The 20 Best Photos Made with A Nokia Lumia from 2014

For the last three years mobile photography was almost soley done on an iPhone or an Android device.  Nokia entered into the scene with their Lumia devices, most notably with the "camera with a phone attached" Nokia Lumia 1020.  Along with other amazing photographers at Grryo, curated many international showcases.  This one is solely dedicated to mobile photography as seen through the lens of a Nokia.

These are the best photographs made on a Windows Phone Nokia Lumia.

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Aman G., Germany Twitter // Flickr  // Tumblr // 500px // Mobile Photography Blog
Born in Ethiopia, escaped from a civil war as a child in the end ‘70. Grew up in Germany… loved the Nokia N95 8GB with its fantastic Image quality back then,  but my real mobile photography obsession began late december 2012, when i bought the Lumia 920. I shoot to freeze the moment, …addicted in details. There’s no real concept behind my photos… i see the moment and love the fact to have my weapon in my pocket to catch that moment…. Any where… any time.

Sony Arouje, India Flickr // Tumblr site of my Lumia 920 photos // Instagram // Twitter // Facebook
By profession I am a Software Architect working in Banglore, India. I am very passionate about photography. I started clicking from 2007 when I bought my Nikon DSLR camera. I never explored mobile photography until I bought the Nokia Lumia 920, it got an awesome camera. I realize the power of mobile photography and I kept my DSLR aside and started shooting in my Lumia 920. I love street photography and majority of my photos are from the streets of Bangalore.

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The Library by Rick Takagi

The Library. Rick Tagaki

Shot with Nokia Lumia 1020

I shot this at the Seattle Library, which is a beautiful building with so many great areas to shoot photos in. I just happen to catch this persons silhouette on the 2nd level.

I loved having the 1020 but unfortunately I lost it and won’t be able to get another one for 2 more years. The 1020 is truly a groundbreaking device that I capturing several photos that became favorites of mine.

Flickr // Blog 1 2 // Reviews (Wedding Photography)

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Hand in Hand by Brooklyn Theory

Hand in Hand. Brooklyn Theory

Shot with Nokia Lumia 1020

The image was taken while walking around Central Park early one morning. I knew the picture I wanted to make so I waited in this spot for quite some time until this couple passed through the archway holding hands. Once they passed where I was standing I was able to compose and capture the moment as they walked away.

Post Processing: Fhotoroom

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Abu Dhabi – East To West View by Beno Saradzic

Abu Dhabi - East to West View. Beno Saradzic

Shot with Nokia Lumia 1020

Tech description: this is a 4-stop (-2EV through +1EV) digitally blended photograph of Abu Dhabi in a rarely seen West direction. I snapped the shots using Lumia’s built-in 2-second timer and a 5-bracket exposure. 5th exposure (+2EV) didn’t fire because it’s exceeded Lumia’s 4s exposure limit. I hope that this limit will be overcome in future firmware revisions. Camera was mounted on a Gorilla Pod.

Processing: I used Lightroom 4.4 to pre-process the images as I normally do when working with images captured by my DSLR. Dynamic blending of various exposures was performed with Photoshop CS 5.1. Full composite was tweaked with Viveza 2. Final grade was accomplished with Topaz ReStyle.

I’ve added a ‘corridor tilt’ effect because I wanted to take the eye into the distant center where the Corniche skyscrapers are.

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Explore-at-Bristol – Silhouette by TempusVolat

Explore at Bristol - Silhouette. TempusVolat

Nokia Lumia 1020

The picture was taken at ‘@bristol’ – a science activity venue in the city of Bristol that we were visiting for the afternoon. I like to do a bit of candid photography now and then so had been watching this young Japanese couple for some time as they were completely absorbed in each other and were obviously having fun with their camera!

With regards to the picture itself, I liked the silhouette against the hanging light strings, the darkened room, and the warm colour of the light pools on the wooden floor. – No post-processing other then a bit of cropping.

