The 7 Best Portable Laptop Battery Chargers of 2020

Make sure your laptop never runs out of juice with these portable chargers

The Ultimate Laptop Buying Guide
The Ultimate Laptop Buying Guide

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The whole point of having a laptop is so you can be connected on-the-go, but sometimes your laptop's battery life might have other plans. Portable laptop chargers will help keep you powered up, but choosing the right one to purchase can be tricky. The best chargers work with a variety of systems, are lightweight and have the proper power outputs needed to juice up your device. So if you're stumped on which to buy, our list of top portable laptop chargers available in 2019 can help.

Our Top Picks

MAXOAK External Battery Power Bank for Laptop & Notebook


The MAXOAK External Battery is a versatile power beast. First, it features six charging ports. One is a 20-volt/3-amp port for laptops, one is 12-volt/2.5-amp port for digital cameras, two are 5-volt/2.1-amp USB ports and two 5 volt/1 amp USB ports. Second, it has 50,000 mAh of battery life, meaning you could recharge your laptop and phones many times before having to recharge the external battery power bank. Third, it measures just 8.1 x 5.3 x 1.3 inches and weighs 2.77 pounds, so it could easily fit into your camping bag and it won’t be that much heavier. Finally, it includes 14 types of laptop connectors, so it covers most models but not Apple laptops. If you don’t have an Apple laptop or a laptop that uses USB Type C, you’ll likely be able to plug it in, but be sure to check if your laptop is supported before purchasing.

Jackery 20,800 mAh Portable Charger


The Jackery portable charger has a slightly different look than most of the slim, rectangular chargers you’ll find on this list. But the brick-looking, tower aesthetic is pretty refreshing on this device. They’ve done this to minimize weight, and it weighs only 1.5 lbs, which the company promises will be ideal for camping and on-the-go outdoor activities. The 85W A/C output is designed for all the latest laptops, including 12-inch MacBooks, the new MacBook Pros, Dell & HP laptops, the Microsoft Surface and more.

On the flipside, there are a few varieties of USB outputs from USB-C to the new USB 3 for the fastest charging at 5V/2.4 amps. The device promises 6 to 10 full charges for iPhones, 6 to 10 full charges for Samsung phones, 8 to 10 cycles for GoPros and 1 to 3 charges for tablets. There’s built-in protection for temperature overheating, unexpected surges and overcharges, so you won’t mess up any of the devices you’re trying to juice up. The company has even taken steps to make sure the device meets TSA regulations in case you want to bring it in your carry-on.

ChargeTech Portable AC Battery Pack

Chargetech Portable AC Battery Pack

 Courtesy of Chargetech


ChargeTech Enterprises is a fascinating small company that got its start on Indiegogo, raising about $450,000 to make “the best portable AC power supply.” Since that time, the ChargeTech Portable AC Battery Pack has become a popular item that anyone can buy on Amazon. This unit measures 7.5 x 5.2 x 1 inches and weighs 1.56 pounds. It offers 27,000 mAh of battery and can charge electronic items that are up to 85 watts, including laptops, digital cameras, curling irons and more. On top of having an AC outlet, it also has two USB ports that charge at 2.4 amps, so you can easily charge your phone or tablet too. On the top of the unit, you’ll find four blue LED lights that tell you how much battery the device has left. Keep in mind that with this battery only being able to charge electronics up to 85 watts, you’ll want to closely check the settings on what you are attempting to charge before charging.

Anker PowerCore+


Between the Bluetooth speakers and portable charging options, Anker has a lot to offer the space of mobile tech. The PowerCore+ is a sizeable charger for any tech, but the fact that it offers USB type C Power Delivery means it’s perfect for charging MacBooks and other USB-C devices. It contains both USB-C ports and USB-A ports, the former offering 30W output and the latter putting out 5V and 3A of power. This compatibility will let you charge anything from iPhones to Android devices, all the way to tablets and the aforementioned laptops. The battery sports 26,800 mAh of charge, which the manufacturer promises is enough power to recharge an iPhone X as many as six times. It will charge a full laptop far less, but that’s to be expected. The bundle also comes with a 30W USB-C wall charger with Power Delivery — a nice bonus that will also work for laptops and other high power devices like pro-level tablets and the Nintendo Switch.

RAVPower USB-C Power Bank

Many of RAVPower’s options center on mobile devices and tablets, so you’ll have to choose a USB-C power delivery option like this one if you’re looking to charge up a laptop. That Power Delivery tech amounts to 30W of continuous power, so look for that when going for a portable laptop charger (note that it might be referred to as “PD” on the product description). It’s a 26,800 mAh battery pack that will recharge itself in four to five hours and hold enough juice to charge up a MacBook and an iPhone 10 times, an Android around six times, and more (though it’s important to note that these estimates are only just that: estimates). The LED indicator on the outside is clearly visible and readable to determine the battery level. It also offers a 2.4A USB charger for mobile devices, and it’s housed in a wear-resistant shell that looks and feels good.

