The 7 Best Outdoor TVs to Buy in 2019

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Best Overall: SunBrite TV - Veranda Series - 43” Class

43" Veranda Outdoor TV - Full Shade - 2160p - 4K Ultra HD LED TV - SB-4374UHD-BL
Courtesy of Sunbrite

The SunBrite TV - Verdana Series - 43-inch Class takes the cake as the best outdoor TV on the list due to its large screen, 4K HD Ultra resolution and affordable price. Its aluminum casing makes it durable for permanent outdoor installation. It'll be protected against extreme temperatures (as low as -24 degrees and as high as 104 degrees Fahrenheit) and various harsh weather, including rain, snow, dust and other elements.

The Sunbrite TV - Verdana Series - 43-inch Class features a high brightness screen with an LED backlight that makes it 30 percent brighter than indoor TVs. This outdoor TV is optimal for areas like a patio or gazebo and is perfect for any BBQ or festivities that you’d have in the backyard. Its back is equipped with four HDMI and two USB inputs, allowing for user-friendliness with multiple connectivity options

Best Value: Mirage Vision Outdoor TV 32” 1080P Gold Legacy

32” 1080P Gold Legacy
Courtesy of Mirage Vision

For under $1,000, you can get yourself a quality outdoor television that doesn’t skip out on the essentials of protection. The Mirage Vision Outdoor TV 32” 1080P Gold Legacy features a sealed exterior that’s UV-treated, weather-resistant and able to withstand sub-freezing temperatures and scorching heats up to 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

Built with an exterior that keeps out bugs, moisture and dust, the Mirage Vision Outdoor TV 32-inch 1080P Gold Legacy is the perfect go-to outdoor TV for those on a budget. The outdoor TV is capable of repelling both rain and snow due to its water and weather-resistant engineered design. Mirage Vision even applied a coating to the TV’s internal components for further protection, as well as rear cabinet vents that allow heat to escape.

Best for Brightness: Skyvue OBX32000L TV

Courtesy of Skyvue

Bright sunny days are no match for the Skyvue OBX32000L TV due to its display panel with a brightness measuring 1,000 nits. Even in direct sunlight, this outdoor TV’s screen can still be viewed without any problems of visibility.

The Skyvue OBX32000L TV measures 32 inches and offers a full 1080 HD display. It’s made in the USA and manufactured for boats and pools in mind due to its weatherproofed, powder-coated and rust-free exterior aluminum body. The TV features USB connectivity, high-quality 20-watt speakers and comes in nine different color options.

Best Big Screen: SunBrite TV Pro Series 75-inch 4K TV

SunBriteTV - Veranda Series - 75" Class
Courtesy of

The SunBrite TV Pro Series 75-inch 4K TV is the type of outdoor television worthy enough to make your backyard a drive-in theater. If you have no cap on budget and want to blow your guests away by being the envy of every football event, expect no alternative.

The SunBrite TV Pro Series 75-inch 4K TV delivers 800 nits of brightness and can withstand any elements that nature can throw at it, thanks to its waterproof and rustproof exterior design. Its thermal-flow temperature control can handle heats up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit and cold weather down to -24 degrees Fahrenheit. It features a 60 Hz refresh rate for smooth motion and includes a VGA, 2x HDMI, 2C Component-In inputs and a digital coaxial with 1/8 inch audio out if you want to connect it to a surround sound system. It also comes with a weatherproof IR Remote control.

Best Touch Screen Capabilities: SunBrite Pro Series DC-3211MTL-BL

32” Pro Series Outdoor Digital Signage – Full Sun and Active Areas – Touch Screen – DS-3211MTL-BL
Courtesy of Sunbrite

A strong outdoor TV like the SunBrite Pro Series DC-3211MTL-BL not only handles the tough conditions of weather, but it also includes touchscreen functionality, making it easy to navigate through multiple media and channels.

The SunBrite Pro Series DC-3211MTL-BL measures 32 inches, offers a 1080p Full HD LED screen and is built with 1,000 nits for an ultra-bright clarity (even in direct sunlight). It features an interactive LG Innotek 10 point PCAP multi-touch screen with an anti-glare surface that’s already pre-calibrated to respond to your fingers. The TV is built with permanent outdoor installation in mind, thanks to its coated aluminum exterior that protects against rain, snow, dust and other elements.

Best Outdoor TV for Wi-Fi Connectivity & Streaming: SkyVue NXG DS-700 TV

Courtesy of Skyvue

The SkyVue NXG DS-700 is an outdoor TV that makes streaming and Wi-Fi connectivity a breeze. Besides being weather-proof, this outdoor TV is perfect for anyone wanting an easy, immediate set up that can connect to popular streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go and more.

The SkyVue NXG DS-700 is an 80-inch outdoor LED TV with a 1080 HD display. It comes with an optional built-in Roku System that boots up a user interface allowing for multiple streaming channel options at your command. The high bright display of 700 nits allows it to withstand both sun and glare and can handle temperatures from -24 degrees Fahrenheit to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. It comes in nine colors.

Best Affordable 4K HD: SunBrite SB-4374UHD-BL

43" Veranda Outdoor TV - Full Shade - 2160p - 4K Ultra HD LED TV - SB-4374UHD-BL
Courtesy of

You don’t have to spend a fortune for a quality outdoor television with 4K HD resolution. The SunBrite SB-4374UHD-BL offers an affordable weatherproof outdoor television that's backlit with up to 30 percent brightness when compared to indoor TVs. The 43-inch outdoor TV is optimal for fully shaded outside living areas. It’s built with an aluminum casing that protects against rain, snow and extreme temperatures ranging from -24 degrees Fahrenheit up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The outdoor TV includes connectivity support with four HDMI and two USB inputs. It also comes with a weatherproof remote control.