The Best Places To Play Free Preschool Games

The Best Sites to Find and Play Free Preschool Games

Free preschool games are a great way to keep your preschooler entertained and teach them important skills at the same time. The list below is the best of the best of these. They have the most fun games, the best graphics, and are easy for preschoolers to use and love.

Many of these free games teach preschoolers the alphabet, counting, memorization, and many more academic and life skills. Not only are many of them educational - they're a lot of fun! It's a great way to start your kid's love of learning early.

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Sesame Street

Screenshot of free preschool games at Sesame Street

What We Like

  • Signing up for an account is free.

  • Kids can sort the games by which characters are in them.

What We Don't Like

  • You must sign up for an account to access all content.

  • Has links to other websites like Youtube and iTunes.

Sesame Street has got a ton of great free preschool games that feature your child's favorite Sesame Street characters.

You'll find games here that teach children shapes, numbers, letters, feelings, music, science, disabilities, self-confidence and much much more!

A great bonus to this site is that they have a "Play Together" parent tip for each game. This is an offline activity that you can do with your child in connection with the game.

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Nick Jr.

Screenshot of free preschool games at Nick Jr.

What We Like

  • Games boast high quality animation and voice acting.

  • Lots of secret interactive content makes browsing the website enjoyable.

What We Don't Like

  • Games aren't very well organized.

  • Some games suffer from long and frequent load times.

There are lots of free preschool games at Nick Jr. featuring all of your child's favorite Nick Jr. shows. They've got Dora, Diego, Wonder Pets, Backyardigans and the rest of the gang! There are games for learning as well as games for fun.

Something I like about the Nick Jr. website is how easy it is to flip through the different games for your preschooler. You can use the scroll wheel on your mouse or the on-screen arrows to quickly move about the games, and the image descriptions are large enough to clearly see what the game is without any text in the way.

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PBS Kids

Screenshot of free preschool games at PBS Kids

What We Like

  • PBS Parents section includes valuable tips for adults.

  • Visual icons make it easy for kids to browse by their favorite show.

What We Don't Like

  • Some games are too complex for young children.

  • Many games don't include descriptions, so you don't always know what to expect.

PBS Kids has free preschool games that feature your child's favorite PBS Kids characters. You'll find Sesame Street, Arthur, Curious George, Super Why, Bob the Builder, and more show-themed games here.

All of the games are educational and teach skills like memory, letters, math, puzzles, problem-solving and more. They're categorized for easy browsing in sections for science, music, holiday, spelling, rhyming, etc.

There's also a dedicated portion of PBS Kids setup just for some more difficult games.

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Screenshot of free preschool games at Starfall

What We Like

  • Includes extensive resources for parents and teachers.

  • Games are ideal for English language learners and kids with reading disabilities.

What We Don't Like

  • Access to all content requires a paid membership.

  • You also need a premium account to use the mobile app.

All of the free preschool games at Starfall help teach your child to read!

This site is laid out a little bit differently than other sites that have free online preschool games. The games are meant to be played in a particular order and in and of themselves are supposed to be able to teach your child how to read.

In addition to the reading lessons, there are some basic math games and fun sing-along games.

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Screenshot of preschool games at Fisher-Price

What We Like

  • Some games have their own mobile apps for Android, iOS and Amazon devices.

  • User friendly keyboard controls for playing on a computer.

What We Don't Like

  • Sometimes the games have trouble loading, so you must refresh the page.

  • The graphics for some games are rather uninspired.

You'll find a ton of fun, free children's games at Fisher-Price. There are games in categories like Counting & Numbers, Hidden Object, Peek-a-boo, Racing, Learning, Matching, ABCs, Shapes & Colors, and Surprise, just to count a few. You'll also find a wide selection of coloring pages you can print and then give to your child to color.

The link below mainly consists of games just for fun, but the Play & Learn Activities section contains some educational games for preschoolers.

You'll also find a good selection of infant and toddler games on the Fisher-Price website.

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Disney Junior

Screenshot of free online preschooler games at Disney Junior

What We Like

  • Kids can make personalized profiles to save their favorite games and videos.

  • Lots of unique holiday themed games.

What We Don't Like

  • Some games are difficult to play with a mouse.

  • Games lack educational value.

The Disney Junior website has a lot of great free games that are just for preschoolers! There are games that feature Handy Manny, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Lightning McQueen and more of your child's favorite Disney characters.

There are some educational games here but most of them lean towards being just for fun.

Also at Disney Junior are some activities that you can download and print off for your preschooler, like for making a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse New Year top hat, Valentine's Day banner, Minnie & Daisy snowflake bow ornament, and lots of other fun things.