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Blue Hour by Daniel Cheong

Blue Hour. Daniel Cheong

Nokia Lumia 1020 + camera grip + tripod (Gorillapod).

ISO 100, focus to infinity.
Used the auto EV bracketing function of the 1020, 5 exposures -2ev to +2ev by 1ev step.
Then I manually combined the 5 exposures in Photoshop using layer masks.
This is one of my favorite spots in Dubai Marina, I have shot this view with my D300, then my D800. So I really wanted to shoot it also with my Lumia 1020.

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Lake Burning Sky by Christophe Brutel

Lake Burning Sky. Christophe Brutel

Nokia Lumia 920

The story behind the picture is quite simple: On this evening I took a look at the sky from home at sunset time. What I saw led me to believe that the show would be quite nice by the lake which is about 5 minutes walk from home.

So I grabbed the Lumia 920, ran to the lake and I was not disappointed: the water was perfectly still making for a perfect mirror to the stunning sky. I then started to take the pictures frantically. This is one from the batch, uploaded unedited from the phone.

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Shining in the Darkness by David

Shining in the Darkness. David

Nokia Lumia 1020

I know this has been done many times by DSLR, but it is something I have always wanted to do with a Nokia Lumia. The photo may look complicated but in reality it is easy and worth to try out if you have right equipments, a partner and follow the safety. With the 4 second shutter delay, you can create beautiful light painting sparkler photos. This was actually so much fun, just be careful not to start a fire!

One of the most interesting features of the Nokia Camera one the Lumia 1020 and 1520 is the ability to capture photographs in RAW or DNG format. I recommend you to shoot in RAW, so you can make fine adjustments to colors temperature and exposure in post processing.

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All the Stars are like Little Fish by Jennifer Bracewell

All the Stars are like Little Fish. Jennifer Bracewell

Nokia Lumia 1020

I took this picture while on holiday in San Diego last weekend ( March 1). I was walking around the Old Town district in the rain and stopped to look inside this very old adobe building. Some of the rooms were decorated with period furnishings. I loved the light, the tones, the stillness of the scene, the feeling that the room was not empty but full of memories.

I was listening to “Violet” by Hole when I edited the photo, that’s where the title came from. It seemed to fit. I used filters and texture in Fantasia Painter Pro and Fhotoroom to give it a glow and vintage feel.

Website // Instagram // EyeEm // Flickr // Twitter

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Untitled by Cuộc Sống Vitamin

Untitled. Cuộc Sống Vitamin

Nokia Lumia 1020

I took this picture on 02/16/2014

Early in the morning dawn while the fishermen going out to sea, on the image that you see, they use the wheel to transport a small boat.

Exif data:

Nokia Lumia Cameras 1020
Exposure 0.002 sec (1/498)
Aperture f/2.2
Speed ​​ISO 100
Exposure bias 0 EV
On this picture, I used the app on Windowsphone: Fotor

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The Violinist by Nikky Stephen

The Violinst. Nikky Stephen

Nokia Lumia 920

I ride the bus to work every morning and get down at the University Street Tunnel Station. One of these mornings, I happen to stumble upon this violinist lost in his world of music. Obviously he was playing for money, but for some reason, he chose to face away from the people. I noticed the fantastic symmetry that the tiles, the wall and the ceiling made and seized the opportunity to quickly whip out my phone and capture this photograph. It is one of my most favorite street photographs.

This was shot using a Lumia 920 and processed using the Snapseed app on my iPad.

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Serene Evening by Antti Tassberg

Serene Evening. Antti Tassberg

Nokia Lumia 1020

The image was captured by a lake I often visit. The evening was very calm. Too calm. I had taken a few shots but I wasn’t happy with the results. The foreground was empty. It needed something; a bird, a fish, a bobber, … None of those around so a stone did the trick. Captured in RAW and edited in Lightroom. Only moderately edited (clarity, vibrance, saturation).

