The 8 Best PlayStation 4 VR Games of 2020

It's easier than ever to experience a whole new world

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Our Top Picks

Best for Beginners: VR Worlds at Amazon

"Made for newcomers...ease of use with different gaming scenarios."

Best for Driving: Wipeout at Amazon

"Anti-gravity pilot racing game that isn’t for the faint of heart."

Best Tank Game / Co-Op Multiplayer: Battlezone at Amazon

"Multiplayer co-op campaign where you and...friends can fight side-by-side."

Best Scariness Factor: Resident Evil 7 at Amazon

"Sinister atmosphere will play on...your visual and audio senses."

Best Online Competitive Matches: RIGS Mechanized Combat at Amazon

"Online gameplay includes three playable match types."

Best First Person Shooter: Farpoint at Amazon

"A full-length single player campaign, which gives it a more complete feeling."

Best for Flying: Eagle Flight at Amazon

"Soars you over breathtaking landmarks in the skies of Paris."

Best for Kids: Psychonauts In the Rhombus of Ruin at Amazon

"Kids solve various puzzles...while using psychic powers."

Best for Beginners: VR Worlds

VR Worlds

 Courtesy of Amazon

The shift to virtual reality games and a user’s anatomy in them can get some time getting used to. Fortunately, VR Worlds is a VR game specifically made for newcomers, offering ease of use with different gaming scenarios, from sea exploration to illegal street racing. VR Worlds was created for the player in mind, with an assurance of a smooth transition into VR.

VR Worlds allows players to pick from five different short games that best exemplify PlayStation 4’s virtual reality capabilities. The Ocean Descent game puts you in the perspective of a diver, exploring breath taking underwater sights and marine life floating calmly in front of you. The London Heist – a far more intense game – pits you in London’s gritty criminal underworld as you relive a dramatic heist shootout, spraying bullets from an UZI in a getaway car. For virtual reality beginners, VR Worlds is the best option before anything else.

Best for Driving: Wipeout: Omega Collection

Wipeout: Omega Collection is remastering of three Wipeout games: Wipeout HD, Wipeout HD Fury and Wipeout 2048. It is a futuristic anti-gravity pilot racing game that isn’t for the faint of heart. It's the type of game that will get you clutching your PS4 remote as you go at top speeds on tracks that twist and turn.

With over 26 reversible circuits, 46 individual ships and nine game modes, the Wipeout: Omega Collection offers a plethora of content that’ll last you more than your normal PS4 virtual reality game. Players will zip around courses and fire different weapon pickups on tracks on ships that have varying statistics including handling, thrust, top speed and shield strength. The game features a soundtrack with artists such as The Chemical Brothers and Swedish House Mafia and has a multiplayer mode with offline splitscreen and online matchups with up to eight players.

Best Tank Game / Co-Op Multiplayer: Battlezone

November 1980 could mark the time when first-person shooters began their debut — such is the case with Battlezone. Now, the classic virtual reality tank combat arcade game finally gets a remake on the PlayStation 4, bringing with it a sparkling display of neon polygonal graphics and intense gameplay. 

Battlezone works well in tangent with your PS4 and its controls, giving smooth fluid gameplay with mic-audio functions, strafing and advancing through levels with your tank, giving you a monumental sense of scale in landscape awareness as enemies drop in. It features a multiplayer co-op campaign where you and three other friends can fight side-by-side with drop-in, drop-out gameplay allowing for anyone to jump in at any time to help you along. There’s a huge amount of replay value in Battlezone, as no two play-throughs are the same due to maps, missions and enemies constantly changing in each attempt.

Best Scariness Factor: Resident Evil 7: BioHazard

For thrill seekers, Resident Evil 7: BioHazard is the ultimate fear-inducing VR game for PlayStation 4. Players are thrust into a decrepit plantation mansion where they must solve puzzles, manage items, explore tense environments and fight off horrific monsters that get up close and personal (and right behind you.) The sinister atmosphere will play on both your visual and audio senses, sometimes tricking you, but always delivering a true horror experience.

Resident Evil 7: BioHazard is the most likely game on the list to keep you up at night. Its disturbing photorealistic experience and immersion will have you believing the terrors are real as they jump out at you from behind closed doors, forcing you to fight them off (or throwing off the headset) with whatever you can reach for. It’s not only one of the most scary virtual reality games on PlayStation 4, but in existence.

Best Online Competitive Matches: RIGS Mechanized Combat

RIGS will get you suited up with targeted lasers, walking you through a tutorial of basic maneuvering, then propelling you into a fighting arena where you’ll battle other pilots in their mechanized bots. RIGS Mechanized Combat League lets you face off with other players online where your skills will be put to the test.

RIGS Mechanized Combat League includes 24 unlockable distinct Hero RIGS with their own characteristics. The game features a single-player mode that breaks in a three-division league, but players will find most using the diverse online gameplay modes. Online gameplay includes three playable match types: Team Takedown, which is similar to team death match style modes; Power Slam, where two teams compete by jumping into a ring; and Endzone, which mimics American football by taking control of a ball and reaching an end zone.

Best First Person Shooter: Farpoint

Farpoint is the quintessential VR first-person shooter on PlayStation 4 right now. The riveting space adventure thrusts players on a hostile alien planet in a search, rescue and escape mission. Players will explore the secrets of this unknown planet, shooting through hordes of alien life in an epic fight for survival.

While other VR games on the list may have a short story mode, Farpoint offers a full-length single player campaign, which gives it a more complete feeling. There are multiple weapons to discover such as plasma rifles and rail guns. There's also a multiplayer cooperation mode that you and a buddy can dive into. To maximize realism, gamers should purchase the PS4 PSVR Aim Controller for Farpoint.

Best for Flying: Eagle Flight

By far the most comfortable game on the list, Eagle Flight puts you in the perspective of an eagle, allowing you to experience relaxing free flight if you so choose. Similar to Disneyland’s ‘Soarin’’ Epcot ride, Eagle Flight soars you over breathtaking landmarks in the skies of Paris, France with no obligation but to fly.

The game isn’t a total snore-fest, though. Multiple modes allow for you to kick gameplay up a notch. You can dive through narrow streets, performing aerials and even engage in dogfights in multiplayer with up to six other people. Eagle Flight’s controls are programmed with ease and intuitiveness in mind, allowing for virtually anyone to enjoy their flight. Reviewers have noted that gameplay induces no vertigo or motion sickness, so those weak in stomach can play relieved.

Best for Kids: Psychonauts In the Rhombus of Ruin

Psychonauts In The Rhombus Rain is a first-person animated cartoony puzzle-focused game that focuses on point-and-click gameplay. The lighthearted adventure is suitable for kids of all ages and provides an atmosphere of fun characters, learning and unique objectives.

Psychonauts In The Rhombus Rain has kids solve various puzzles and riddles while using psychic powers such as telekineses. Players sit in a seated position, so there isn’t too much action going on besides the game’s ongoing story, where they use clairvoyance to see the world from the perspectives of other characters in order to gain information and complete objectives. This is the game for any parent who doesn’t want an overtly stimulating VR game, but instead, one that focuses more on critical thinking and listening skills.