The Best Photoshop Brush Plugin

So as I've talked about before one of the hang ups in Flash, now Adobe Animate, was the difficulty in achieving a look that didn't scream "HEY EVERYONE I MADE THIS IN FLASH!" Luckily for us Photoshop has become a nice new alternative.

While not super amazing yet, artists like Alex Grigg have been animating inside of Photoshop with awesome results. And plugins like AnimDessin2 make it much more streamlined and less of a headache to work within the program.

The biggest benefit of Photoshop is of course the brushes, but even the standard brushes can get a little ho hum looking and I don't really know how to make my own custom brushes with the desired effects I am looking for. That's where Kyle T. Webster comes in. Kyle has created an enormous amount of custom brush that you can find at his site So how are they?

Amazing. I recently purchased the Mega Pack of brushes. It comes with over 160 presets. One hundred and sixty. I may never need to buy a new brush again. It came with everything ranging from pencil, to pen, to brushes and ink, paints, charcoals, you name it.

Now I haven't used every single brush yet, because I have to eat sometime right? But what I have seen as been incredible. The brushes really do behave and look like they are supposed to, the ballpoint pen brushes respond the way a real ballpoint pen would. You can even shade using the pencil brush the same way you would a real pencil.

With over 160 brushes I know I'll be able to find a brush that fits my needs, but something that's really neat is that I bought this pack oh I dunno maybe a month ago? And I've already gotten 2 free updates to it. Just randomly in my email I'll get a message from Kyle saying "Hey here's this new brush!" It's pretty cool.

So what else is neat about Kyle's brushes? They're cheap as hell. 15 dollars for 160 brushes? That's only 9 cents a brush! Plus he keeps sending me free ones without me having to do anything. He even has free brushes on his site, with a "pay what you want" ability on it. If you're dubious about it or just want to try before you buy download one of those and give it a whirl.

Along with being inexpensive, incredibly responsive and accurate brushes, they are super easy to install. You just go to your brush tool presets and load his in. It's as easy as that, and Kyle has even included jpg to show you how to do it and where to click.

As if this man hasn't thought of everything already, he even includes cheat sheets with his brush packs. So you can get previews of what each brush does without having to manually go through them all yourself. Although I would still suggest doing that, I was surprised how much I enjoyed using the impressionist brush preset even though I'm not particularly fond of impressionist paintings.

If you're at all interested in animating in Photoshop, or if you're an illustrator who works in photoshop, I cannot sing enough praise for Kyle's brushes. They are all tremendous and it's incredibly impressive that Kyle has created all of these and made them available to you and me, but what's even more impressive is that he has done so at such an inexpensive cost to the consumer.

I'd suggest getting the Mega Pack, you get a little bit of everything with it and you can use it to find out which brushes you enjoy most and see what else Kyle has available in that category of brushes.

He could easily be charging a dollar a brush, but the fact that he makes them so affordable is incredible and a real treat in the day and age of thousand dollar programs and plugins.

I was never crazy about drawing in Phtoshop before, it would take me a super long time to set up the brush how I wanted it, and if I wanted to have a different effect it would take me even longer to set up a new one or change the one I was working with.

Now though, with Kyle's brushes I not only enjoy drawing and animating within Photoshop more but I'm actually looking for reasons to do it. Maybe my next project could be done in Photoshop...