Post processing tools: Lightroom

Flickr // 500px // Twitter

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Untitled by Saiful

Untitled. Saiful

The photo (the person standing=me ) was taken on the Surfer Paradise, Gold Gold Australia and the second picture ( the trees) was taken when I was playing paintball in the jungle.

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Hot Air Balloon by Antti Tassberg

Hot Air Balloon. Antti Tassberg

Nokia Lumia 1020

I was on my way to a near by lake to capture some sunsets when I spotted a balloon grossing the lake very close to me. To get a better view I quickly run to another location but I was late. The balloon was already too far for a wide angle lens of my mobile. Luckily an another ball flew the same route soon after the first one. I had time to plan the composition and capture a few shots before it too was too far.
Only very moderate editing has been done. Clarity and vibrance has been slightly added.

Mobile phone used for this shot

Post processing tools.

Flickr // 500px // Twitter 

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The King by Harri Väyrynen

The King. Harri Vayrynen

Nokia Lumia 1020

This photo is made with a quite small magnetic travel chess kit (souvenir from former Soviet Union). The chessboard is metal and it gives nice reflection. Soldiers and the King are plastic.

Background is Canson heavyweight coloured drawing paper, bright yellow was used. The room was very dark and only light is from big MagLite flashlight filtered with paper. So there is no sharp bright areas in the light.

Tripod can be used with Lumia 1020 extra battery grip. Exposure time was 1/2. Aperture is always 2.2 with this Lumia. And when making photos from still life it is best to put ISO 100 setting on.

The idea to this photo is from the very great book: “Digital Photo: 52 Weekend Digital Photo Projects / Carlton Books”

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Pão de açúcar - B&W by Bruno da Cruz de Moura

Pão de açúcar. Bruno da Cruz de Moura

Nokia Lumia 1520

I took this photo on the first day of work at my new address corporative, my days got better after I work facing this wonder. As like other photographs in black and white, I decided to record the moment and also eternalize it that way. Make corrections in Lightroom and then do the black and white effect in Photomatix.

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Dew Drop by Trong

Dew Drop. Trong

No Description

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Birds & Power by Antti Tassberg

Birds & Power. Antti Tassberg

Nokia Lumia Icon

I spotted the birds and the power line trough a bus window on my way home. I exit the bus and toked a series of pictures hoping to capture the moment the birds would take wing. Missed that thought.
This frame I liked most and b&w conversion felt like the right treatment for the image. Image was captured in DNG.

Flickr // 500px // Twitter

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On the Ice by Brooklyn Theory

On the Ice. Brooklyn Theory

While photographing ice skaters at Rockefeller Center, I was amazed by the fluid motions and flexibility of the skaters. One girl in particular kept doing spins and small jumps. I was attempting to capture her as she slowed down from a spinning move, when she reached up and grabbed her skate behind her head. Luckily I was prepared.

Processing tools: Aviary or the Nokia Camera Editor

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Untitled by David Detko

Untitled. David Detko

Nokia Lumia 1020

I have been a long time use this solution ( ) to create stunning macro images, and I couldn't leave out to try it with this phone, too.

Phone model - Nokia Lumia 1020 + Minolta MD Rokkor (just hold it front of the camera)

Post processing tools - Nokia Creative Studio (Colour pop + Radial shift)

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Beaten Path by Jon Feider

Beaten Path. Jon Feider

Nokia Lumia 1520

I took this as a bracketed set of 5 jpegs and processed them with Photomatix Pro. I did some final tweaking of contrast and saturation in Lightroom.

I was sitting at Artists Point near Mt Baker waiting for the weather to clear so I could go for a hike. The weather never did clear up but I took the photos as I wandered around the area. I was struck by the juxtaposition of the bright colors of the berries on the mountain ash shrubbery in the foreground with the foreboding mist around the peaks and small pond in the background.

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