The 10 Best PC Games to Buy in 2018

We've rounded up the most addicting games to play on your computer

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PC games are more affordable than traditional console games and offer a free online multiplayer experience, as well as the highest scales in resolution and graphics possible. Numerous PC games flood the market today, with plenty of selection, so where does one begin?

Below are the Top 10 Best PC Games to date, many of which have won numerous awards for their artistic merit and gameplay achievement. The list was written to be suitable for a number of gamers with different tastes and expectations. Whether you’re looking for the best first-person shooter game, want to experience living in a horror movie or want a change of pace with genres, there is a fitting PC game for anyone out there.

Overwatch has won Game of the Year at three different prestigious gaming academies and is one of the only games on the list rated for teens and up. Though the first-person shooter genre dominates the video game market, Overwatch goes beyond the imagination of stereotypical run and gun gameplay.

Similar to Team Fortress 2, Overwatch is a competitive online multiplayer game focusing on various game mode objectives. Players can select one of 25 different heroes with varying abilities and roles that suit their play-style. You’ll work cooperatively in teams capturing points, flags and escorting cargo. Overwatch provides numerous heroes that counter balance one another, making the possibilities of team composition endless.

If you like team based online competitive first-person shooter games and honing your skills in what’s already an eSports series game, Overwatch is the best pick.

Have you ever wanted to relive your childhood without the mess or limitations? Lego Worlds allows you to create virtually anything your heart desires with endless virtual Legos. Of course, you can casually enjoy the game’s pre-made Lego Worlds and discover the many creations and inhabitants that reside there.

Lego Worlds invites players to explore, discover and create in all things Lego. This open world game lets players manipulate their environments and populate it with Lego models built custom or pre-made. There, they can explore new lands using helicopters, dragons, motorbikes and gorillas while unlocking treasures along the way. You can even add in other Lego characters and see how they react in the world you created for them.

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Fallout 4 has one the best post-apocalyptic atmospheres, stories and unique characters out of all the PC games listed. Players assume the role of a “vault survivor," a custom created character with selectable (and buildable) traits that will help you traverse and survive in a world riddled by nuclear fallout.

The world is destroyed by a nuclear war and it is your task to survive and make sense of it all. Along the barren wastelands you will encounter, fight, trade with, marry and even join forces with multiple beings such as mutants, robots and even people.

Fallout 4 is great in its immersive game design and freedom that connects you with its open world of hundreds of locations, scenarios and quests. You can go it alone, join factions and build numerous weapons and inventions along the way. There’s a consequence for every action and the game features a unique slowed down capability to help aid in combat and bring to life a cinematic experience.

Grand Theft Auto V features one of the most dynamic and diverse largest open world environments ever created in a video game. Players assume the role of three different lead characters that all play an interval part of the game’s interwoven story. Environmental graphics are detailed down to the texture, there are hundreds of realistic vehicles and radio stations play actual music.

Don’t care for stories much? Grand Theft Auto is notorious for its “just have fun” gameplay, mini side missions and exploration. Players can jump in and out of a scenario instantaneously. Want to steal a Ferrari? Go for it. Scour the coastline in your own private plane? You can. Are you in the mood to rob a bank? No problem. Heck, you can even explore wildlife, fly your own blimp and partake in stock car races without ever raising a fist or firing a bullet.

The winner of 15 E3 awards (including best PC Game and Strategy Game), Sid Meier’s Civilization VI takes the cake if you’re tired of first-person shooter saturation. You will assume the role of a leader, building up an empire in your attempt to become ruler of the world.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI starts you off in the age of antiquity as you make conscious decisions to advance your civilization to the information age. You’ll manage cities that span over lands while researching technology, culture, arms and building international diplomacy as you see fit. You’ll micromanage the little things such as taxes, your society’s happiness and even declare war.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds has taken PC gamers by storm for its fast paced and addictive gameplay. The online multiplayer action shooter pits 90+ players against one another on a huge map that gets regressively smaller. Similar to Battle Royale or The Hunger Games, players must fight to survive, with the winner being the last one standing.

Players start off with nothing but their own clothes, parachuting out of an airplane and landing on a huge island filled with houses, military depots, vehicles, armor and weapons. Players are urged to rush and loot as much equipment as possible while outrunning a restrictive killing field that constricts the map areas in a tightly knit circle of death and probability.

The popular survival horror game offers their seventh installment in the series by changing up the pace with a visceral first-person perspective. Resident Evil 7 places you in a sinister plantation mansion where a twisted mutant monster family is constantly out to kill you.

Like in traditional Resident Evil fashion, players must fight against murderous horrors and also solve complex puzzles, riddles, manage items and be wary of environmental hazards. The first-person perspective allows you to experience fear up close and personal with photo realistic imagery as if you’re living inside a horror movie.

When you think of a first person shooter game you imagine a modern day, action-packed, guns-totting type scenario. Far Cry Primal changes things up a bit by taking us way back to the Stone Age – long before the invention of the firearm.

Far Cry Primal puts you in a time of extreme danger and limitless adventure as you play as a caveman climbing up the food chain. Your mission is to conquer the land, hunting wildebeests such as mammoths and saber-toothed tigers, so you can outsmart competing and brutal tribes in an open-world sandbox environment.

Doom is often credited as the game that brought forth the popularity of first-person shooters. The original 1993 classic is remade 23 years later with updated graphics, animations and realistic cinematic effects. Players can enjoy a thorough and fast-paced single player mode, online multiplayer and even a level creator.

Doom has you take the role of a space marine on Mars who is overrun by monsters and demons straight out of Hell. Though not necessarily scary or challenging, the game is more of a casual shooter experience without the expectation of intense objective based gameplay. Doom is really just about blowing things up, killing satanic beings and having fun.

Rainbow Six Siege intensifies first-person shooters with a game heavily focused on quick decision making and tactical approaches. Players who want to sweat and have a more realistic grasp on a tactical first-person shooter should go for this.

Rainbow Six Siege centers on online competitive multiplayer with various game modes. Players choose the role of multiple “operators” – military units from across the world with different traits and abilities – striving on hostage rescue missions, infiltrations and breaches. More novice gamers who are used to a competitive style of gameplay will find excitement in Rainbow Six Siege’s punishing elements and strict guidelines of teamwork success.


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