The 9 Best PlayStation 4 Kids' Games to Buy in 2017

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When you're selecting a video game for your kids to play, there's a lot to consider. You want to find something that your kids will have fun with, but also something that's right for their age, and it can be hard to find the sweet spot. So whether you're looking for the best LEGO, old-school, music, creative or action game, our top PlayStation 4 kids' games to buy in 2017 will surely keep your children happy.

Best Game For Families: Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends
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The best family game you can buy is one that excites 65-year-olds as much as it does 5-year-olds. Welcome to Ubisoft’s stunningly vibrant, funny and creative world of Rayman. The fifth main title in the Rayman series echoes old-fashioned platformers as far back as Super Mario Bros., but it has its own non-stop energy at the same time.

The “plot” isn’t as important (it rarely is in platformers) as the fact that you can collect different characters and items throughout the game, making it incredibly replayable just to unlock new elements of the experience. And Rayman is consistently surprising when it comes to its vibrant colors and unique level design.

You simply have to play it just for the musical levels, ones in which your movements are timed to covers of hit songs like “Black Betty” and “Eye of the Tiger.” What really makes Rayman Legends such a perfect game for the family is that it has entertainment value for kids of all ages. It’s the Pixar of the PS4. Buy from Amazon »

Best LEGO Game: LEGO Dimensions

LEGO Dimensions
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So, if there are eight LEGO games, which one is the best for kids? LEGO Dimensions wins for its creativity. Its an experience that replicates the way that kids play with LEGOs better than any game has before. How do they play? Mash-up style.

Kids don’t care about franchise loyalty, and so a game that starts with Batman, Wyldstyle (from The LEGO Movie) and Gandalf jumping through a portal to the Yellow Brick Road in The Wizard of Oz works for them. And the fact that you can expand LEGO Dimensions to include franchises as different as Ghostbusters, The Simpsons, Back to the Future, Ninjago and more just makes it a game that keeps on giving (or keeps on costing, depending on how you look at it). Buy from Amazon »

Best Action Game: Knack

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In Knack, you play the title character, a changing, moving organism that incorporates the world around him to eventually become a giant that can control fire, water and ice. Knack very purposefully bridges the gap between what we expect from a classic kid’s game — vibrant characters, goofy humor, low threat level, etc. — with mechanics that eventually start to feel more like grown-up games.

It’s the gateway game for your pre-teen, a title that will make their inevitable involvement in more difficult, complex games easier. While Sony and third-party companies were flooding the early days of the PS4 with new games, Knack got a little bit overlooked, so it’s worth going back and giving it a second chance. Buy from Amazon »

Best Game For Creative Kids: Little Big Planet 3

Little Big Planet 3
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One of Sony’s best franchises overall has won awards for its creative flair and very purposeful desire to build a generation of creators. Little Big Planet 3 opens with actual video footage of children who start to see the stickers, characters, costumes and collectibles from the game in the world around them.

Little Big Planet 3 is customizable within its incredible platformer adventure — in which the iconic Sackboy has to save the universe again — in the way gamers can use different stickers and costumes (and Sony is still releasing new ones to download), but it really opens up for kids who want to design their own levels. Buy from Amazon »

Best Downloadable Game: Hohokum

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If you want to drop a few bucks on a game that you can digitally download and feel comfortable letting your kids play without violence and with a high degree of creativity, Sony exclusive Hohokum is the way to go.

What is it? It’s hard to describe. You control a kite, sort of, as it moves through colorful backgrounds. There’s no shooting, fighting, or the aggression that dominates most games, even family ones. It’s more like the landmark Flower or Journey, games that allow for exploration and demand that the gamer brings as much to it as the developer.

There are no objectives. There’s no way to win. We need more games that challenge what we expect when we have a controller in our hands like Hohokum. Buy from Amazon »

Best Nostalgia Game: Hasbro Family Fun Pack

Hasbro Family Fun Pack
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Let’s say you’re a parent of a certain generation and remember when family game night didn’t include a controller. Let’s say you want to bring a little bit of that nostalgia to your family, but your kids can’t be pried away from the television. Ubisoft and Hasbro have the game for you in the long-running Hasbro series. The one for the PS4 includes virtual versions of Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly and Risk. Sure, you could get out a physical version of Monopoly, but that requires keeping track of money and little pieces. Let your PS4 do that for you. Buy from Amazon »

Best Music Game: Guitar Hero Live

Guitar Hero Live
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The music games tried to make a comeback in 2016 with the return of Rock Band and Guitar Hero, joining Just Dance on the console. None of them are at the peak of their success like they were five years ago, and Rock Band 4 was basically ignored (as it felt like a port of the last game to the new generation). The shame of this is that the really inventive and clever Guitar Hero Live was pretty much ignored too. You should check it out, as it builds on what gamers expect from a music game and provides entertainment for every age. My kids often play along without even electronic instruments, just enjoying the experience. The live-action accompaniment makes you feel like you’re playing with a real band and the video channels — in which you can play along with music videos streaming online — indicated that this franchise was ready for the next generation. Buy from Amazon »

Best Import: Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds Star Wars
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There are a dozen or so games that your kids have probably played on their phone or tablet that have been imported to the PS4. The best of the bunch is the world-famous Angry Birds Star Wars, which includes much better graphics than the iOS version and there’s something inherently cool about hearing that John Williams score through something bigger than a phone speaker. The game isn’t that much different than what your kids have already played on their iPhones, but sometimes it’s just neat to revisit something familiar with the high-powered capabilities of the PS4 behind it. Buy from Amazon »

Best Interactive Game: Skylanders: Superchargers

Skylanders: Superchargers
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For interactive experiences for your kids, you can’t do better than the Skylanders franchise. And the Superchargers one takes the adventure world of Skylanders and adds vehicles to the mix, allowing for customization and collection of cars, air vehicles and water vehicles. It also allows gamers to use Skylanders from previous games in the adventure. Buy from Amazon »


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