Top Ten Best OG Xbox Sport Games

There are a lot of sports games on the OG Xbox and this list features the best of the best. You can be sure that if you pick up one of these titles you are getting the best game for that respective sport.

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The best NFL football game on the OG Xbox is pretty easily, hands down, no contest, ESPN NFL 2K5.  It was SEGA's last football game, and they really went all out.  It looks and plays great, even today, and has held up incredibly well over the years.  We still play it when we need a football fix.  ESPN NFL 2K5 Review

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Tony Hawk's American Wasteland

THAW box
THAW box. Activision

Tony Hawk's American Wasteland is the last true, pure Tony Hawk game as far as we're concerned.  After this, the gameplay changed, the levels kept getting bigger and more poorly designed, and it just wasn't as fun.  THAW was the crossroads between the old and new, and holds up pretty well even today. Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Review

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SSX On Tour

SSX On Tour is my favorite SSX game.  I know not everyone agrees with that, but I loved the gameplay and presentation changes here.  It was a lot more goofy and fun and accessible and I loved it.  SSX On Tour Review

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Winning Eleven 9


Winning Eleven was the king of soccer on Xbox / PS2, and Winning Eleven 9 was the best of the bunch.  It looked amazing, featured the awesome Master League mode, and had incredibly tight and fun gameplay.  Too bad Konami dropped the ball hard for about the next 10 years before straightening up again for Pro Evolution 2016.  Winning Eleven 9 Review

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MVP Baseball 2005

MVP Baseball 2005 box

MVP Baseball 2005 was EA's last baseball game, and is still arguably the best baseball game ever (at least on Xbox systems ...).  It straddled the line between sim and arcade to make a game that was accessible and easy to play, but also rewarded skill and had tons of depth.  We loved it.  We still love it.  MVP Baseball 2005 Review

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NCAA Football 08

The last NCAA Football game released on the original Xbox is also the best.  Despite the Boise State Bronco on the cover (Go Vandals!), NCAA Football 08 was pretty awesome.  Great visuals, tons of features and modes, and excellent gameplay really put it head and shoulders above the rest on the OG Xbox.

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Fight Night Round 3

EA Sports.

Fight Night Round 3 is the best boxing game ever made.  Period.  End of discussion.  Why is it the best?  Because it does defense and parrying and countering better any any boxing game since.  Playing defense and perfectly countering your opponent makes you feel like a bonafide bada**, something Fight Night sequels and competing boxing games failed to match.  Fight Night Round 3 Review

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NBA Street V3

NBA Street V3 box

Sim-style basketball was still sort of coming into its own on the OG Xbox, so arcade streetball ruled the court.  EA's NBA Street series combined the arcade-style of NBA Jam, but with a lot more depth and even crazier moves.  NBA Street V3 still holds up amazingly well even today. NBA Street V3 Review

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2K Sports

A real blast from the past here.  Back to the glory days when EA's NHL series was mediocre and SEGA's NHL 2K series was on top.  And still existed.  My how things have changed since then, but back on the Xbox 2K was the king of hockey.  

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07


The best golf game on the OG Xbox is pretty easily Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007.  It hit at just the right time to provide a ton of courses, great visuals, lots of features, and it wasn't yet an afterthought as EA fully moved on to the next gen.  Tiger Woods 07 Review