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Download free ringtones with no strings attached

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Free ringtones for Android, iPhone, and other phones can be hard to find, but only if you're looking in the wrong place.

Below are ringtone websites that offer truly free ringtones for a variety of devices, without requiring a subscription or even the tiniest of fee.

How to Use These Ringtone Websites

iPhone and other iOS users can not download ringtones directly from their phone and expect to have them applied as ringtones. That feature is only possible on Android devices like those from Samsung, Google, and others.

If you're on an iPhone, you can still use most of these ringtone websites but you'll have to download the file to your computer first and then use your computer (usually with iTunes) to transfer the ringtone to your phone.

Some ringtones might not be in the correct audio format to actually be usable as a ringtone on your device. For example, maybe you have an MP3 ringtone that you want to use on an iPhone. If that's the case, use a free audio converter program to convert the file to the correct format for your device. 

Android and BlackBerry devices use the MP3 format while iOS devices like iPhones and iPads use M4R.

Are All Ringtone Sites Free?

If you've ever scoured the internet for free ringtones for your phone, then you've already discovered that it's not easy to find truly free ones. The problem is, lots of websites lead you into thinking that what they offer is totally and completely free with no strings attached – until you try and download something.

Some websites redirect you to unrelated pages full of advertisements and others might ask you to pay a subscription or fee to get a ringtone. Then, ultimately, there's the question of legality.

As you can imagine, there are lots of websites that aren't actually considered 100% legal even though they have some ringtones that are considered legal. The content that's offered usually gives you a clue: if a website gives out ringtones from the latest songs, then it's probably best to keep away from downloading those specific ringtones.

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Tones7 website
Ringtones screen with genres menu. Mark Harris

If the above websites have too many bells and whistles for your liking, then you'll love the Tones7 ringtone website because it's extremely easy to use.

Search for a ringtone or browse for one by popularity, recently added, or genre. After you preview the ringtone, you can download it as an MP3 or M4R file.

As an added bonus, the built-in ringtone maker lets you make your own 30-second ringtone using a music file from your computer.

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Screenshot of hte Zedge website.

Zedge has a large community of users that create and upload content suitable for a wide range of cell phones, including a good selection of free ringtones covering various topics. These can be either downloaded to your computer or sent directly to your phone.

It's really easy to find free ringtones at Zedge because if you use their website, you can easily pick your phone from a menu, like an Android or iPhone, to see all the ringtones that are supported for that device and then preview them before downloading any.

Another quick way to find the ringtones you want is to look through categories. Some of those include Comedy, Dance, Games, and Sound Effects.

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The mobile apps are useful as well but for different reasons. There are two iOS apps - one for wallpapers and another for ringtones. Follow the directions in the Zedge ringtone app to learn how to use the ringtones you download.

The Zedge Android app is a bit easier to use because you can actually download ringtones directly to the phone without needing a computer.

screenshot of the Notification Sounds website.

Just as the name suggests, you can download notification ringtones here.

Some of the categories that help you find free ringtones from this website include Animals, Funny, Message Tones, Standard Ringtones, Notification Sounds, Wake-up Tones, and Mini Ringtone Songs.

Once you've previewed the ringtone to make sure it's what you want on your device, you can pick any of the available audio formats. Most come as an OGG, MP3, and M4R.

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Screenshot of the Mobile9 website

Download ringtones from mobile9 through their website or via the mobile app for Android devices. If on the website, just search for your device to get started.

You can sort the ringtones at mobile9 by what's currently popular, the newest ringtones they've added, or the all time best ringtones. Filters let you pick which category or ringtone to look for and the "Family Filter" can hide adult ringtones.

Preview ringtones if you like or go straight to the download. However, know that mobile9 ringtones will not download immediately; you have to wait 30 seconds for each.

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Screenshot from the Melofania website.

Melofania is very much a feature-filled ringtone website that lets you not only download ringtones for free but also make your own ringtones from online videos or your own music files.

Search for ringtones or use the letters at the top of the page to find artists by that name. The homepage also shows featured and hot ringtones.

Like most ringtone sites, you can preview the ringtone before you get it, but this website also gives variants of a ringtone if other users have made a similar ringtone with that same song/sound.

To download a ringtone from Melofania, just click or tap Android (mp3) or iPhone (m4r) from the download page.

Note: Many of the ringtones on this website have been clipped from popular songs. Make sure you avoid these ringtones if you risk infringing on a copyright.

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Screenshot from the MyTinyPhone website.

There are over half a million free ringtones at MyTinyPhone, and they're really easy to get in less than a minute.

Browse through ringtone categories like Rock, Voice, Jazz, Fun, Country, and Classical, among others, and then use an appropriate download button to get the ringtone.

SEND TO PHONE lets you open the ringtone from your Android device, SAVE TO PC will save the ringtone to an MP3 file, and SAVE FOR IPHONE will get the M4R version of the ringtone.

MyTinyPhone also showcases apps, wallpapers, themes, and games.

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Screenshot of the Audiko website showing the Top 100 downloads.

Audiko is another ringtone website that lets you build your own ringtones as well as download ringtones made by others.

The homepage shows the most favorited ringtones, SMS ringtones, and top ringtones in the United States. There are also popular genres you can browse through to find ringtones related to rock, electronic, trance, techno, heavy metal, 80s, and others.

Or maybe you want to skip straight to the top 100 ringtones you can download from Audiko.

No matter how you get to the ringtone you want, just choose to download one to have it sent to your "My Ringtones" page where you can download them to your computer. 

Note: Be sure to choose iPhone from the My Ringtones page if you need your ringtone to work for iOS, otherwise the ringtones will download as MP3s.

Android users can use the Audiko app to get free ringtones.