The 7 Best Portable CD Players to Buy in 2018

The value of these devices is more than sentimental

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There’s almost never an inconvenient time to listen to your favorite songs and, while MP3 players have overtaken the portable CD player in popularity, there’s just something gratifying about listening to a CD. Whether it's having something tangible in your hands or the arguably better audio quality, the portable CD player has been and will continue to be a terrific way to hear all of your favorite tunes.

So if you’re looking for the best battery life in your CD player or for a portable CD player with the best skip protection, our list of the best portable CD players you can buy now surely won't disappoint. 

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Insignia NS-P4112

Insignia™ - Portable CD Player - Black/Charcoal
Courtesy of Best Buy

Ready to play CD, CD-R, and CD-RW discs, the Insignia NS-P4112 portable CD player is a truly great way to playback your entire CD catalog from start to finish. With 60 seconds of skip protection to ensure uninterrupted audio, the NS-P4112 works to make sure there’s no gap in music playback because of a few bumps. The included behind-the-head headphones are a rarity these days as most portable music players include standard sized earbuds that do not provide as solid an audio experience or the same amount of comfort as the Insignia headphones. It’s a win-win for NS-P4112 buyers. Powered by two AA batteries, the Insignia can provide around two hours of music playback or about the time it takes to go through two full-length compact discs. It also includes an external power adapter for endless audio listening.

Runner Up, Best Overall: HOTT CD611

If you’re after a good combination of sound, design and overall quality, the HOTT CD611 is a good choice. Designed to play CDs as well as CD-Rs, and CD-RWs, and, the HOTT CD611 also adds MP3 disc playback and WMA formatting. The included stereo earbuds plug directly into the headphone jack while the CD611 itself is powered by two AA batteries or an external power adapter. On the front of the player is the main selection of buttons and LCD display that includes a forward and back option, play and pause as well as a mode button to activate one of five sound effects or four different playback modes. In addition, the CD611 adds electronic skip and anti-shock protection to keep the music playing even if you walk or drive over a bump.

Best Budget: HamiltonBuhl HACX-114

Designed with extended use in mind, the HamiltonBuhl HACX-114 portable CD player is an economical choice to listen to CDs while on the go. Featuring 60-second skip protection and digital volume control, the HACX-114 can play both CD and CD-R discs for a full audio experience. The 3.5mm headphone jack allows the included earbuds to be used or buyers can provide their own for improved audio. The small LCD display provides information on the current track number making it easy to skip around and find a favorite song thanks to the available play and pause, stop and off as well as skip buttons. Powered by two AA batteries, the HACX-114 offers two hours of listening to CDs on repeat or it can be utilized with its included power supply for longer playback.

Best High End: Sony D-E350 PSYC CD Walkman

For a great blend of skip protection and battery life, the Sony D-E350 PSYC CD Walkman is a standout choice. Powered by two AA batteries, the Sony has enough battery life for 32 hours of continuous audio playback while adding an external power adapter for continuous listening. One of the Sony’s biggest highlights is the inclusion of the company’s EXPMAX technology that provides a skip-free listening experience while adding a shockproof system that holds up to 40 seconds of upcoming music to avoid any interruption in music playback. Sony’s Mega Bass adds a heightened level of music playback by allowing a deeper bass experience to come through the included headphones while also including an automatic volume-limiting system to prevent any damage to hearing.

Best Skip Protection: Peroom HOTT Portable CD Player

The Peroom HOTT will solve any annoying skip and playback issues you may have with your CDs thanks to its 45-second skip feature. Taking things one step further, the Peroom HOTT adds an additional 120 seconds of anti-skip protection for MP3 CDs, all but eliminating concerns that you’ll ever worry about interrupted music again. Rounding out the rest of the feature set is anti-shock protection to protect against bumps, five sound effects, four playback modes and support for CD-R and CD-RW discs as well as MP3 and WMA audio formats. The Peroom HOTT also includes support for an AUX connection via a 3.5mm input for connecting to speakers and moving beyond the included earbuds.

Best Radio: Insignia NS-P5113

Insignia™ - Portable CD Player with FM Tuner and MP3 Playback - Black
Courtesy of Best Buy

While nearly all of today’s compact disc players are solely focused on the playback of CD-R, CD-RW or even MP3 discs, the Insignia NS-P5113 adds an entirely new function for buyers. With a built-in FM radio, Insignia owners will be able to enter 10 of their favorite FM radio stations for hours of additional entertainment beyond the compact disc function. In addition to the FM radio, the NS-P5113 provides exceptional skip protection allowing nearly 240 seconds of stored music or up to 480 seconds of MP3 audio to allow for a completely uninterrupted listening no matter your music preference. Two AA batteries provide up to two hours of music listening and an external power adapter is included for extra lengthy sessions of compact-disc or FM radio listening.

Best Value: HONGYU Slim Portable CD Player

Available in a stark white color that’s hard to miss, the HONGYU portable CD player offers a full section of options and features. The two included power supply options allow for audio playback through two AA batteries or via a power adapter. The HONGYU excels at allowing users to add multiple CD formats with additional support for MP3 and WMA CD formatting as well as CD-R and CD-RW discs. The LED display provides users a quick look at the current track selection while the surrounding buttons allow for play and pause or skipping forward or backward. Additional features like electronic skip protection, five unique sound effects, four playback modes and a low battery warning pair with a volume limiting function to help prevent sudden exposure to high volume music.