The 6 Best Power Inverters of 2020

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The Rundown
Best for Cars:
POTEK 500W at Amazon
Best Multi Function:
Renogy 2000W at Amazon
"The Renogy inverter has a number of uses including USB charging, solar power support, and sine wave."

The best power inverters should have high wattage, plenty of outlets, and resistance to overloads, short circuits, and high temperatures to keep your devices safe. A good power inverter can take DC power and turn it into power for AC devices (typical for most consumer electronics). The better quality inverters will have pure sine wave, giving them higher quality power that works with more sensitive electronic devices. Modified sine wave should work fine too, but for peace of mind, a pure sine wave inverter may be a better option.

Our top pick for the category is the KRIEGER 1100 watt inverter (view on Amazon). It's one of the world's smallest inverters and it's powerful enough to handle most small alliances and electronics. The casing is heavy duty, there's an LCD display, and it can manage TVs, gaming consoles, and microwaves with its 2200 watts of peak power.

Read on for the best power inverters to buy.

Best Overall: KRIEGER 1100 Watt

Billed as the world's smallest 1100W power inverter, the Krieger is more than powerful enough to handle small appliances and electronics. Packed away in a heavy-duty aluminum casing that's durable enough to last for years, the Krieger provides all of its relevant info on an LCD display, including output wattage, input voltage and battery level. It's ideal for keeping power tools charged up or powering televisions, gaming consoles or small appliances such as a microwave (it features 2200 watts of peak power). Plugging any of those appliances into the KRIEGER is easy, thanks to the two standard AC 12V outlets on either of the dual USB charging ports that push out 2.1A, making it equally suitable for charging smartphones or tablets. It's backed by KRIEGER's three-year warranty.

Best Budget: BESTEK 300 Watt

BESTEK is one of the strongest and most well-known names in the power inverter space and their 300W product is a standout choice for buyers looking at compact choices (it's about the length of a smartphone). The BESTEK includes two 110V AC outlets for charging electronics like a laptop and has dual USB charging ports for charging smartphones or tablets. The included two-foot cigarette adapter plug combines with the BESTEK's small footprint to fit into nearly any type of vehicle, making it a great choice to pack while camping or on vacation. A built-in 40-amp fuse and the integrated cooling fan helps protect both a car and plugged in devices from overheating, overloading or overcharging. The strong metal housing ensures the BESTEK can handle a few drops and bumps.

Best Splurge: Energizer ENK 2000 Watt

The Energizer 3000-watt power inverter adds a peak power rating of 6000 watts, which means it has more than enough power output to handle heavy-duty electronics. Whether it is for use with microwaves, power tools, home appliances or gaming consoles, the Energizer is a is designed to keep things running smoothly and quietly, thanks to the ultra-silent thermal fan.

The Energizer adds two standard AC outlets for plugging in various electronics and two USB charging ports for connecting smartphones or tablets. An available remote allows users to power on and off the Energizer at a short distance away from the unit. Tracking power output is incredibly easy with the LCD display that alerts users to the input voltage, output wattage and battery level to ensure there is no danger of overheating.

Best for RV: AMPEAK 2000W Power Converter

The AMPEAK 2000-watt power inverter offers a maximum power output of 4000 surge watts. The available three AC outlets and single 2.1A USB outlet will work with everything from cell phones, digital cameras, electrical fans, freezers, floodlights, microwaves and other electronics you might find in an RV.

To protect against damage for any of your devices, the AMPEAK adds some welcome protections, including three cooling fans and an audible alarm to quickly alert you to overloads, over voltage or overheating. Another major benefit to the AMPEAK 2000W is the opportunity to connect to a 12V battery system, allowing the AMPEAK to assist with providing additional power for your needs during events such as a hurricane or storm where power outages can be frequent.


Best for Cars: POTEK 500W

You can never go wrong by having too much power on you while driving across town or the country. The POTEK 500W is an ideal option for buyers looking at power inverters that are properly sized for a car and keep the energy flowing to a slew of electronics and hand-held devices. The POTEK 500W and its dual 110V AC outlets and two USB ports will have no problem keeping a laptop, Kindle, iPad or multiple smartphones going with power to spare. Keeping all of these charges going simultaneously without causing any damage is the work of the built-in cooling fan that ensures no devices or the POTEK itself will get overheated or overloaded. Measuring 7.1 x 4.1 x 2.2 inches in size, the POTEK fits in most glove compartments or center consoles, which makes it a must-have for anyone who spends a good chunk of time commuting in a car.

Best Multi Function: Renogy 2000W Pure Sine Wave Battery Converter

The Renogy 2000W is a jack-of-all trades pure sine wave power inverter. It's optimized for 12 VDC system and offers overload protection for both DC input and AC output. It has protection for under-voltage, over-voltage, over-temprature, overload, and short circut, with LED indicators for each item. There's even high-speed ventilation fans built into the unit to keep it from overheating and there's a ground-fault circuit interrupter to prevent short circuits. The power the Renogy 2000W produces is good enough for tools, fans, lights, and other electronics. As a final selling point, it has a built-in 5V/2.1A USB port and an AC hardwire port to cover all your needs and devices.

Final Verdict

The best power inverter is the KRIEGER 1000W. It's small, compact, and ideal for handling electronics and small appliances while camping.We also like the BESTEK 300W as a budget option. There are two AC ports for electronics and dual charging USB ports for things like phones and tablets. The integrated cooling fan helps ensure it stays cool.

What to Look for In a Power Inverter

Wattage - The more wattage an inverter has, the more power it can generate. Depending on your use, you may need large loads of power, or your consumption may be rather minimal. Before you buy a power inverter, consider how you’ll be using the device and try to determine how much power you’ll need. Power inverters can vary widely in wattage, ranging anywhere from 300W to 3,000W and up. Some can even generate surge power as high as 6,000W. 

Number of outlets - Most power inverters have two standard AC outlets for plugging in various electronic devices. Other models offer additional AC outlets and often USB ports as well, to let you charge all the devices you desire—from laptops to fans and flood flights.

Durability - If you’re in need of a power inverter that can stand up to the elements, look for a durable device with features like aluminum casing. Many inverters also have extra protection features to prevent overvoltage or overloaded devices. Still not feeling secure? Opt for an inverter with a warranty for even more protection.