The 6 Best Pocket Watches

Switch up your style when it comes to timekeeping

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Best Overall: Stuhrling Original Men's Vintage Mechanical Pocket Watch

Stuhrling Original Men's Vintage Mechanical Pocket Watch


Striking the perfect balance between good looks and affordability, the Stuhrling Men's Vintage Mechanical Pocket Watch is the selection to beat. The Stuhrling offers a vintage style that's a throwback to pocket watches of yesteryears with a stainless-steel housing and roman numeral face. The attached kickstand on the rear of the Stuhrling makes for ideal placement on a desk for easy admiration. In addition to the kickstand, the 12-inch link chain and attached belt clip allow the wearer to easily attach the Stuhrling to a pair of pants. To maintain accurate time, the Stuhrling requires itself to be rewound through its crown every 24 to 36 hours (this process also doubles as a method for storing energy to help keep the watch's internal pieces moving smoothly throughout the day). 

Best Modern Design: WENSHIDA Skeleton Men Antique Mechanical

WENSHIDA Skeleton Men Antique Mechanical


Built with a style all its own, the WENSHIDA Skeleton mechanical hand-wind pocket watch is a perfect choice for yourself or to give as a unique gift. The contemporary look pairs with a modern design that feels expensive and high-quality. Its exposed face comes matches up beautifully with the golden-hued mechanical pieces and encasing.

The mechanical button on the top requires winding every 24 hours for accurate timekeeping, while a steampunk-style design and acrylic face round out the rest of the composition. With no flap to shield the watch face, the WENSHIDA relies on its alloy material for protection from damage or drops. At nearly 14 inches in length, the chain clips nicely to a belt loop for easy access to a pocket whether you're in a suit or out on the town for a night.

Best Budget: Mudder Classic Smooth Vintage Steel Mens Pocket Watch

Mudder Classic Smooth Vintage Steel


Inexpensive without sacrificing style or function, the Mudder Classic Smooth Vintage Steel Pocket Watch makes for a great addition to your wardrobe. The white dial pairs well with any of the five available colors (black, gold, silver, bronze and rose gold). No matter which color you pick, the Mudder offers basic water-resistance and enough protection to withstand splashes from a sink or a drop in a puddle. Weighing 2.40 ounces, the Mudder maintains its lightweight size even with a small internal battery that powers the watch and maintains its timing accuracy to around 30 seconds of true time. A 14.8-inch long chain has a clip at the end that can grab onto a pocket or belt, which adds a little peace of mind when it comes to worrying about the watch falling out.

Best Splurge: Charles-Hubert Paris 3869-S Mechanical Pocket Watch

Charles-Hubert Paris 3869-S Mechanical Pocket Watch


Ornately styled, the Charles-Hubert Paris 3869-S classic collection pocket watch is a must-own. Right away you notice the skeleton dial that shows the internal workings of the watch. There’s practicality as well with a shock-protected mechanical hand wind movement. The rear of the watch is also skeletonized providing a complete picture of how the watch works. Ridges adorn the entire exterior of the circumference making it easy to hold and grip. Adding a mineral crystal front and rear for protection, attention is well focused on the internal workings. Black roman numbers compose the hour markers with blue hands marking the hour and minute. The second subdial is above the 6 PM hour and is also marked with blue hands for accurate timekeeping. All totaled, the face of the watch is 47mm in diameter which is par for the course in this price range. Composed of stainless steel, the watch has a heightened level of durability and style. A plated metal chain connects it to a belt or helps pull the watch from any pants pocket. 

Best Everyday: Gotham Men’s Silver-Tone Ultra-Thin RailRoad

Gotham Men’s RailRoad Watch

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If you want an everyday pocket watch that's suitable for formal and casual events, check out the Gotham silver-tone, ultra-thin, railroad quartz pocket watch. The polished brass rear case adds to the classic design that harkens back to pocket watches of olden days. On the front side is the white, railroad-style dial with black 12 and 24-hour markers that are more commonly found in today's pocket watch. The open-face style means the Gotham has no protective cover for the watch face, which adds to the minimalist approach but also highlights the need for a dedicated pocket sans keys. The 42mm-size face is fairly standard sizing and the rear of the watch is completely clean in case you want to engrave a special message.

Best Outdoor: Spovan Silver Digital Pocket Watch

Spovan Silver Digital Pocket Watch


Made with outdoor types in mind, the stainless steel Spovan Men's Pocket Sports Watch is shockproof and water-resistant to depths under 100 feet, so it's ready to clip onto a diving suit or enjoy a casual swim without fear of internal damage. Adding to the outdoorsy feature set is the ability to record and provide real-time tracking for up to six unique sites, which make the Slovan ideal for remembering the best fishing, camping or hiking spots. For even more versatility, the watch is equipped with altimeter, barometer and thermometer functionality. The digital display eliminates the need for minutes, seconds and hour hands, but it adds four unique buttons for activating the aforementioned different features.

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