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Best Overall: Corsair RM750x

Corsair RM750x


Corsair is one of the leading power supply manufacturers around. The peripheral and component company creates exceptional products that both perform well and last a long time. Its RM series is a shining example of that dedication to quality. If you need a 750-watt power supply, the Corsair RM750x is your best bet. Featuring 80 Plus Gold efficiency and a 10-year warranty, the RM750x’s great quality also comes with assurances. The RM750x is especially suited to PC gamers, whether you play on one high-end graphics card or multiple mid-tier cards. Its compact design allows it to fit inside most PC gaming cases as well.

The Corsair RM750x is fully modular and comes with enough cables and connectors to get you hooked up to virtually any ATX form factor rig. For those wondering, these include nine SATA connectors, four PCIe connectors, and two EPS12V connectors. A 135mm rifle bearing fan system provides quiet functionality even on high loads. When operating with medium loads or less, the fan turns off, resulting in close-to-silent operation.

Best Entry-Level: EVGA 500 BR 80+ Bronze 500W

EVGA 500 BR 80+ Bronze 500W




Anyone seeking a no-frills power supply ought to look no further than the EVGA 500 BR. With an efficiency rating of 80 Plus Bronze, the EVGA 500 BR offers at least 85 percent efficiency during normal operations. Though rated for just 500 watts, the EVGA 500 BR should be enough for most mid-range graphics cards, assuming you aren’t planning on overclocking your CPU a bunch. A 120mm fan promotes extremely quiet operation.

The EVGA 500 BR has standard ATX Form Factor, meaning it should be compatible with the majority of cases. It has six SATA connectors and two eight-pin PCIe, which is more than enough, but since it's not modular, it can also clutter your case. On the bright side, it's easy to install and comes with a friendly three-year manufacturer warranty as well as 24/7 technical support. In regards to safety, it has a number of built-in protections: short circuit, over/under voltage, over/undercurrent, and over-temperature protection.

Best Budget: Thermaltake Smart RGB 700W

Thermaltake Smart RGB 700W

Thermaltake has a unique feature in some of its power supplies: RGB lighting. For a strongly rated power supply that will also look pretty darn cool, the Smart RGB 700W is a novel option. The Smart RGB 700W has a one-button control that cycles through 15 lighting modes across its 10 LED lights, including pulse light and solid light. You can turn the lighting off if you so choose, but the lighting options will help your rig pop, especially if you have RGB peripherals already.

Backed by an 80 Plus White efficiency rating, the Smart RGB 700W hits up to 87 percent efficiency. It comes with six SATA connectors, two PCIe connectors, and five four-pin peripheral connectors. The downside is the lack of modularity. If you have an Intel 7th-generation processor, the Smart RGB 700W has been optimized for lower energy consumption rates. The 120mm fan promotes incredibly quiet operation, too.

The Smart RGB 700W comes with a 5-year warranty, which is pretty great for a budget 700-watt power supply.

Best 650W: Seasonic FOCUS Plus 650 Gold

Offering robust performance for midrange to high-end graphics cards, the Seasonic FOCUS Plus 650 Gold SSR-650FX is the best option for users with rigs that can be satisfied by 650 watts. Graded at 80 Plus Gold, it offer 87 to 90 percent efficiency depending on how hard it’s working. Its compact design is nice for smaller cases and gets even better when you consider that it’s fully modular. You can disconnect any unused connectors, which comes in handy since the 650FX has a bunch: eight SATA connectors, four eight-pin PCIe connectors, three four-pin Molex connectors, and one four-pin Floppy connector.

The 650FX uses Seasonic’s hybrid fan control featuring three different stages: cooling, fanless, and silent. The fan system is designed to balance both cooling and silent running to achieve peak operational performance. Backed by an excellent 10-year warranty, the 650FX is a no-brainer for rigs accommodated by 650 watts of power.

Best 850W: Corsair RM850x

Sound familiar? We’re going back to Corsair’s RM-series for one of our 850-watt picks. That’s simply a testament to how ubiquitous and well-regarded Corsair’s sterling line of power supplies is in the modern PC components market. The RM850x mirrors the 750x in every area but is capable of taking on 100 watts more power. 

So why would you buy the 850x over the 750x? It all depends on your graphics card(s) and processor, really. But if you’re using a high-end card or multiple cards with a new Intel or AMD processor, you might get close to the 750-watt threshold. It’s always better to have wiggle room for future upgrades, especially if you’re a gamer. The RM850x also comes with a 10-year warranty.

Best Monitoring: ASUS ROG Thor 850W

ASUS is a newcomer in the power supply market, but the ASUS ROG Thor 850W is a tempting option for those wanting a more in-depth look at power consumption statistics. An OLED display gives users real-time metrics to monitor power draw. Additionally, it uses Aura Sync technology for RGB lighting that can connect and synchronize with other Aura Sync-compatible devices.

For cooling, ASUS has equipped the ROF Thor with a wing-blade fan and ROG heatsinks. The ROG Thor also comes with an 80 Plus Platinum Efficiency rating for 89 percent efficiency at 100 percent loads and 92 percent efficiency at 50 percent loads. These high-efficiency ratings help keep fan noise to a minimum in combination with the fan and heatsinks. All of its cables have sleeves which keep them from fraying, and the ROG Thor is fully modular, so you only need to keep what you use in your case. Though pricey and fairly bulky, the ROG Thor makes up for it with high-quality components, features, and a lengthy 10-year warranty.

Best Splurge: Seasonic Prime 1000 Titanium

The premier Seasonic power supply, the Prime Titanium 1000W power supply is built with premium parts and the highest efficiency rating around: 80 Plus Titanium. For many users, 1,000 watts may be overkill, but if you're using multiple high-end graphics cards, a beefy processor, and numerous hard drives under the hood, the Seasonic Prime may be worth the investment. The Prime uses Seasonic’s micro tolerance load regulation to contain output voltage to an extraordinarily small range. The stability provided by the technology is of particular consequence to high-powered rigs.

For hard drives with power disable functionality, the Prime includes a SATA 3.3 adapter. It also comes with a PSU tester to quickly get your power supply going. The Prime Titanium’s Fluid Dynamic Bearing allows the fan to run quietly and supports three hybrid modes: fanless, silent, and cooling. Even when running at high loads, the Prime Titanium is impressively quiet. Its fully modular design lets you connect only what you need to the power supply. The Prime Titanium is ideal for enthusiasts and could be the only power supply you need for quite some time. It comes with a 12-year warranty.

Best for Multiple GPUs: Corsair HX1200i

Corsair’s RM series is excellent, but users who want even more features may want to take a gander at the HX1200i. Using Corsair’s iCue software, you can monitor performance, fan speed, and toggle between single/multi-rail mode. You can also use the software to tinker with RGB lighting across your rig.

With an 80 Plus Platinum efficiency, the HX1200i regularly delivers 92 percent energy efficiency. The thermally controlled fan only rotates as fast as required for the current load and completely shuts off when it’s not needed. The HX1200i is Corsair’s quietest power supply. Like other high-quality power supplies on this list, the HX1200i is fully modular and comes with low-profile connectors that help make installation as painless as possible. The HX1200i has all of the connectors you’ll need for multiple GPUs, which you should have if you’re considering a 1,200-watt power supply. The HX1200i, though pricey, will likely outlast your other components and comes with a 10-year warranty.

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