9 Best Sites With Free Halloween Sounds

A list of spooky Halloween sound effects

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Halloween sounds include spooky sound effects like evil laughs, creaking doors, and howling wolves. You can make a soundtrack of these free clips or have them loop on your computer during your haunted house or Halloween party for some spooky fun.

There's a wide range of sounds here, too, so if you want to choose some scary music for a haunted house or some sounds that are just a little spooky to play when you're handing out candy, you'll find what you're looking for. Mix these free Halloween sounds with some free holiday-specific music to create the ultimate soundtrack.

Dive deep into the Halloween spirit with a Halloween wallpaper and a Halloween Android game. If you're planning a Halloween party, prepare by picking out a free horror movie and choosing your favorite horror movie trivia games before you send out your Halloween party invites.

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Partners in Rhyme

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What We Like
  • Plenty of options.

  • Includes both ambient tones and movie-specific sounds.

What We Don't Like
  • Some clips are too short to be usable.

  • Could be annoying to download all of the sounds one at a time.

Partners in Rhyme has an impressive selection of free Halloween sounds. Choose from categories including Horror Ambiance, Scary Footsteps, Wicked Laughs, and Screams to help set the perfect, spooky mood.

Select a Halloween sound to preview it, and then use the download button on the final page to save the Halloween MP3 or WAV to your computer.

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What We Like
  • A few dozen good sound clips.

What We Don't Like
  • Can't download more than one at a time.

  • Hard to tell what some sounds are from their titles alone.

A nice list of free Halloween sound effects waits for you at Halloween.it. You'll find Halloween sounds like howling, laughter, rain, falling, beasts, wind, and witches here.

Choose the listen link next to a sound to hear it. The quickest and easiest way to download these free Halloween sounds is to right-click that same link and choose the download option.

Or, you can use the other link to download the audio file in a ZIP archive, but then you'll have to extract the WAV file from the ZIP file before you can use it as a normal sound file.

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Solar eclipse on a cloudy night

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What We Like
  • Not the typical door creaks and wolf howls.

  • Real, natural sounds.

What We Don't Like
  • Might not be what your guests expect to listen to at a party.

For a more unique selection of unsettling noises, NASA has put together clips of spooky space sounds. These are truly eerie, especially knowing that they're real. They include distant plasma waves, dust particles impacting a probe, and weird noises that Saturn makes.

All of these Halloween sounds can be previewed from SoundCloud. To download any of them, log in to your SoundCloud account (it's free), select the song to preview it, and then use the More > Download file menu option.

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What We Like
  • The site lists how long each effect is.

  • Good variety and descriptive titles.

  • Over 30 clips.

What We Don't Like
  • Can't download all sounds at once.

Ava7 has 32 Halloween sounds like screams, rattles, echoes, laughs, and howls. The site even includes runtimes for each sound effect so that you know how much audio you'll have to work with.

These offerings would be good for a haunted house to keep visitors guessing what's next, but they might not be the best choice if you're hosting a party.

Select a Halloween sound from the list to preview it, or right-click the link to find the download/save option.

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What We Like
  • Over 700 music tracks and sound clips.

  • Files include descriptions before you listen to them.

What We Don't Like
  • No real organization on the site other than sorting options for all files.

  • Requires an account to download.

Enter Halloween into the search box at Freesound, and you'll get pages and pages of hundreds of free Halloween sounds. There are ghosts, haunted houses, and other similar sounds.

You can listen to the files right away, but you'll have to make a free user account and then log in to download the scary Halloween audio to your computer.

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What We Like
  • Good variety for the size.

What We Don't Like
  • Few options.

  • Ancient web page is difficult to read.

  • Automatically tries to download a file every time you visit.

The Halloween sound offerings here are longer clips and full-length Halloween audio files, along with some full songs and MIDIs. It isn't a huge list, but the clips are excellent.

You can get a sound file of a young girl playfully singing, bells tolling, bubbles boiling, and a laughing witch.

Select the pumpkin icon to listen to a clip of the Halloween sound, or right-click it to download the file.

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Sound Bible

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What We Like
  • Plenty of substantial clips of good length.

  • Files have descriptive labels and titles.

  • Available in multiple file types.

What We Don't Like
  • Not all files (e.g., "Godzilla Roar") are the best fit for every setting.

Sound Bible has a great collection of spooky Halloween sounds of varying lengths, like evil laughs, demonic girls singing, thunder, a spooky drone, a squeaking door, and a full page of others.

Use the play button to preview the sound, or select the title to go to the download page where you can get the Halloween sound effect in either MP3 or WAV.

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Audio Micro

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What We Like
  • Includes lengths of clips.

  • Good, descriptive titles.

What We Don't Like
  • Requires an account to download.

Several more offerings are available in AudioMicro's stock sound library, mainly as WAV files.

These offerings include demons, monsters, demented men dragging chains, women screaming, growls, vampires, lions, and others.

You'll have to log in before you can download these Halloween sound effects, but creating an account is free. Or, you can sign on quickly through Google, Facebook, and a number of other websites.

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What We Like
  • Biggest selection anywhere.

  • Easy to make a playlist.

What We Don't Like
  • Might be some browsing necessary before you find the perfect tracks.

YouTube has a ton of free Halloween sounds and music that you can loop in the background during your Halloween party or while answering the door to give candy to Trick-Or-Treaters.

There are tons of options here, and most play for an hour, some much longer.

If you'd rather not stream the YouTube video, look for a download button in the video description. If you don't see one but you know it's free to download, you can use a YouTube to MP3 converter.