The 8 Best PlayStation 4 VR Games to Buy in 2018

It's easier than ever to experience a whole new world

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PlayStation 4 is one of the latest modern consoles offering their own dedicated headset and some of the most immersive and exclusive VR games. The PlayStation 4’s VR headset offers users a chance to step into another reality with its advanced 5.7” OLED 1080p display at 120 frames per second and it’s 3D audio technology; the sound and vision is all around you. With PlayStation 4’s VR lineup, there’s never been a more affordable way to jump into augmented reality.

For those with a PlayStation 4, or are interested in one, the leeway to jump into VR games is fairly accessible. Below we've compiled the best PlayStation VR Games to date. Though the format may be intimidating for some, the PlayStation 4 offers numerous varied VR games based on user expectation and comfort zone. If you’re a beginner and just gaining familiarity in VR or you want the closest thing to a second world that will fool the senses, there is the perfect virtual reality game for you.

The shift to virtual reality games and a user’s anatomy in them can get some time getting used to. Fortunately, VR Worlds is a VR game specifically made for newcomers, offering ease of use with different gaming scenarios, from sea exploration to illegal street racing. VR Worlds was created for the player in mind, with an assurance of a smooth transition into VR.

VR Worlds allows players to pick from five different short games that best exemplify PlayStation 4’s virtual reality capabilities. The Ocean Descent game puts you in the perspective of a diver, exploring breath taking underwater sights and marine life floating calmly in front of you. The London Heist – a far more intense game – pits you in London’s gritty criminal underworld as you relive a dramatic heist shootout, spraying bullets from an UZI in a getaway car. For virtual reality beginners, VR Worlds is the best option before anything else.

DriveClub is the best virtual reality driving game on PlayStation 4, delivering an almost-real-life experience. The game responds to your steering movements and stick shifts as you race against other competitive drivers.

In DriveClub, users will hear the roar of engines and screech of tires as they hit the road behind the wheels of the world’s most powerful cars. The PlayStation’s VR headset gives the feeling of a driver’s helmet, too. Vast challenging tracks offer some of best graphics to date with photorealistic environments and atmospheres giving a strong sense of immersion. Players can go head to head with computer drivers or play online with other people in a multiplayer mode. DriveClub is the ultimate game to get for the race driver in all of us.

Everyone wants to be Batman. Batman: Arkham VR allows you to take the helm of the Dark Knight in first person mode, exploring Gotham City and unraveling a thrilling mystery. The game entrenches the player in a cinematic experience where they start out in Wayne Manor, explore the depths of the Batcave and then jump into the crime ridden streets of Gotham City.

Batman: Arkham VR isn’t just pure action and adventure; it’s a lot of detective work. Players will get the full experience of studying forensics and working with bat-technology to solve murders. Action does heat up as you embark on reconnaissance missions while hiding in the dark, performing fierce interrogations and solving puzzles. The overall atmosphere stays true to the dark gritty vibe of the comic and movies, giving players an intense, heart-pounding experience – it’s a must have for PlayStation VR.

For thrill seekers, Resident Evil 7: BioHazard is the ultimate fear-inducing VR game for PlayStation 4. Players are thrust into a decrepit plantation mansion where they must solve puzzles, manage items, explore tense environments and fight off horrific monsters that get up close and personal (and right behind you.) The sinister atmosphere will play on both your visual and audio senses, sometimes tricking you, but always delivering a true horror experience.

Resident Evil 7: BioHazard is the most likely game on the list to keep you up at night. Its disturbing photorealistic experience and immersion will have you believing the terrors are real as they jump out at you from behind closed doors, forcing you to fight them off (or throwing off the headset) with whatever you can reach for. It’s not only one of the most scary virtual reality games on PlayStation 4, but in existence.

With the rise of VR comes creativity; Job Simulator is a humorous almost satirical virtual reality video game for PlayStation 4 that puts you on the frontline of a job. The cartoony game doesn’t take itself seriously and offers the challenge of diligent hands to manage inventory, serve customers and even cause trouble. Players can explore different career simulations such as working as a gourmet chef, an officer worker or a convenience store clerk.

Job Simulator isn’t so much a repetitious “job game” as it is an experience. The sandbox style gameplay allows players to fire new employees, throw staplers at their boss, serve and spill slushies and carefully make gourmet hotdogs that could slip out of their hands at any moment. Job Simulator is a great VR game for PlayStation 4 for parties and a good laugh.

Farpoint is the quintessential VR first-person shooter on PlayStation 4 right now. The riveting space adventure thrusts players on a hostile alien planet in a search, rescue and escape mission. Players will explore the secrets of this unknown planet, shooting through hordes of alien life in an epic fight for survival.

While other VR games on the list may have a short story mode, Farpoint offers a full-length single player campaign, which gives it a more complete feeling. There are multiple weapons to discover such as plasma rifles and rail guns. There's also a multiplayer cooperation mode that you and a buddy can dive into. To maximize realism, gamers should purchase the PS4 PSVR Aim Controller for Farpoint.

By far the most comfortable game on the list, Eagle Flight puts you in the perspective of an eagle, allowing you to experience relaxing free flight if you so choose. Similar to Disneyland’s ‘Soarin’’ Epcot ride, Eagle Flight soars you over breathtaking landmarks in the skies of Paris, France with no obligation but to fly.

The game isn’t a total snore-fest, though. Multiple modes allow for you to kick gameplay up a notch. You can dive through narrow streets, performing aerials and even engage in dogfights in multiplayer with up to six other people. Eagle Flight’s controls are programmed with ease and intuitiveness in mind, allowing for virtually anyone to enjoy their flight. Reviewers have noted that gameplay induces no vertigo or motion sickness, so those weak in stomach can play relieved.

Eve: Valkyrie is a breathtaking action shooter game that places you in the role of a fighter pilot thrown into a constant space war. You’re joined in a group of galactic pirates called Valkyrie, who seek to battle over space turf by engaging in intense firefights and smuggling runs. The game is a great pick for any sci-fi lover who wants to pilot and fight with his or her own space ship and be able to feel a full sense of three dimensional gameplay. Looking down where your feet would be in the PlayStation 4’s VR headset will show only the vastness of the outer space that envelops you.

Eve: Valkyrie also offers a competitive multiplayer mode that relies on teamwork and tactics. Players level up through skill-based progression and ship upgrades, which gives them an extra edge when competing. Though the game lacks depth in its single player campaign mode, it shines with its expansive and intense online multiplayer.

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