both seamless acoustic integration with a variety of speaker setups for both music and home theater applications, PSB subwoofers are solid performers worthy of consideration. Check out both their single and dual driver units.

One of leading independent subwoofer makers, SVS has a consistent quality product across the board. No matter which unit you choose from their lineup, whether box-type or cylindrical, you will experience deep, tight, bass deserving of any home theater system.

The Polk PSW10 is a modest powered subwoofer that is great for entry level systems and/or small rooms. This compact subwoofer delivers 50 Watts of continuous power, good clarity, tightness, and a lower bass response than you might find on more expensive subs. The PSW10 has a 10-inch woofer cone, a front mounted port to extend lower frequency response, a frequency response of 35 to 200Hz, and an 80Hz to 160Hz adjustable crossover. Input connections include both Line Level and standard speaker connections. The PSW10 also features an Auto On/Off function.

Hsu Research VTF-3 MK5 HP Subwoofer
Hsu Research VTF-3 MK5 HP Subwoofer. Image provided by Hsu Research

A great subwoofer doesn't have to cost a fortune. Dr Poh Ser Hsu designs and makes world class subwoofers for home theater and audio applications at affordable prices. Be sure to check out the ULS, VTF, or STF Series. Selecting a "best" from this group is impossible as the characteristics of your room is a big determinant of what model fits your needs best -- However, they are all great values. More »

Crowson Tactile Transducer Actuators - Stereo Pair
Crowson Tactile Transducer Actuators - Stereo Pair. Photo © Robert Silva - Licensed to

If a subwoofer doesn't provide enough "kick" for you, then you might what to consider the Crowson Technology Tactile Transducers. Although subwoofers bring realistic bass sound to the home theater environment, there is still something missing - tactile sensation.

The combination of Crowson's Tactile Transducers and power amplifiers enables one to turn his/her own chair into a home theater component (or you can purchase a custom chair with Crowson Technology built-in) that adds the sensory experience of touch to your viewing and listening enjoyment. More »


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