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Treehouse TV

Screenshot of free online preschool games at Treehouse

What We Like

  • Games teach complex skills like computer coding to kids.

  • Characters are consistent with their TV designs and personalities.

What We Don't Like

  • Games take a few minutes to load.

  • Very limited selection compared to similar websites.

Treehouse has got some very fun free preschool games online that features all sorts of kids' TV characters. There are both educational and fun games here at Treehouse - enough to keep your preschooler occupied for an afternoon!

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Kids' Pages

Screenshot of free preschool games at Kids' Pages

What We Like

  • Diverse selection of titles from major developers like Gamehouse Studios.

  • Some games are engaging enough to keep adults entertained.

What We Don't Like

  • Ads appear before each game loads.

  • Many of the riddles on the "Riddles and Jokes" page don't make any sense.

Kid's Pages is a preschool website that has free games but also flashcards, stories, worksheets, coloring pages, puzzles, riddles, jokes, and more - plenty of things to keep your little ones busy!

Staying occupied isn't the only advantage of Kids' Pages because the games are not only fun but also educational.

There are over 200 free preschool games at Kids' Pages.

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FunBrain Jr.

Screenshot of a free online preschool game at Funbrain Jr.

What We Like

  • Games feature original characters that are creative and full of charm.

  • Offers multiple educational apps that promote literacy and other skills.

What We Don't Like

  • Mobile apps aren't compatible with Android devices or the latest version of iOS.

  • Includes ads with links to other websites.

Another place for free preschool games is FunBrain Jr., which is a part of the FunBrain website. There isn't a huge selection of games here, but the ones that are available make it a fun place to learn.

At the bottom of the FunBrain Jr. website are categories for math, reading, like Balloon Blow-Up, Treehouse Builder, Rhyme Time, and Letter Splash. There's also a section for printable activities like Connect the Dots, Trace the Letters, and What's Different?

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Screenshot of free online preschool games at BabyTV

What We Like

  • Website is available in over a dozen languages.

  • Game instructions are all spoken, so no reading is required.

What We Don't Like

  • Website can be challenging for adults to navigate.

  • Games lack descriptions.

Due to the animations, simple speaking, and colorful images, BabyTV provides a great source of games for preschoolers and other young kids.

The games are simple for children to play because they just require them to click on the highlighted items in the games in order to move through the storyline. This helps them associate spoken words with physical objects.

These games all require Flash Player.

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Universal Kids

Screenshot of free kids games at Sprout

What We Like

  • The games' graphics and overall presentation are excellent.

  • Has a great mobile app for playing games on the go.

What We Don't Like

  • Many educational games from the old version of the website have been removed.

  • Some of the games take a while to load before you can play them.

The kids will really love the preschool games at Universal Kids (formerly known as Sprout). Follow the link below to find dozens of games for kids 2 and older, as well as free videos for the children to relax in front of. You can find games that feature characters from certain TV shows. The Goodnight Show, Stella and Sam, Maya The Bee, Poppy Cat, and Nina's World are a few examples.

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Screenshot of the ABCya! website

What We Like

  • Games are well organized by age/grade level.

  • Teachers can get discounted premium memberships for their classes.

What We Don't Like

  • You have to pay a monthly fee to remove advertisements.

  • No progress tracking to help teachers with assessment.

Another place for free educational games for preschoolers is ABCya!. There are games on strategy, skills, numbers, letters, and holiday-themed games for Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, and others.

You'll find preschool games like BINGO, letter tracing, connect the dots, letter matching, and pattern completion.

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Screenshot of the website
© Learning Games For Kids

What We Like

  • Educational games are well organized by topic for easy browsing.

  • Includes games based on popular kids books like Where the Wild Things Are.

What We Don't Like

  • Most games are targeted to kids already in school.

  • The options may be a little overwhelming for kids and parents.

A handful of free preschool games is available here at Some of them are probably a bit too hard for a preschooler, but there are several that are perfect.

Many of these preschool games are educational, like the matching games that involve colors and letters. There are also some songs listed in these games that are played along with a video. Most game require Adobe Flash Player.

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Thomas & Friends

Picture of free online kids games at Thomas & Friends

What We Like

  • Includes extensive profiles of characters from the show.

  • Separate website for parents includes activities and other resources for adults.

What We Don't Like

  • Some games are easier play on a touch screen rather than with a mouse.

  • Limited content compared to other websites on this list.

You'll only find a handful of free preschool games at Thomas & Friends but they're so much fun!

There aren't very many educational games here, but the games are big and bright and your preschooler will have a blast playing them. Plus, there are several free Thomas & Friends videos for the kids to watch.

Parents can see some other activities they can do with their kids, plus to print Thomas & Friends coloring pages for some offline fun.