The Best Old-School Games For Your Phone

Need an old-school fix? There are some great, classic mobile games you can download on your mobile phone right now.

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Ms. Pac-Man

Ms. Pac-Man captures the arcade classic.
Wikimedia commons
Ms. Pac-Man is great on the go, though you’ll still be pining for a real joystick.
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The classic 'Pac-Man' is on the mobile. Photo Courtesy: Namco Networks
Pac-Man is just what you remember – no frills, no gimmicks.
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Oregon Trail

'Oregon Trail' is a remake of the TRS-80 game. Photo Courtesy: Gameloft
Based on the old-school computer game, Oregon Trail blends 19th-century history with arcade gaming.
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'Frogger' is an arcade classic. Photo Courtesy: Konami
Frogger has new visuals, but the gameplay remains the same as the early eighties arcade classic.
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Ghosts 'n Goblins: Gold Knights

'Ghosts 'n Goblins: Gold Knights' is inspired by the classic arcade game. Photo Courtesy: Capcom
Ghosts ‘n Goblins: Gold Knights is a solid game, but the iPhone can’t handle the chaotic gameplay of the classic.
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Doom Classic

'Doom Classic' is a carbon copy of the original hit. Photo Courtesy: id Software

There couldn’t be a more apt name for Doom Classic. It is a direct port of the two decade-old hit that will please both new fans and shooter veterans.

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Burgertime Deluxe

'Burgertime Deluxe' updates the popular '80s arcade game. Photo Courtesy: Namco Networks

Between the sluggish controls and odd A.I., Burgertime Deluxe doesn’t quite live up to its classic predecessor.

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Galaga Remix

'Galaga Remix' includes a revamp and the original hit. Photo Courtesy: Namco Networks
Galaga Remix accurately emulates the arcade classic, but shoddy controls and a suspect bonus version make it best for only hardcore fans.
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'Tetris' is considered one of the best puzzle games ever. Photo Courtesy: EA Mobile
Tetris is just as great as it used to be, but don’t expect any amazing new tricks in the two and a half decade old game.
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Civilization Revolution

Civilization Revolution takes the traditionally long strategy game and crams all the fun into the mobile phone. Great stuff.
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Wolfenstein 3D Classic

Photo Courtesy: id

Old-school gaming at its finest, Wolfenstein 3D Classic is a carbon copy of the early ‘90s PC shoot ‘em up. It’s about as deep as a kiddie pool, but good luck finding faster action on the mobile phone.

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Mega Man II

Photo Courtesy: Capcom

Old-school fans will go nuts for Mega Man II, an exact replica of one of the best action/adventure games available on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

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Photo Courtesy: Sony Pictures.
Q*Bert on the mobile is a carbon copy of the arcade classic – and is just as cool and as tough as the original.
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Alpine Racer

'Alpine Racer' was a sleeper arcade hit. Photo Courtesy: Namco Networks
Based on the arcade game, Alpine Racer is a fun, albeit short gaming experience.
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Dig Dug Remix

'Dig Dug Remix' has an update as well as the original arcade hit. Photo Courtesy: Namco Networks
Sensitive controls aside, Dig Dug Remix has a great version of the original arcade masterpiece and a so-so remake most gamers will skip.
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Adventure was big on the Atari 2600. Photo Courtesy: Peter Hirschberg
You may remember the Atari 2600 classic Adventure, but even old-school fans won’t be playing this exact replica long. Grab this free download for nostalgia purposes only.
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'Bust-A-Move' is one of the classic arcade puzzle games. Photo Courtesy: Taito
Based on the popular arcade puzzle series, Bust-A-Move brings enough new twists to keep the addictive game fresh.
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'Clue' is based on the mystery board game. Photo Courtesy: EA Mobile
Clue is less a mobile board game and more about solving crimes solo – which is fun in itself.
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'Scrabble' is based on the classic board game. Photo Courtesy: EA Mobile

Scrabble is almost as fun as the classic board game, though a few flaws keep it from perfection.

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Street Fighter IV

'Street Fighter IV' is based on the home console brawler. Photo Courtesy: Capcom

Street Fighter IV is a surprisingly faithful translation, though the controls aren’t ideal.

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Ridge Racer Accelerated

'Ridge Racer Accelerated' looks just like its home console counterpart. Photo Courtesy: Namco Bandai

Ridge Racer Accelerated is too superficial to be fun, even for a quick mobile game.

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Pac-Man Championship Edition

'Pac-Man Championship Edition' is a port of the popular console update. Photo Courtesy: Namco Bandai

Odd controls aside, Pac-Man Championship Edition rocks as much as its console big brother.

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Rise Of The Triad

'Rise Of The Triad' is from the 'Doom'-era of games. Photo Courtesy: Mobila Interactive

Hardcore FPS fans will appreciate Rise Of The Triad, but this port of the old-school shooter shows it hasn’t aged well.

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Silent Hill: The Escape

'Silent Hill: The Escape' is a creepy game. Photo Courtesy: Konami

Silent Hill: The Escape is creepy, crawly and intense, if a little slow paced.

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Glow Hockey

'Glow Hockey' is based on classic air hockey. Photo Courtesy: Natenai

Glow Hockey is a solid version of air hockey.

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Connect Four

'Connect Four' is a childhood favorite. Photo Courtesy: EA Mobile

Connect Four is a solid version of the classic board game with some graphic and gameplay flourishes.

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'Driver' is a faithful translation of the PlayStation hit. Photo Courtesy: Gameloft

Messy and slow, Driver suffers from bad controls and dated gameplay.

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'Cameltry' was a nineties arcade sleeper. Photo Courtesy: Taito

The old-school update to the labyrinth games, Cameltry is simple and mildly addictive.

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'Monopoly' translates extremely well to the mobile phone. Photo Courtesy: EA Mobile

Monopoly is the best board game interpretation on the iPhone so far.

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'Battleship' is an update of the classic boardgame. Photo Courtesy: EA Mobile
Battleship is a smooth, fun adaptation of the board game classic.
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Dragon's Lair

'Dragon's Lair' on the iPhone/iPod Touch. Photo Courtesy: EA Mobile
Dragon’s Lair is a carbon copy of the beautiful arcade classic – and just as frustrating as you remember.
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Earthworm Jim

'Earthworm Jim' is a carbon copy of the '90s platformer. Photo Courtesy: Gameloft

A tough-edged platform game, Earthworm Jim just doesn’t translate well to the mobile

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Pole Position Remix

'Pole Position Remix' stays faithful to the original racer. Photo Courtesy: Namco Networks

Time hasn’t been well to Pole Position Remix, and the spruced-up graphics and bad controls don’t help the broken gameplay.

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The Simpsons Arcade

The Simpsons Arcade iPhone/iPod Touch game. Photo Courtesy: EA Mobile
The Simpsons Arcade captures the original classic.