The 5 Best OK Memes


Drawing of "okay guy" screenshot:


There is a range of OK memes, from those captioned "okay" or "ok" to spinoffs featuring Spiderman and other characters. One such meme, Saitama OK, originated from a Japanese webcomic called One-Punch Man in which the lead character is often indifferent to the action around him. Sometimes it's someone holding up the OK hand signal. 

What Do OK Memes Mean?

The word OK is either used to be dismissive or to genuinely communicate one's okayness. OK memes are almost always low-key.

How Are OK Memes Used?

Many OK memes feature Saitama from One-Punch Man with a variety of captions indicating how little the character cares about a particular situation. Other times the memes are used as a sarcastic response to a question.

Examples of OK Memes

Example #1:
 Panel from the One-Punch Man webcomic, featuring character Saitama
Text: OK
Meaning: Saitama is unfazed by just about everything. That's his thing.

Example #2:
 No image, just words.
Text: Okay = not mad. Ok = mad. K = mad af
Meaning: How to decode the responses to your text messages. In case you weren't anxious enough.

Example #3:
 Drawing of "okay guy."
Text: OKAY
Meaning: Okay guy is one of the many OK meme mascots. He's part of a subculture called rage comics, and his origins are unclear. But he's clear. He's okay.

For even more examples, including links to the originals, check out our full list of the five funniest OK memes:

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Saitama OK

Saitama OK cartoon screenshot from


No matter what you throw at him, Saitama is OK.

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Decoding Text Messages

Text only: Okay = not mad. Ok = mad. K = mad af screenshot from


The three kinds of text message responses you meet communication hell.

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Okay Guy

Drawing of "okay guy" with caption OKAY screenshot from


When you say you're OK, but you're just resigned to a life of misery.

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Spidey OK

Drawing of Spiderman making the OK hand signal screenshot from


Don't worry about Spidey—he's OK.

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Don't Care

Drawing of a man saying "OK" with caption When people try and prove you wrong about something you don't care about screenshot from


All of us after a fruitless online argument.