PowerOak Laptop External Battery Charger

Next up, we have another high-capacity 50,000 mAH external battery. Measuring 8.15 x 1.3 x 5.35 inches and weighing just under three pounds, the PowerOak packs a powerful punch into a small package. It makes for a great road trip companion, but due to the high voltage, the device is not approved for air travel. The PowerOak offers six output ports, each with a different voltage, to accommodate the charging needs of a wide range of devices. It contains one 20V/5A port for laptops, one 12V/2.5A port for digital cameras, two 5V/2.1A and two 5V/1A USB ports for tablets and smart phones. The PowerOak comes with 14 laptop adapters which are compatible with almost every major electronic brand including Samsung, Dell, Lenovo, HP, ASUS, and other Windows PCs. 

The PowerOak’s high charging capacity promises quick charging speeds and protection against short-circuiting or overheating. Its lithium-ion polymer battery is equipped with six layers of security, ensuring safe use for at least 1,000 recharge cycles. The device also features a fire-retardant, corrosion-resistant, aluminum exterior, which keeps the charger looking brand new even after months of use.

Mophie Powerstation AC

For charging everything from a smartphone to a 15-inch laptop, the Mophie Powerstation AC is a must-have. The 100W output is best-in-class with the option to plug in devices through AC, USB-A and USB-C ports. At 2.4A, this power bank can safely handle just about anything you want to charge. It even has USB-C 30W input for fast-charging certain compatible devices — it’s one of the few chargers currently capable of fast-charging the iPhone X or iPhone 8 smartphones.

The 22,000mAh internal rechargeable battery can provide up to 15 hours of dedicated charging for a laptop. LED lights indicate battery levels and charging status. And with the Priority+ charging feature, you can plug in a device and then plug the Powerstation into the wall overnight, and both will be charged by morning. All this capability is built inside a 7.5 x 4.5 x 1.1-inch and 1.7-pound frame. The exterior is wrapped in premium fabric so your devices won’t get scratched if they’re packed together.

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What to Look for in a Portable Battery Charger

Capacity - When picking a portable laptop battery charger, one of your primary considerations should be its capacity to store energy (measured in mAh) — this denotes the device’s battery life before it needs to be recharged. Be sure that the battery has equal or more capacity than the one already inside your machine so that you can expect a full charge.

Output - Some portable chargers can be a bit slow when outputting a charge, so be sure that the battery you’re purchasing has an output equal to or higher than the wattage of your typical laptop charger.

Connectors - Obviously, it’s critical to make sure that you can plug your laptop into your new portable charger. Check to see the type of inputs the charger supports — whether that’s a standard wall outlet plug, a USB-C port, or other universal solutions.

Test Results: MAXOAK External Battery Power Bank for Laptop & Notebook

What We Like
  • Excellent capacity

  • LED light to indicate charge

  • Lots of port options

What We Don't Like
  • Heavy

  • Not airplane friendly

  • Won’t work for Apple laptops

The battery capacity of this charger is “astounding,” according to our testers. Our reviewers also loved its LED light (which indicates its charge) and the fact that it fit easily in medium and large bags. However, the charger’s downsides also had to do with its portability. Our testers felt that it was fairly heavy for daily on-the-go use and noted that it isn't airplane friendly—its capacity is significantly over the TSA limit. Unfortunately, it also won’t work for Apple laptops.

Test Results: Jackery 20,800 mAh Portable Charger

What We Like
  • A/C port

  • USB-C port

  • Solid performance

What We Don't Like
  • Blocky design

“The integrated AC plugin is the selling point of this product — and rightly so,” explained one of our testers. “Its design makes it easy to plug in nearly any device.” Our reviewers also liked that they could charge their devices via USB-C and thought the charger’s performance was “solid” overall. However, according to one tester, its “blocky” design wasn’t as convenient: “Its build means it's not the best fit if you're working with small, thin spaces, such as a messenger bag or thin backpack.”

Test Results: ChargeTech Portable AC Battery Pack

What We Like
  • AC plugin

  • Portable

  • Two USB ports that charge at 2.4 amps

What We Don't Like
  • Overall value could be better

One of our reviewers thought that this device “offered a decent amount of capacity in a relatively compact frame, which made it easier to travel with.” But its largest selling point, according to our testers, was its integrated AC plugin; its two USB ports (that charge at 2.4 amps) were another plus. Its overall value, though, could have been better: “For how much it costs,” explained one tester, “you can get more features and battery capacity in other chargers.”

Test Results: Anker PowerCore+

What We Like
  • Attractive design

  • Quick to charge

  • 18-month warranty

What We Don't Like
  • No AC plugin

  • Could have more USB-C ports

“This charger is beautiful, compact, and delivers its 26,800 mAh capacity fast to nearly any device you plug into it,” raved one of our testers. One reviewer also said that Anker's 18-month warranty “sweetens the deal even more.” On the other end of the spectrum, one of our testers wished that it had “one more USB Type-C port to give a little more flexibility.” But while it's a little more expensive than some competitors, "considering the included accessories and more thoughtful design, it makes it worth it to spring the extra cash," according to one of our reviewers.