The 8 Best Pet Trackers of 2019

Make sure your pets don't stray too far from your yard

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Our Top Picks

Best Quality: Garmin T5 GPS Dog Collar

Garmin T5 GPS Dog Collar
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Though pricey, the Garmin T5 GPS dog collar is the gold standard when it comes to pet trackers. When used in conjunction with the Garmin Astro320 or Alpha 100 handheld transceiver devices, the T5 collar can detect your pet up to nine miles away using high-sensitivity GPS with GLONASS technology. For those that run with their dogs or take their dogs out hunting, this collar is tough enough to withstand some bumps and rough terrain and is water-rated to 10 meters. With a battery life of 20 to 40 hours, included LED beacon lights, as well as a dedicated rescue mode, this collar will help you bring back your pet home safe and sound. 

Best Pet Fitness Monitor and Tracker: Tuokiy Pet Tracker

If you want to help keep your pet safe and healthy, try out this Tuokiy pet tracker. Simply download the free Joyful Pet app (available on the App Store or the Playstore) and attach the super-lightweight and compact tracker to your pet’s collar. This device can help you monitor the resting and activity time of your pet each day. The app will give you suggestions about your pet’s activity level based on breed, age and weight. It can even help remind you about pet medications and vet appointments. Of course, it also comes with a tracking device that notifies you when your pet is too far away from you.

Best Track and Train Device: Garmin TT 15 Dog Device

The Garmin TT 15 dog device isn’t cheap, but it provides top-of-the-line tools for dog owners that need to do serious tracking and training with hunting dogs, search and rescue dogs, as well as other service animals. In combination with the Garmin Alpha 100 or Astro 320, this device’s GPS/GLONASS tracking helps you find your pet with extreme specificity. The one-inch collar is water-rated to 10 meters and is rugged enough to handle an active dog’s lifestyle. For training purposes, this collar provides 18 levels of continuous or momentary stimulation and includes audible tone and vibration modes, so you can customize its use with your dog’s training regimen.

Most Versatile: Ankia Smart Tag

The Ankia Smart Tag is a thin, lightweight Bluetooth tracker that electronically connects to Apple or Android devices using an electronic key fob that alerts the user if the tracking device is more than 30 meters away. Unlike some of the other items on our list, this will not allow you to constantly monitor the position of your pet, but it can tell you the pet’s last known position and show you the specific location on the built-in map. For the affordable price, the Smart Tag gets pretty good transmission distance; it gets about 50 meters outdoors and about 30 meters indoors. The Smart Tags can also be used to help you find your car or other items – anything you want to track, simply attach a tag and use the app to help you find it. 

Best Overall: Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker and Activity Monitor

The Whistle 3 is a GPS location and activity tracker specially designed for dogs and cats. We loved that the Whistle 3 provides proactive alerts – you can elect to receive an e-mail, app or text notification when your pet leaves their safe place using Wi-Fi, helping you track them down before they get too far away. Ever wonder where Fido or Spot go when they escape and roam around for awhile? With the Whistle 3, you can create a “trip” every time your pet leaves and returns to one of your pre-set safe places, so you follow your pet’s location and activity over the past 24 hours. Whistle is recommended for use with pets eight pounds and up and can be attached to any collar or harness that is at least one-inch wide, plus the tag is waterproof. 

Best for iPhone Users: DOTT the Smart Dog Tag

If you have an iPhone or iPad, the DOTT Smart Dog Tag might be the best pet tracker for you. This small tracker tag attaches to your dog’s collar and any mobile phone can pick up the signal to track your pet if they go missing. There are no subscription fees, activation fees or monthly fees – simply purchase the DOTT and achieve peace of mind knowing you can find your furry friends if they are ever separated from you. You can also elect to receive neighborhood alerts for pet dangers like extreme heat, floods or pet poisons, and you can track activity, elimination, as well as medication to help keep your pet healthy. 

Best Budget: Dynotag Pet Tag

The Dynotag is a unique and budget-friendly solution if you are looking for an affordable, but effective pet tracker. Each Dynotag comes with a unique QR code and Web address that each take the user to a private webpage that provides your contact information and requests that they contact you. Consequently, the Dynotag doesn’t actually contain any electronics, require any batteries or rely on signal strength to help you locate your pet. Any device that views the tag content is asked to report its location, and a "view notification" email is sent to the tag owner within seconds of the tag being viewed. All in all, the Dynotag is a great alternative pet tracker with an affordable price tag. 

Best Microchip: Home Again Microchip Implant Kit

If you are looking for a permanent pet ID that won’t be lost or misplaced, you should consider a microchip like this Home Again microchip kit. Although this is a very affordable kit, you will need to also pay for a vet visit in order to have the microchip properly placed. The actual process is similar to a routine shot and should only take a few minutes. Once it is implanted, the chip can be read by passing a microchip scanner over the pet’s shoulder blades. Though this chip doesn’t allow you to track your pet yourself, it also doesn’t require batteries, can’t come off and doesn’t have to be within a certain range of your device to work. In the event your pet is lost and taken to a shelter or vet, they will look for a microchip and scan it to read its unique code. HomeAgain can then match the code with your contact information to identify your pet and bring them home to you.